Heel Homeopathic Product Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Heel Homeopathic Product Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

The settlement fund for this case is $1 million. The reason that there was a lawsuit in the first place is because the company allegedly misled the customers as to how effective the products are. This is in violation of California laws. One of the laws that it violates is the Consumer Legal Remedies Act. Another law is the Unfair Competition law and also the False Advertising law. So if you are one of the customers who bought the product because of the claims made, then you have a chance to get up to $150 for each item that you bought.

The two products that are specifically targeted here are the Zeel and Traumeel products. They are said to be natural. They are also said to be clinically proven. One of the items mentioned is that the product is doctor-recommended. What is very misleading here is that these are not medical doctors in that they are actually homeopathic practitioners. If I were to see that I would assume that they are medical doctors. I would never think that these are recommendations from non-traditional doctors. Also it did not contain anything natural. Which is odd considering that these are homeopathic products.

All this was mentioned by the plaintiff Robert A. Mason. He actually filed the lawsuit in 2012. So due to the lawsuit and the settlement, the company will not use the word “natural” in the description of the product. The company will also not use the words “clinically proven”. Other words or terms that it will not use include “doctor recommended” and “effective”. “Used by doctors worldwide” is also a phrase that will not be used.

If you wish to take part in the Heel Homeopathic Product Class Action Lawsuit Settlement, you will have to file a claim form. However there is no information as of now on how to do this. The official website for the case has not been set up yet. When it does, you will be able to get that information. These days you will be able to file your claim online. I am hoping that it will be the same for this case. This is because that is the fastest and easiest way to do that. In some cases you have two options. You can either file online or via regular mail. In other cases, you are not provided with two options. You may only get one. Sometimes you get only the file online option. At other times you may get the file via regular mail option. Either option works. If you get two options and you are more comfortable filing via regular mail than online, then I would suggest you do that.

The case is also known as the Robert A. Mason v. Heel Inc. The case number is 3:12-cv-03056. You will need to have this information for any kind of correspondence. If you decide to exclude yourself or even to file an objection, you will have to provide that information. This is so that the Court or the class counsel know which case you are referring to. You may have only this one case but the Court and the counsel may have a lot more cases and telling them exactly which case you are referring to helps to avoid confusion.

There are now so many companies that put in information that is not accurate in their efforts to sell their products. Many companies have gotten into trouble for saying that their products are natural when they are actually not. This is because a lot of people these days tend to gravitate towards products that are natural in efforts to eat healthy. Eating healthy can lead to weight loss, weight maintenance and a more healthy life style. People are more aware of this and so look for items that are healthy. To take advantage of these customer is not a good thing. In fact I do it too. I look at labels on products to see if they are all natural or contain natural ingredients. Eating healthy is important not only for health reasons but also for weight reasons. I guess the two are connected in a way. So to find out that these products are not natural can be devastating for those who are going for the healthy lifestyle.

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