OxfordKnee.com – Oxford Knee – Four Things You Should Know

OxfordKnee.com – Oxford Knee –  Four Things You Should Know

If you are considering a knee replacement surgery, you should consult the OxfordKnee.com site to explore this potential option so that you can have an intelligent conversation with you doctor.  When my mother needed a knee replacement, I investigated many different options.  In fact, that is when I first learned about the Oxford Knee.  The first fascinating thing I learned on the site is that this medical device is a partial knee replacement.  Also, I learned that a doctor is the one who will decide if a partial knee replacement is a possibility for you.  My mother was adamant about having only a partial knee replacement done, but I told her that we should let the doctor decide that. Although I understood her desire to have only a partial knee replacement surgery, her doctor said that the knee was in such bad shape that it was not feasible. However, that was not acceptable to my mother and she argued with the doctor.  From what she told me, it sounded like the doctor said that she would have to find someone else to do what she wanted.  I think that served as a wake up call for my mom, as she never did go see another doctor about a partial knee replacement surgery.   

The reason I believe she wanted a partial knee replacement instead of a total knee replacement was that it appears your recovery time is shorter with a partial knee system.  When I learned that, I understood why she was potentially interested in an Oxford partial knee system.  They even talk on the OxfordKnee.com site how their partial knee replacement system can translate into a more rapid recovery versus that of a total knee replacement.  I know my mom had told me that the Oxford Knee reviews were stellar, so she was really upset when she learned that she was not a candidate because of her extensive deterioration. She was really concerned that she might not be able to play the sports that she loved so much, despite seeing her friends go through knee surgeries and come out just fine.  Any time you have surgery, it is a big consideration.  Hence, make your decision wisely. 

One thing I personally liked about the Oxford knee system is that it came with a warranty.   That was something I did not know and you might like to know as well.  That is definitely reassuring in my opinion.  To me, it says that this company stands behind their product.  If you are shopping for a partial knee replacement, you might want to see if other companies do the same.  That would be a great question for your doctor. As you are doing your research, make sure you print out your findings and take them to your physician.  I like to bring a notebook filled with questions. Also, I like to record the discussion with my doctor to replay after I get home.  However, always ask the doctor first if you have his permission to do so.  Don’t do it without asking for consent.  If given, and mine has always given me permission in the past, I find it comforting to refer back to.  It is amazing just how much I might be prone to miss in the initial conversation.  When talking about something as serious as a knee replacement, you will want to make sure you full understand everything and all your options too. 

Finally, in addition to my list of the four things you should know about the Oxford Knee, there is a wonderful section on the www.oxfordknee.com page with frequently asked questions. My mother found the answers there extremely beneficial.  You or your loved one might take a few minutes to look them over as well.  Perhaps, they will provide you with the inspiration to come up with questions for your own doctor.  My mother recently had her knee done and she is recovering nicely.  It will take a little while before she is playing sports again, but I feel that she needed to do something because it took so much effort to get around on her arthritic knee.  Furthermore, she was always in pain and it actually hurt me to see her in such agony.  Do a little research in advance of your doctor’s appointment, but create a file of materials you have come across to take with you on your visit.  Also, create a list of questions to ask your doctor about your knee replacement.  I would also encourage you to ask him if the Oxford partial knee system is right for you. After all, it doesn’t hurt to ask and explore the options. I feel that knees are so important to getting around that if you are experiencing pain, you should seek medical attention.  Perhaps, if my mom sought treatment earlier when her knee problems first presented, she might have had more options. 

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