Dss.mo.gov/cse – Missouri Child Support Payment Information

Dss.mo.gov/cse – Missouri Child Support Payment Information

If you are looking for information on Missouri child support payments, then explore Dss.mo.gov/cse.   This resource has information on child support payments and also tells one how to apply for child support in Missouri. You can also access materials on completing direct deposits for child support as well. If you are needing child support, begin the process online.  It appears easy to apply. However, I would personally recommend you begin by reading the brochures that are available on the resource noted above.  They explain who is eligible for the services. There are many different types of situations that are eligible.  For example, custodial parents and noncustodial parents if they meet certain requirements can be eligible. Also, adult children may be eligible too.  In addition to learning about this, one can also learn about what help is available.  I was particularly interested in learning about child support enforcement and there is extensive details dedicated to this topic. More importantly, if you are thinking about completing a Missouri Child support application, you should know that you can go about this process in a multitude of ways.  You can submit a Missouri child support application online.  Another option is download one to complete by hand and mail it in.  You can even call to obtain one from the number provided.  Utilize the option that is best for you to apply for MO child support. 

Another important part of the www.dss.mo.gov/cse page is the information on Missouri child support payments. There are so many ways to pay your child support, that you should not have an excuse for not making a payment.  For example, you can write a check to make your payment.  You can also it appears make child support payments via a withdraw that is automatically set up.  I personally prefer this approach because you don’t have to worry about forgetting to make payments.  Life has lots of demands and it can happen from time to time that you forget to write the check.  With this approach, you alleviate some of that concern.  More importantly, I believe you will feel good with this arrangement because you now know that you won’t concern yourself with forgetting.  If you are receiving Missouri child support payments, there also seems that there are some options available for how you receive the funds. Review them and see which one is best suited for your needs. 

The Missouri Child Support resource also has information about identifying who the parents are.  This bit of information is critical in my opinion, so you know who is responsible.  It appears that the family support division can assist with this. Being in that situation would be unfortunate not only for the mother, but for the child.  Being a single parent is not only difficult, but also not knowing who to seek support from could add to the frustration.  I would imagine that there are even cases where if the man knew he was a father he would gladly pay, but might not even know he is a dad. If you are fortunate enough to be receiving your payments, you might want to look in to getting your payments via the card option they offer.  

Another important component of the www.dss.mo.gov/cse site is that they provide access to different forms that might be needed.  For example, you can obtain a payment affidavit and application for services forms.  Of interest to noncustodial parents will be the section directed at them.  For example, they have information listed there that could be of use.  For example, you can learn where to send payments and how to pay Missouri child support online.  I would personally prefer the Missouri child support pay online option because I feel it would save on time and energy.  Then again, one will have to decide what is the best way to pay their support payments on their own.  If you do owe payments, I encourage you to make sure you do that.  A child, or possibly children, are depending on you. My one friend when I was growing up had a father that would not pay for her.  I felt really sad, but as a kid, I didn’t know what to say.  She mentioned that she couldn’t get new clothes because her dad wouldn’t pay anything to support her.  She then said that most of her mom’s money went to pay for food and the house.  That must have been very difficult for her. If you are a custodial parent and you are not getting help from the other parent, seek child support.  If you owe child support for your child, make sure you follow through and ensure that those monies are paid on time.  I truly believe you will feel better knowing that your child is provided for. 

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