Oraquick.com: OraQuick HIV Test – How Accurate Is Oral Fluid

Oraquick.com: OraQuick HIV Test – How Accurate Is Oral Fluid

If you are worried about having HIV, then you should explore taking at home tests like the one featured at oraquick.com.  There you can not only find details on an at home hiv test, you can also review a list of frequently asked questions that have been weighing heavily on your mind.  For example, you might have questions concerning how accurate an oral fluid test is. I had that same question and sought an answer on the Ora Quick page.  It appears that they are very accurate.  However, I learned that you need to wait a certain period of time for your body to develop antibodies. From what I understand, it would be good to test after three months of the concerning incident and make sure no other risk events were experienced during that period.  Read more on the answer pertaining to this question and other ones you have on their official FAQ page. Getting an hiv test can be nerve racking, but I like the fact that you now have the ability to take it at home.  More importantly, you can potentially get a result in 20 minutes.  There is another at home test that I know about, but you would have to send that one off.  I can’t imagine having to wait more than 24 hours for a test result.  In fact, I might be reluctant to call some number to find out my status.

That is why I really appreciate the OraQuick Hiv test.  From the comfort of your own home you can find out in a short period of time. To learn more, explore the oraquick.com site.  Whether you are interested in getting tested or you know someone who is, there is a lot of great information on the sight.  Lots of questions are answered and I feel I have a better understanding of some of the components of hiv.  There is even a step by step instructional video on how to use the OraQuick hiv test kit.  It is very easy to use.  To summarize, it seems all you have to do is properly run a swab across your upper and lower gums and place the swab in fluid.  Then, you set your clock for 20 minutes and wait.  Of course, there are more detailed instructions on how to do this, but you get the general idea.  After, waiting the appropriate time with the swab in the fluid, you are ready to check your hiv test result.   You might be wondering what does my test result mean.  It ‘s quite simple.  As I comprehend it, one line next to the letter C means the test was functional and you are showing a negative result.  Furthermore, as I interpret it, if there are two lines, one next to the C and one next to the T, it means you may be Hiv positive.  You should follow up with a doctor to confirm such a result.  This was just a summary of how I thought the test works.  Do not use this as a guide.  Instead, follow the directions of the test itself or ask your medical professional.

If you have questions, Oraquick even has a toll free number on their website to call.  Another feature of their page I appreciate is the section dedicated to finding places that sell their product.  This, in my opinion, would be very welcome.  After all, if you are worried about having hiv, the last thing you are going to want to do is to go to places that don’t carry hiv tests and run all over town looking for one.  In addition, they have counseling and care sections to help you locate assistance in those realms too. My friend told me that she had heard that 1 in 5 people with hiv don’t know they have it. If true, that statistic is alarming.  That I believe gives us all reasons to get tested.  

Given the convenience of at home testing and given the fact that the price I saw on the oraquick test at the drugstore was very reasonable, there is no good reason why we all shouldn’t test. In fact, if I were to take an hiv test, I would want to take it in the privacy of my home.  Furthermore, I would want a result soon after taking it.  I wouldn’t want to have to wait a day or two either.  As one can see on the www.oraquick.com page, their approach to hiv testing is one that is best for me.  I also was impressed by the information they provided there on accuracy.  Regardless of what your circumstances, I truly believe you should always talk to your medical doctor first about any health issue you are having.  They are experts in what they do and I trust their advice.  If you are worried about possibly contracting hiv, get tested so that you can know your status.  This can be important for your health and, potentially, for your partner’s. There are many treatments out their for hiv and things have progressed dramatically since the first Aids epidemic. Always talk to your doctor first if you are concerned.

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