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It’s time to think about signing up for medicare coverage and you can explore potential Humana Medicare Plans on the site. By entering your zip code, it appears that you can compare plans.  Another great feature about the Humana-Medicare resource is that it seems you can also enroll online.  I remember the days before online medicare enrollment.  Back then, in my opinion, it seemed to take a little longer to sign up for things such as medicare plans and medicare supplement insurance plans without advanced technology.  With that said, if you are new to medicare, I feel there is some wonderful information that is noted on the Humana-Medicare page to help you gain a better understanding.  For example, I found the Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D explanations very beneficial.  As I understand it, Part C appears to be Medicare Advantage Plans and Part D appears to be Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage. My mother has both Medicare Part C and Medicare Part D.  Given all the prescriptions she takes, she said she is really appreciative of the fact that she has Part D coverage.  In fact, at one point, she was taking ten different prescriptions at once. 

If you are looking for Humana Medicare Advantage plans, then you will appreciate the different plans that you can choose from when you explore them on the page.  I also appreciate the comparisons they make on their site between the original medicare and their advantage plans.  Seeing how much my parents use their Part C and Part D, I would encourage you to investigate your options.  My mother told me that she feels that she would have less disposable income if she never signed up for them.  My Dad has also found them very beneficial as well.  Because I am the one tasked with looking out for their own interests, I always make sure they have an advantage plan because I know that I would probably feel responsible for coming up with the money out of my own pocket if they need it.  Other friends I know haven’t been so lucky.  I know that my friends have received phone calls about their parents’ monetary needs.  Some of them are new to all this and don’t even know that such plans exist.  In fact, it was sad, but one of my friends told me that their parents didn’t even sign up for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B because they didn’t know they had to. 

What made this situation worse was that the one parent needed lots of medical care and they discovered that they had never signed up for any of these plans when the loved one was in the hospital already.  That would be a frustrating situation for me.  I can’t imagine looking at a loved one who needs care and also looking at fellow family members wondering how to pay for it. Thus, I believe there is an important lesson to learn.  If you are caring for an elderly parent, don’t assume that they will sign up for medicare on their own.  Also, talk with them about medicare supplemental insurance plans and decide what is best for them.  But don’t stop there, make sure they follow through and do sign up on what is decided.  When you sit down, I would encourage you to start your medicare plans search by visiting the helping you page.  

I recommend Humana because I feel they are a superb, quality company.  They are one that I can trust my parents insurance needs with.  Also, I appreciate the fact that on the site they articulate reasons as to why you should choose them.  One section that caught my attention was the one in which they detailed services that appeared to be at no cost to you. Be sure you enter your zip code in so you can explore what Humana Medicare plans are available in your specific area.  I remember when I sat down with my parents previously, I accidentally put in mine and not theirs. Luckily, my sharp father caught my mistake and we soon found all the plans in their area and decided on one they liked best. When medicare open enrollment rolls around, be sure you are enrolled and make sure you choose your plans wisely.  I would personally advise you to look at them carefully.  Don’t just look at prices.  My mother always wants to go with what is cheapest, but after some discussion, we realized that the cheapest option didn’t meet all her needs.  Also, from my experiences, I would also say that my parents love the fact that they have both Part A, B, C, and D.  Also, don’t procrastinate making your decision.  Get your medicare coverage as soon as possible and enjoy life.

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