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You can play the new interactive Project Runway game live on Thursdays as spelled out on   You can vote on whether a contestant should or shouldn’t take Tim Gunn’s design advice among other things.  When watching Project Runway you have probably always thought about these very decisions or maybe you expressed your thoughts to your friends you were watching the show with.  I think it is a great opportunity to see how others feel about it live.  I think Tim has wonderful design advice for all the designers.  He really seems to know what he is talking about.  However, sometimes it can be a good thing to do your own thing.  In other words, I feel that if someone is commenting to early on in the design process, they might not have a full understanding of your garment.  That is when I encourage you to listen to yourself. However, if you have created a basic mock up of the look and experts like Tim Gunn gives you advice, I would definitely take it – especially in a competition like this.  I wonder how many people will just vote to not go with the advice when they play runway for themselves.  

If you would like to learn more about play runway or about the designer contestants, you should explore the page.  I also like the fact that people got to vote on whether the judges got it right.  I was surprised to see that when last I looked, over 75% said they hadn’t.  Games like Play Runway are fun because you get to feel a part of the show.  After one episode, I am enamored with the game and have told all my friends to play live with me next Thursday.  Another great thing about this page is that you can see what other people are tweeting about Project Runway season 12.  Reading the tweets about the show are fun because there are so many people with great senses of humor.  Tim and Heidi have a real following it looks like. 

If you want to learn more about this season’s designers on Project Runway, you can find pictures and bios of the contestants on the official site.  I think there are many talented designers and it will be interesting to see which one wins the coveted title.  I would like to be a contestant on project runway because I love fashion and enjoy creating my own garments.  I like to combine looks and colors to make new statements with clothing.  Unfortunately, my time on the show would be short lived because I can’t really sew all that well.  Looking at the tasks these individuals will have to compete in, I would say they are all very deserving of being contestants.  At the beginning of the Project Runway episode, I immediately had my favorites.  I can’t wait to see how well they do.  In fact, some people play fantasy football with their friends. Well, I like to play a fantasy project runway contest with my friends. 

After reading over bios, we each select four players we think will go the farthest.  Then, we get a point for every week they last. You can see the bios of this season of Project Runway on the page.  For this season, my picks to win it are Justin LeBlanc, Miranda Levy, Timothy Westbrook, and Karen Batts.  My Friend chose Jeremy Brandrick, Helen Castillo, Bradon McDonald and Ken Laurence.  Another friend of mine who plays in our fantasy runway game chose Sue Waller, Dom Streater, Kahindo Mateene, and Alexander Pope.  It will be interesting to see who will win this season.  Specifically, not only who wins the Project Runway show, but who wins our own project runway fantasy game we play.  The winner gets bragging rights until the next season.  To make it more interesting, the losers will usually chip in and get them a fun prize like a toy tiara or something silly.   This year, we debated not playing our game because they introduced the Play Runway interactive game.  Of all my friends who tried it, they give it rave reviews.  So be sure to tell you friends about it if they are fans of the show.   Nevertheless, we decided to play runway and also play project runway our way as we normally play at home. If we are not able to watch together, we will either text messages back and forth or tweet.  In other words, we will trash talk people that our competitors have selected.  We might say something like: with fashion sense like that, are you sure you want him or her on your team? It is all in good fun, but at times we can be very critical of the outfits they make.  That is why I like the new interative Project Runway game because you get see how others are feeling.  I think it is important to hear and see what others think.  After all, if a fashion trend is going to diffuse, people will have to like it and want to wear it. 

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