EtOnline/Giveaways – ET Online Teen Choice Awards Gift Bag Sweepstakes

EtOnline/Giveaways – ET Online Teen Choice Awards Gift Bag Sweepstakes

You can enter now for a chance to win. You do not have buy anything in order to enter the sweepstakes. All you need to do is to enter online at the www.etonline/giveaways website. You will see more than one that you can enter there. Make sure that you select the correct one. You can only enter once for each email address. The ET Online Teen Choice Awards Gift Bag Sweepstakes actually started on August 9. It will continue until the 15th. Only one winner will be selected randomly from all eligible entires. If you are the winner, you will find out if you have won around August 22.

So the price is actually one gift bag. This is from the Teen Choice Awards. The value of the price is $1,255. The giftbag will contain things like cosmetics, Office Depot notebooks, some sandals, some backpack and tape, games, pins, bags, peanut butter, headphones, skincare, soap, stationery and alex detail book. There are also dog treats, a watch, soap, dvd, speakers, gaming console. You can view the compelte list when you go to enter the sweepstakes at the www.etonline/giveaways site

If the prize cannot be delivered to you for some reason, then they will not come back to deliver it again. The prize will be given to somebody else.  So make sure that when you enter, your information is correct. If you are the winner and you do not use all of the prizes, then the prizes will be considered forfeited. You cannot transfer the prize or give it to someone else. If you win, you will also be responsible to pay the taxes. You will be given an W-9 form. You will have to fill it and send it 3 business days before you get the prize. If you do not complete the W-9 form before 3 business days, then it will be considered that you have forfeited the prize and it will go to someone else.

When you enter the ET Online Teen Choice Awards Gift Bag Sweepstakes and when you accept the giveaway, then that means that your name, picture will be used for advertising purposes. You may also be asked to sign some forms. You can ask for the official rules to be sent to you. There is an address that you need to send your request to. You can get that address online at the site. You can also ask for a winners list to be sent to you. You will be able to get this after August 22, 2013.

You must be 18 years old or older in order to win the sweepstakes. You must also live in the United States in order to win. It is really easy to enter. All you will need to do is enter your first name, your last name, and your email address. Then you will have to enter your birthday. You will then have to enter your address, your city, your state and your zip. You will also have to enter your phone number. You can then hit Submit to submit your entry. ET will basically not be responsible if anything happens to your entry.

I always enter the lottery in the hopes that one day I will win. I know how slim that chance is but I always think that somebody always wins. I am hoping that one day that somebody could be me. However I think you have better chances of winning a sweepstakes such as this. Not too many know about them and so not too many people enter. If there are less people who enter then your chances of winning is much higher. So I would suggest that you enter. I am not sure how this one works but some of the sweepstakes will allow you to enter once a day. So you can try tomorrow to see if it will allow you to do that. I read through the official rules but must have missed that somehow. I think the only thing I found was that there can be only one entry for each email. So I take that to mean that you can only enter once. In a way that is good because I hate it when they say you can enter once a day. This is because I never remember to enter again.

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