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Enter your code at to see if you have won incredible prizes.  JC Penney is giving away great vacations on black friday and you could be one of the lucky winners.  The buttons they feature on their site are so cute and festive. I know that I will start my day at my local JCP store to get my button, but also to get great deals they are having too. If you are as excited about shopping at JC Penney’s as I am, then you will enjoy the countdown clock they have on their page that counts down until black friday.  They have the numbers in what appears to be red and green buttons.  I get excited about the savings and the chance to win, so I will occasionally check in to see how much time I have to go until my favorite day of the year arrives.  One of the other things that I love about JCP Christmas site is that they say Merry Christmas there.  This impresses me and makes me want to do even more shopping at their stores.  Other merchants that I know have refused to say that greeting and I think it takes the fun out of the season.  If I am going to shop, I am definitely going to shop with a store like JC Penney that understands why I am shopping and what I am ultimately celebrating.  

A lot of us could potentially be decorated with great little buttons as JC Penny is giving away lots of them in the next few weeks.  In fact, they state that over 80 million will be given away according to the official site.  To get one, it appears all you need to do is see a JCP associate at a register.  You can even come back for more buttons every day all the way up to and through Christmas Eve if supplies are still available.  My friend and I are going to have a competition to see how many JCP buttons we can collect prior to christmas. We have decided that the person who gets the most buttons will get the other person’s buttons to cover their cooking apron with.  With all the buttons on it, it will make for a fabulous apron to wear while preparing the christmas eve meal.  If I win the contest, I’ll actually be nice and won’t take all my friends buttons.  I’ll just take my favorite one from her collection.  

In addition to getting buttons, the Christmas site gives you a chance to enter the code on the back of those buttons for the opportunity to win great prizes. Perhaps, when my friend and I decided to see who could collect more JC Penney buttons, we should have clarified if we get the prizes that they might win.  Simply put, I know I will be checking my buttons on the JCP Christmas code page nightly, as I plan to go to the store every night after work.  The more buttons I collect, the better chance I have to beat my friend in our little challenge.  More importantly, I might also win some of the great gifts they are giving away as part of the promotion.  In fact, I received their mailer today and I got even more excited to see some of the JC Penney black friday deals.  

One of the things that you might want to do for fun is to sign up to receive an email from JCP when the countdown clock reaches zero.  You can sign up for it on the page right now. If you are just learning about the JCP little button giveaway, share it with your friends.  They will be especially appreciative to get the chance to collect some free buttons and to get a chance to win some great prizes. You can also challenge one of your friends like I have to see who can collect more JCP buttons throughout the holiday season.  Also, I think the buttons might look cute pinned to one’s Christmas stocking.  Or, you could sneak a few of them wrapped up into someone’s stocking as a surprise.  My friend also had another idea.  She said that she will enter the button code to check it and then she will put it on her miniature Christmas tree as decoration.  I would never have thought to do that, but I like the idea.  My idea was to take them off my apron and put them on the napkins for our big family meal as decorations.  Of course, if the 7 digit code on the back of one of the buttons wins me a prize from the JCP christmas give away, I will probably use it as my center piece. 

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