How Can I Attract A Younger Man – What You Are Doing Wrong

If you are wondering how can I attract a younger man, you might appreciate these secret tips to help you accomplish your goal.  If you are reading this, you probably have not been very successful so far. Many people fail to attract younger men because they violate some very basic rules.  Hopefully, these insights will allow you to correct your actions and potentially be more successful.  There are lots of men looking for older women, but you need to know how to market yourself properly.  In other words, you need to be able to tap into their needs and wants.  As a result, let’s learn how to brand yourself into being something desired and coveted.  Let’s begin by talking about mistakes a lot of people make.  

First, when asking how do I attract a younger man, don’t put emphasis on your age.  Yes, many people want an older woman, but they don’t want you for that number.  They desire an older woman for what they can potentially offer.  Thus, don’t play up the fact that you are older.  Instead, emphasize your maturity and sophistication.  One way to do that is to articulate your refined tastes.  For example, tell them, if true, you love to travel and all the exotic spots you have gone and the places you would like to go.  A younger man will be enthralled with the thought of getting to participate in such adventures.  In fact, you then might ask places a prospective younger man might like to go.  Get him involved in a discussion or a response if an online dating app.  For example, you can say that I’m going to Fiji next, where’s your next destination?  That creates a little mystique and provides for a conversation starter.  If you don’t know where to begin to look for men, you might explore a dating sight like the page.  My friends have recommend this resource to me highly. 

The next thing you need to do when asking how do I attract younger men is to emphasize your independence.  You do not want to come across as a mother figure.  As a result, make it clear that you are woman on your own with independent means to pay for yourself.  Younger men appreciate the fact that they don’t have to provide for another person.  In fact, from my experience, that is part of the reason younger men are attracted to older women.  Thus, play it up. 

More over, many men are attracted to women who can provide for them. If that is something you can offer, than put it out there.  You don’t want to get taken advantage of or loved for just your money.  However, you can be subtle about it.  For example, you can say that you are looking to eventually share your home and love of shopping with another man.  This suggests that you are generous and can attract the attention of men in need of some security.

But when faced with the dilemma of how can I attract younger men, remember this one mistake to avoid.  Simply put, don’t dress like an older woman.  Men want a woman that is hip and happening.  I’m not saying you should dress like you are twenty something, but definitely incorporate elements of their style into yours.  For example, don’t dress frumpy.  Accessorize with modern touches. Don’t go for a broach.  Instead, go for a pin from a hip music group. Also, funky sunglasses are a way to convey a fun, youthful attitude while maintaining your mature style. 

The biggest mistake women make when trying to attract younger men is being too aggressive.  You have got to learn to let them chase you.  Don’t pursue them.  In fact, fight the resistance to show too much interest.  Men like a good chase.  If they feel you are too easy of a catch, they might lose interest.  Thus, take sometime before returning a call.  Also, don’t always be available.  In fact, you might even let him know what other male friends you might be going out with.  If they have a successful job and a nice car, all the better.  For example, you might say something like:  I’m not sure you’ve met my friend Mike or not, he’s the one who drives the Mercedes and is the vice president at my firm.  This gives the impression that your time is coveted by the wealthy and successful.  A man likes to compete with other men. 

Finally, when asking how to attract a younger man at work or online, remember that appearance is everything.  Thus, if they are at work, dress to impress.  Don’t have those days where you just look like you rolled out of bed and into your job.  You never know when you might have an opportunity to flirt or do lunch, so you always want to look your best.  If you are looking to catch the eye of someone online, you have got to explore online datings sites.  One I recommend you examine is the site. If you use such resources, you have to remember that first impressions make all the difference.  Thus, be very careful to craft and edit what you say.  Don’t say things like I don’t know what to say in these boxes.  Instead, be creative and fun no matter what you are saying.  A sense of humor can make you seem approachable and can garner you many dates from younger men. Furthermore, be very conscientious of your pictures you post.  You might think you look cute in the silly pajamas and hair rollers, but you only get one chance to make a first impression.  As a result, put a picture out there that shows you are a good looking, sophisticated, desired woman.  Also, less is more in these situations.  Don’t be tempted to put a ton of pictures on display.  Two great pictures can capture a man’s attention and make him want to learn more.  Thus, pique his curiosity to foster further online conversations.  Ideally, these tips will help you definitively answer the age old question of how can an older woman attract a younger man.  Be sure to also remember the mistakes to avoid. 

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