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If you are wondering how can I motivate myself to go to the gym on a regular basis, you are not alone.  There are lots of people who long for the results, but just can’t get into a routine of going to the gym.  If you want a better body, if you want a slimmer you, and if you want a healthier you, then you could probably benefit from what I discovered.  The first thing you need to learn is that it is hard to break an old habit. Thus, don’t look at it as breaking an old habit.  First, you need to view this as creating a new one.  Thus, to create a habit that you follow, you need to make it a positive experience.

The first step in learning how to motivate yourself to go to the gym regularly is to set up a reason to go.  For example, you may decide to look in the mirror and ask yourself a couple of questions.  For example, am I happy with my body? If you answer in the negative, then follow up with another question?  What can I do to change my body?  The response should be to go to the gym.  Do this question and answer session aloud.  I know it sounds strange, but you need to give voice to it.  You need to make the situation real so that it is not just a conversation in your mind.  You ask yourself a question and you answer it with a solution.  When you answer that question, you should act on the answer provided immediately.  Hence, make sure you have a set time to ask it and subsequent time to go to the gym thereafter.

The next step when contemplating how can I get myself to the gym regularly is to pick a gym that you like to go to.  You will see a lot of discount gyms out there, but they might not be places you want to spend time.  Thus, choose one that matches your wants, needs, and your likes.  For example, I love what I have seen on the site and what I have experienced there in person.  The superb facilities and amenities truly do make me want to go.  I don’t feel like I am dragging myself to go there.  Instead, I feel as if I am rewarding myself to go there.

The next thing you need to keep in mind when asking how do I get into a habit of going to the gym every day is make it as easy as possible to go.  In other words, don’t give yourself an excuse not to go.  For example, one of the biggest reasons people don’t go and workout is because they don’t have what they need.  Thus, I like the three gym bag philosophy.  I keep three gym bags in my car.  They should be stocked with all you need.  It is easy just to have only one and take it inside after your workout and to forget to replace it.  But sometimes, you are so tired, that even if you have two, you forget to bring the other one back to your car.  But I found by having three, I guilt myself into replacing the other two once I only have one left.  Having clean workout clothes and a full water bottle, along with a healthy snack, make it seem like less of a chore.  I would encourage you to prepare those bags at a time when you are not going to the gym.  Otherwise, it makes it seem that your gym time is taking too long. 

The next tip is to find a workout that works, but is not too long. If you are there hours at a time, you might not have any desire to return after a month.  But if you have a short and sweet workout, I found I was more inclined to stick to that gym routine. That is one important tip I have for figuring out how do I motivate myself to go to the gym. The secret I learned is that you should try to make going to the gym a win-win use of your time.  For example, I decided to start going on my lunch break.  I go and workout, but I eat my lunch at my desk when I get back.  I love this approach because I feel like I have found time to go to the gym that I didn’t have in my busy day.  Plus, I feel better when I get back to the desk that I have to sit at for another four hours.  In addition, eating lunch at the desk afterwards takes away some of the monotony away of being at that desk all the time.

Finally, when looking for ways to motivate yourself to go to the gym regularly, you should reward yourself for doing so.  Many might say that getting a better body is reward enough. However, I think you need to take it a step further.  For example, I know that when I have gone for a week, I notice a difference in the way my clothes fit.  Thus, because my clothes are all baggy.  I go out and reward myself by buying a new pair of pants. This further encourages me to keep going.  While this type of reward for going to the gym on a consistent basis might work for a while, you will have to come up with other rewards.  One reward I give myself is a soak in the hot tub at the gym.  I absolutely love having ten minutes to melt my stress away.  Also, at my gym it doesn’t cost me any extra money to enjoy such a moment.  Thus, you may want to look for a gym that has such offerings.  You might start your search by exploring the page.  They have wonderful facilities and I would highly recommend them to anybody interested in joining a gym.  In closing, realize that there will be times when you don’t follow through.  It’s okay to fail a few times.  But don’t let that failure lead to quitting.

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how can I motivate myself to go to the gym

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