– Apply for the Sony Card Online – Earn $50 – Apply for the Sony Card Online – Earn $50

When you get the Sony Card, you will also get the rewards. You get rewarded right off the bat by just applying for the card and making your first purchase with it. You will get $50 credit. That is really cool. However, you must buy something within the first 90 days in order to get it. You will have to be patient though as it will take anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks for this credit to show up in your statement. In addition, your account must be open when the credit is applied. Another thing that you need to know is that you must have good standing in the sense that you must pay your account on time in order for the credit to be applied. However, this does not mean that you should pay $50 less when this credit is applied. You will have to pay your regular amount that you pay.

In addition you will also get other rewards. Basically every time you buy something with the card, you will get points. For every dollar that you buy using the card, you will get 5 points. You will earn this if you buy anything from any of the Sony stores. You can also buy from the online store at Or you can use the card at any of the Sony authorized retailers. Of course you must buy Sony products at all these places. If you go to the movies to go out to eat at a restaurant, then you will get 3 points for every dollar that you spend. Finally you will get 1 point for any other purchase that you make with the card. If you are ready to get started, you can apply online at the site

So an example of how much you can earn in terms of points, imagine that you go to the Sony store and you buy a flat screen TV for $2000. Now will get 5 points for each dollar spent. So that means that you will get 10,000 points. That is a lot of points that you can get quickly depending on what you buy of course. Once you have accumulated some points, you will then be able to redeem your points for great Sony products. You can also redeem for Sony Store gift card which is worth $100. You can go to the site to get more information or just to get the card.

One good thing about this card is that there is no annual fee. I get really upset if I have to pay an annual fee for any card. So the first thing I do is check is there is one before I apply. If there is one, I usually avoid those cards. Another good thing about this card is that it has 0% intro APR. This is for your purchases. This is another good thing because you do not want to get hit by it. Again, this is also something I check before applying for any card.

The card that you will get is issued by Capital One. It will be a Visa card. It will say SonyCard at the top. In fact, if you are curious as to what the card will look like, you can go to the site mentioned above. You will see the image of the card at the top. It will also say that this card is ideal for Wheel of Fortune fans. Don’t worry about applying online. It is a secure site and all the personal information that you enter will be secure. Anything that has a red asterisk will have to be filled out. You can skip those questions that do not have the red asterisk.

I always worry when I have to enter social security number online. Unfortunately there is no way that you can submit this via regular mail. Not that I could find anyway. If you are not so sure about applying online, a telephone number is provided at the site. I suggest that you talk to someone before filling it out. You may be able to get a paper version or you may be able to apply via phone. Always ask these kinds of questions if you are not comfortable.

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