– NYC Department Of Education – School Closings & School Search – NYC Department Of Education – School Closings & School Search

At the New York City or the NYC Department of Education website at you can search for schools in order to get information on the specific school that you are looking for.  You can get information on school closings and after school programs.This information is provided to you under the News/Announcement Category. So be sure to check that first if you are looking for school closings.

Some other information that you can get also include academics, choices and enrollment, offices and programs. You can also get rules and policies informaiton. There is also student support. There is safety and also activities.

You can also get access to Parent Link. You will be able to get personalized academic information. This is information about your kid of course. There is also the Teacher Page which provides resources for teachers. So if you are a teacher, this is a great resource for you.

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