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Get your WY unemployment benefits by filing a claim online via  If you need to file Wyoming unemployment claims, do it the smart way by taking advantage of technology and do it from home.  The Wyoming Unemployment Insurance division has a resource that is easy to use.  However, if you have never used the system before, Wyoming UI will direct you to create an account.  Don’t worry, because they provide you with details on how to achieve this.  After all, it is just a simple step to get you closer to your Wyoming unemployment benefits that you may be entitled to. To set this up, they will ask for basic information including name, address, phone, and other relevant material on how to contact you.  If you already have an account, you don’t have to go through this process again.  One thing I did like was that it appears that you can also by pass the account set up and file your Wyoming unemployment claim as a guest.  To me, I usually perfer that route if I think I will only do it once because it might be faster.  However, for WY UI benefits, you might need to return to file a future claim, so I would recommend you establish an account the first time you file for unemployment. 

Another thing about the Wyoming Unemployment resources was that it seems truly user friendly.  For example, on top of the site, phone numbers are provided.  If you are like me, I sometimes prefer to talk to a person about matters like these.  I especially want to talk to someone if this is the first time I am going through the process. In addition to providing phone numbers, they also provide a post office box. Another great resource for information about WY UI is the frequently asked questions section on that site.  If you haven’t filed before or are unfamiliar with the UI, then spend a few minutes reading over each question.  For example, you will learn a great deal about eligibility.  In fact, you might save yourself some frustration in the long run.  I remember I attempted to apply for unemployment once before in another state, but was not eligible I was told because I had only been employed for three months and it was only part time work.  Given the amount of time I spent on unemployment forms and making the trip to the office, I was disappointed that I had not looked into the matter in more detail in advance.

One of the most important sections on the frequently asked questions page for Wyoming unemployment insurance is how much will my benefits be.  They provide some beneficial insights as to how that benefit will be determined. Given the resources that are available to help you, don’t delay your filing.  The WY benefits that you could potentially receive could dramatically help your current situation.  My friend was eligible for unemployment, but he decided not file for it.  He let his pride get in the way and didn’t even tell me of his struggles.  When I learned about his situation, I encouraged him to apply and to use the safety net that was provided for him. He was amazed at how the benefits helped him with the essentials. 

Other resources are also available in the event you are still asking yourself how do I file for unemployment in Wyoming.  One thing that you may want to look at is the forms section which is accessible on the page.  Sometimes just having the right form at your finger tips can save you time. The Department of Workforce Services appears to have provided an easy way for people to file for WY unemployment benefits. If you are eligible, I would encourage you to apply as soon as possible.  Don’t delay submitting your claim.  Sometimes when you lose your job you might think I don’t need to file because I will get a new position in a week or two.  However, my experience has taught me that that might not be the case.   Instead of getting a job in two weeks, you might not have found additional employment in three weeks.  I jokingly told others that is why they call it unemployment insurance.  Simply put, if I don’t have a new position in a month, I hopefully will at least have UI benefits to help me out at that point in time. If a friend is out of work and not familiar with how to file a Wyoming unemployment claim online, then tell him or her about it. I am sure they would be very appreciative of your gesture. 

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