Panera Bread Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Panera Bread Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

The lead plaintiff in the Panera Bread Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit Settlement will get $10,000. The person who will receive this amount of money is Guy Vines. The plaintiff said that Panera Bread discriminated against black by keeping them in the back of the restaurants. They were also denied promotions. So if you worked in the Covelli’s Panera stores and you did not get a promotion between January 11, 2008 to January 11, 2012, then you can take part in the settlement and get compensation for being discriminated against.

The Panera Bread Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit Settlement is not the only settlement against the Corvelli Panera. Apparently the previous one was because of the firing of Scott Donatelli who was the General Manager. The firing was because the General Manager did not follow the discriminatory policy.  Store managers were told not to hire anyone who was fat, Black or ugly. This was the standard practice and policy. Apparently he was fired because he had an African American work the register. He did not place him in the back of the restaurant where he would be less visible. He also did not have pretty young girls work the cash registers. He said that he was told by the franchise owner that he did not want African Americans in front because that is what the customers wanted. Although the African American was a good employee, he was asked to put in the back.

When the General Manager took a 3 month medical leave, he was told that he would be replaced as general manager when he returned to work. When he asked for more time to recover he was fired instead. Of course the company said that it does not discriminate based on race, national origin or sex. The reason given for his termination was that he had used up all his medical leave.  Donatelli filed the lawsuit because he wanted back pay and he also wants to be reinstated. He also wants to get damages for what he suffered.

I am absolutely appalled by this. I love to go to Panera and go there almost every day. I cannot believe that this has taken place and continued to take place. About 200 to 300 of the Covelli Panera Bread employees – both current and former – will get some kind of payment. If you need to have worked for more than a year to be eligible. For each hour that the employees worked after the first year, they can get 70 cents. This would equate to a one-level promotion.

Chief Judge Gary Lancaster who gave the preliminary approval to the settlement says that he will be holding a hearing for any objections from those who are eligible to take part.  In fact there is not even a website yet for anyone who wants to take part. I still cannot believe that there can be this kind of discrimination in existence today. And what is even more amazing is that now there is a second discrimination lawsuit and both of these lawsuits have been settled. So there must be something really wrong for this to happen twice. It can’t be that the company just does not want to deal with it. Usually people do not file a lawsuit for no reason. For there to be two lawsuits is telling. The fact that both have been settled is also telling.

So if you are looking to take part in the Panera Bread Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit Settlement, you will have to be patient as there is nothing yet that will allow you to do so. What I mean is that there is no website that has been set up yet. At least I could not find one. However, if you are eligible to take part, you will most likely receive a notice. There will be information on the notice that will tell you how to file a claim. Sometimes you may even get a claim form with your notice. If you do receive a claim form, I would suggest that you fill out the form, include any additional documentation needed and submit it as soon as you can. In this way, you will not forget to send it in as there usually is a deadline that you must submit the claim form by. This deadline is important because if you miss it you will not get any money.

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