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If you need to file a Vermont Unemployment weekly claim or apply for UI benefits, then is the place for you to do that.  The Vermont unemployment insurance section on that resource has information for claimant and employer applications.  In addition, under the heading of workers, you will see a resource to help you file your weekly unemployment claim in Vermont. There are also other potential materials that you will want to look at, especially if you are out of work.  For example, they have materials about training opportunities.  If filing for the first time your weekly claim, you can even access detailed instructions to help you.  It appears that you will need your social security number and a pin to login to the Vermont Dept. of Labor claimant portal.  One thing that I really appreciate is that they have a number listed there, as well, for you to contact an unemployment claimant assistant if needed.  Be sure to look at the hours of operation before calling to make sure you are contacting them at a time when they will be available.  If you haven’t filed your Vermont unemployment claim, you will want to do that to ensure you get the monies you are entitled to have. 

I would encourage everyone that has to file a Vermont Unemployment weekly claim to look at the guide that they make available to you.  It explains how to access your VDOL claimant application from the main page.  It then explains how to enter your numbers.  In my opinion, this is very important information germane to how to file a vermont unemployment claim on a weekly basis.  It is also important to review your account information and answer questions.  You will also want to enter you work search contacts. In other words, that is a fancy way of saying who or what you pursued to get a job.  For example, did you go contact a local shop owner for a job.  If so, provide that information in your Vermont weekly claim.  It appears that you will also have to provide the results of that interaction and the date for it as well. For me, waiting to hear back from a potential employer can sometimes be the most difficult. I have found over the years that, when it comes to finding a job, you have to be persistent. 

In this economy, there are many people out of work and that can be difficult for anyone looking for a job. I would first tell you to file for Vermont Unemployment if you are out of work so that you can start receiving some benefits if you are eligible for them.  I would then also encourage you to follow the proper protocols to keep those benefits.  In other words, you will need to file a weekly claim.  Be active in your search for employment.  Talk to friends and let them know you are out of work.  I know this can be difficult because you may not want to let people know that you lost your job.  I remember when I lost mine, I couldn’t bring to tell my family or friends for weeks that I got let go.  However, friends are your support system and they might know about available jobs you could apply for.  Talking with your friends about job opportunities and talking with other people in your field about potential openings is often times referred to as networking.  This is an important task to embrace.  In fact, when I was looking for another job, two job interviews evolved out of talking with friends.  Now, I did not get those jobs and I had to continue to file my weekly claim in my state, but it did get me moving in the right direction. 

I did eventually land a job, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t get the first one you apply for.  The reality of the situation is that you might have to be on Vermont Unemployment for several weeks until you finally get hired again.  Explore the job resources they have to help you on the site.   In regard to my own personal experience, I regarded my first few job interviews as a way to get back in the game.  In other words, I hadn’t interviewed for a job in a long time, so I was a bit rusty.  While I would have liked to land the first or second job I went after, I didn’t.  Nevertheless, it did give me an opportunity to practice and improve my skills for a job that I would later interview for and get.   Look at job listings on the internet for openings in your area and be sure to file your weekly claim for Vermont unemployment insurance benefits if you are eligible.  Every little bit of assistance can help you when you are unemployed. 

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