– Sears Layaway – The Easy Way To Pay – Sears Layaway – The Easy Way To Pay

You can get access to Sears Layaway at With this service you will be able to pay for the products that you want but do not have the money for.  You will be able to buy the products at the low price and make small payments every two weeks. There are no finance charges. Once you have paid the entire amount, you will be able to pick up your product. It can be anything from clothing, shoes, appliances, furniture and lots more. All yo have to do is take your products to the register and make a down payment. Then you can make your payments either online or at the store.

If you decide to buy any items with the Sears Layaway, you will have to know that most of the layaway contracts are for 8 weeks. There is a service fee of $5 for this. If your item is more than $400, then you can have a 12 week contract. The service fee for that is $10. What if you decide that you do not want the item anymore or do not have the money to pay for it? You donot have to worry because you can cancel your layaway contract at anytime. You will get a full refund of the amount that you have already paid. You of course will not get the service fee you paid back. So you will lose either $5 or $10 depending on which contract that you signed. So please be aware of that.In addition, if you a 7 day grace period if you are late in making your next payment. If you still do not pay after 7 days, your contract will be automatically canceled. There will be a cancellation fee when this happens.

At the Sears Layaway website at, you will be able to find out about your payments. You will be able to make a payment online. You will also be able to calculate your payments. You can also make payments at the store if that is what you prefer. However, the payment must be made at the store that holds your item. This means that you cannot go to any store. I suggest that you make your payments online. This is much easier.

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