– Kroger Summer Fuel – Double Points – Kroger Summer Fuel – Double Points

It is easy to get double fuel points via the promotion.  Saving money on gasoline purchases is a welcome reward.  It is easy to save just by doing what you will normally do.  That’s right, by buying groceries you can earn those coveted fuel discounts at participating locations.  It appears that you can redeem them at participating Shell and Kroger locations. One of my biggest expenses every summer is fuel.  It seems that the little ones always have some place to go in June, July, and August.  They boys might want to go to their friends house, the pool, and then to baseball practice.  The girls might need to go to ballet class, their girl scout meetings, and then swim class.  I think I spend more money on gasoline for my car in the summer than any other time of the year.  In fact, that is why I think those mom taxis signs are so cute and accurate.  Well moms, here is a chance to save on those gas pump charges.  The Kroger summer fuel promotion is a way to increase the points you earn. Any time I can save money, I am all about it.  Whether I am buying groceries or gas, I want the best products at the best prices.

I feel I can accomplish that when I shop at Kroger.  I know that Kroger always has the best prices on the things I usually buy for my family.  In addition, I appreciate how fresh their produce is and I love the fact that I have a lot of choices too.  I also like getting to the register and handing them my card attached to my keys.  Knowing that my Kroger card almost always gets me additional savings makes me happy as I stand in the register line.  My favorite part of my grocery store visit is seeing just how much I saved.  Also, knowing that I visited the page for the special makes me smile as well.  It appears that if you download the digital coupon once, you will be eligible to earn the double fuel points for the time period of the promotion.  Simply put, it seems that if you make qualifying purchases at Kroger on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays this upcoming month of June you will be eligible.  I personally recommend that you read all of the rules and conditions before beginning to ensure you fully understand the promotion and its terms.

For example, according to the summer fuel site, it appears that certain purchases will not be eligible for the two times fuel points with the downloadable digital coupon.  Two items I noted that did not apply were gift cards and pharmacy.  This is a limited time offer, so make sure you act within the time period of it. Also, you might want to inquire at your local Kroger store what additional details or restrictions apply to this opportunity.  If you haven’t ever shopped at Kroger or if you are looking for a location, they even provide a store finder on the summer fuel page to help you.  Prior to moving here, I had never shopped at a Kroger.  I remember the first time I walked in to one of their stores; I was truly impressed.  The staff was very helpful, the selection was immense, and the prices of the groceries were to my liking.  I also appreciated how quickly they got me checked out and the money I saved.  The Kroger card also saved me money on my total bill as well.  At that point in time, I became a loyal shopper.  Then, when I encounter special offers, it is an added bonus.

To take advantage of the double fuel points for weekends, I think you should first visit the site.  There you will find the necessary instructions to participate.  The instructions provided are relatively simple and straightforward.  To start saving on your summer fuel fillups, you will want to access the login to get to your account online.  Then, it seems that once you have done that, you will want to load to card.  The next step seems easy.  Simply go and start buying groceries on the eligible days to start accruing your two times fuel points.  I really appreciate the fact that they will be determined automatically for you at the register.  

If you want additional help, they even provide a toll free number that you could call.  You might even look over the potential savings on your fuel purchases you could earn.  According to a chart I saw, a hundred fuel points could potentially save you 10 cents per gallon of fuel on one  fill up at the participating gas stations.  I aspire to earn lots of fuel points this summer, so as to save extra money at the gas pump.  You can do the same with this fuel promotion. 

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