How Do I Get My Tax Refund Back Fast – Tips You Need To Know

How Do I Get My Tax Refund Back Fast – Tips You Need To Know

It’s tax time and people want to know how do I get my tax refund back fast. The good thing is that there are tips drawn from my personal experience that may help you get your taxes back faster than in a previous year. Please note, I am not a tax specialist, CPA, or member of the legal profession.  I am merely sharing first hand experiences on this topic because many people have asked me to share my personal perspective on the matter.  My tips are just ideas that I have thought about after filing years of tax returns. Again, I am in no way dispensing professional advice. With that said, in order to know if you are even entitled to a tax refund, you should complete your taxes as soon as you receive your necessary documentation.  For many of us, pertinent documents like W2 forms and 1099s may arrive in January. If you are like me, sometimes you might not get them all because you have moved and you might have to track them down. Once you have all the necessary materials to complete your taxes, it is time to sit down and calculate your tax refund. Remember, you have to file your taxes to make your request for the tax refund you think you are entitled to.  Keep in mind, not everyone gets one and the amount you computed on your tax forms may or may not be correct.   I have actually been on both sides of this situation.  Personally, there have been times where I thought I owed taxes and sent in money to the IRS.   Then, a few months later I got a check back.  Other times, I thought I was getting a refund, but instead got a letter saying I owed them.  So an important rule of thumb here is not to assume you are guaranteed a refund. 

To help with tax preparation services, you might consult one of the many companies that are dedicated to helping individuals like me and you.  I personally have had a wonderful experience visiting the site.  You might explore their services if you need help filing your return.  Another tip for those wondering how to get my tax refund back fast is to file online in my opinion.  Simply put, to me, it always seems that I get my refund check back faster when I prepare my materials and submit them online.  In fact, there are many entities that will aid you in preparing your federal taxes online for free. While I am not an expert and don’t know definitively if submitting online is faster than mailing, my experience has shown it has.  However, you need to determine your comfort level vis-a-vis each tax preparation option. For example, if you are more comfortable doing a paper form for taxes, you might stick with that and not worry about which method is faster – if there is truly a difference between the two methods.

If you are contemplating how to get my tax refund early, consider having your taxes prepared and filed by companies that offer advances on your refund amount. A couple of my friends have done this in the past and were pleased to get their hands on tax refund cash quickly.  Keep in mind, this, from what I understand, is not actually your refund.  Instead, it appears that tax preparation services that offer this approach are merely giving you a loan based on an expected refund amount you will get.  It also seems that, depending on who is offering such a service, there will be fees and charges associated with this.  As a result, ask many questions.  You may decide that it may or may not be in your best interest to wait a little more.  Then again, if you need it, this might be a great way to leverage your tax refund to achieve that goal. You will have to assess your own personal situation and make that determination.

Another tip is to just merely file as soon as possible.  Quite simply, the sooner your get your taxes submitted, the more likely you will get your tax refund back sooner as I see it. That has always been my situation, but I can’t state this as a definitive rule. You might even want to look into a tax preparation service to help you prepare your taxes, as they might be able to do it a lot faster and submit it a lot quicker than you can.  I remember one year I tried to prepare them on my own.  I struggled with them for two months.  Then, I took them to a service and they did what I was trying to do in a brief time.  If you need assistance, a great resource in my opinion for finding tax preparation help is the page. It is always such a good feeling to get your tax refund.  One final tip in my opinion to get it quicker is to sign up for direct deposit.  In the old days, I would wait for what seemed like months.  Just about the time I started asking where’s my refund check, it would show up.  However, it seems to me, that when people use tax refund direct deposit, time elapsed between submitting your taxes and getting your refund back appeared to be shorter. Ask your tax professional if that is a definitive truth to make sure.  

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