Organix Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Organix Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

The lawsuit is known as the Gollogher, et al. v. Todd Christopher International Inc. dba Vogue International. This case is about false advertising. This is another one of those cases that say that their products are organic when they are actually not. This is in violates the law. Specifically it violates the California Law. The company actually switched Organix to Organic in the product description. The ingredients used in the products are not organic. The regulation standards state that the product has to have at the very least 70 percent content that is organic. The amount of the settlement is $6.5 million.

Many cosmetic companies are worried that this lawsuit settlement will trigger others in the cosmetic industry. This is due to misleading information and labeling. These cosmetic companies have to make sure that their ingredients are what they say they are. Otherwise they may be slapped with a class action lawsuit and may have to dole out millions to settle the cases.

I am glad that companies are being taken to task about mislabeling their products. Many people do not even look at the list of ingredients. If there is information that the product is organic, then most people will believe that without actually looking at the ingredients. Who has the time to scrutinize the tiny printing? I can barely see anything anymore and anything that small will definitely not be read by me. I think many people either can’t see or just don’t have the time to make sure the company’s products are what they say they are. Sometimes this mislabeling can pose a health risk. It is not so in this case of course.

So I am glad that finally these companies are being asked to be accountable for what they put out. For many years people have been misled about products and their effectiveness or their ingredients. I am seeing more and more of these cases being tried and settled. So if you are eligible to take part in the Organix Class Action Lawsuit Settlement, you should. This is because you may be able to get about $4 for any Organix product that you may have bought. The maximum dollar amount that you can get is $28. You can get compensation if you bought the product or products before October 25, 2008. You will most likely have to file a claim form in order to get the money. Due to this settlement, the company also will not be allowed to sell any more products under this brand. The word organic will also be removed from the bottles.

The original plaintiffs in this case are Andrea Golloher, Roberta Chase. Also included in the list are Michael Shapiro and Brenda Brown. The lawsuit was filed in 2012. The company of course does not think that it has done anything wrong. The plaintiffs however said that they would not have paid the extra money to buy products that were not organic in nature. So they thought they were products that were organic and so paid the $7.99 price.

If you are interested in getting any kind of payment in the Organix Class Action Lawsuit Settlement, you will have to wait to find out how to do this. This is because there is not website yet that provides this information. What I mean is that the settlement website has not been set up yet. I was not able to find one. Usually there is a website dedicated to the settlement and anyone who wishes to file a claim form will be able to either download a copy of the claim form or even file online. So you will be able to do that when it is set up.

At the official website you will also be able to get information on the legal counsel for the case. This is important information because you can get free legal advice from them. They basically represent you even though you did not hire them. You will be able to contact them for information on eligibility and just legal actions that you are entitled to take. So I would suggest that you get in touch with them in any way that you can if you have questions. The settlement administrator is another person that you can ask.

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