Should I Get A Hair Piece? The Surprising Answer

If you are wondering should I get a hair piece, then you are not alone.  Millions of men struggle with balding.  The reality is that many men are in denial about it.  They notice some of their hair falling out and just think it is minimal and part of the aging process. As more falls out, they hide hair loss from themselves and others by wearing a baseball cap. But when forced to confront it head on, it can be downright depressing.  The reality is that when you lose you hair, you also lose a part of you.  You no longer recognize the person in the mirror and, more importantly, you don’t like the way others perceive you.  Most men will try to overcompensate for this deficiency by buying an expensive sports car or by working out their bodies more.  In fact, we have all seen the hulking bald guys and probably wondered if his hair loss was related to his incredible physique. 

However, at the end of the day, those approaches don’t work.  In fact, many of my friends have gone down that path only to find themselves in a deep depression. The cars and the body don’t get them the attention they once had.  In fact, being kidded about being bald and not getting second looks from potential mates is frustrating.  Hence, a lot of people seek hair loss solutions.  Many will ask should I get a hair piece or not.  If this question was asked just twenty years ago, the answer would probably be very different than it is today.

Simply put, when people sought out a hair system years ago, it was an expensive proposition.  You had to have lots of money to not only get one, but you also had to have a lot of time and patience.  I know this from experience.  As a young guy I lost my hair and desperately wanted to have it back. I had looked into hair pieces, but could not afford them.  What I learned at the time was that you had to buy your hair first.  There were lots of choices, but if you wanted it to look good, you had to buy the expensive stuff.  Moreover, you just didn’t purchase hair and then be done with it.  You were going to have it have it replaced as needed.  I wasn’t expecting that and I was shocked at how frequently I would have to do that over the course of my life.  Moreover, I didn’t realize how much money I was going to have to spend on having someone install it and maintain it. In fact, one place I looked at required me to have a membership to address those issues.  By the time I included a tip for the stylist, I was going to be spending thousands of dollars a year which I didn’t have as a youngster.  The reality is that you are more concerned about your appearance when you are younger, so you are in a catch-22.  You want to look good, but don’t have the money to do anything about it.  I originally asked the question should I get a hair piece or hair transplants. I looked into getting hair transplants back then, but I didn’t realize how similar in price over the long haul both options would be.  But that appears to have changed from what I have learned.  One of my friends shared with me the site.  There you can get quality hair at a great price.  You can even by-pass those memberships and special stylists that made it cost prohibitive to me.

Like the afore-mentioned resource, that can still get a little expensive for a young kid without much income.  So it is wise to still ask the question can I afford a hair piece?  After all, you don’t want to find yourself having hair one day and then having to shave your hair off the next because you can’t afford another hair piece.  Yes, the prices have dropped dramatically, but someone on minimum wage might view such a purchase as a luxury and cost prohibitive.

With that stated, let’s get back to why should I buy a hair piece.  If you get one, and it is done properly, you will be surprised at how much younger you look.  It is truly a boost to the ego.  I see it all the time in my friends.  Finally, with a different face staring them back in the mirror in the morning, they are taking more pride in themselves and what they do.  This has translated in my opinion to more success and more general happiness all around.  Their wives even say the same thing.  In fact, some have even gone far enough to suggest that they are even more intimate now.

Finally, here is another reason as to why one should get a hair piece for themselves.  In addition to the benefits of self esteem and greater confidence that could come with such an item, you will also appreciate the better comfort and look I feel they provide.  In the old days, they were clunky and not very comfortable because they were heavy and didn’t seem to adhere to my head the way I thought they should.  With lightweight, more comfortable systems out these days, it is not only more enjoyable to wear, but they also have made improvements on how they look.  Many of the old hair pieces had huge knots where they affixed the hairs.  It was obvious if you looked closely on those that something didn’t look natural.  However, with many of the advancements in hair replacement today, you don’t have such disturbing issues.  I would encourage to do your own research and decide what is right for you.  I would encourage you to start by exploring the page to learn more about what they offer.  We all dream of getting our hair back, so why not take the first step to do something about it.  I think getting a hair piece is something you will be very glad you did.  You may very well ask yourself why you waited so long to get a hair piece.

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