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Enter the sweepstakes to win the grand prize on  It is easy to register on the Degree Football page for this contest.  Simply put, I entered my name and email address.  In addition, I provided my state and age.  Also, I read the official rules and entered.  You should definitely spend some time reading the official rules as they will tell you if you are eligible to win. For example, as I understand it, one rule dictates that you have to be 18 years of age to win the contest. There also appears to be residency requirements.  Make sure you fully read the rules before entering.  One thing I liked was that I think I read that you can’t use multiple email accounts in your name to get more entries.  However, there are, from what I understand, ways to get more points.  Furthermore, the good news is that you don’t need to buy anything to win or to enter.  More importantly, buying anything will not increase winning chances according to the text on the site. You should take a few minutes to examine the prizes that you could possibly win.  

I would love to win the football trip to NY for the big February game.  I enjoy watching football games on TV, but to be able to go and see a game in person would be exciting.  Even better would be to go and not have to pay for the game.  If you like the sounds of that, enter the sweepstakes by going to the site.  Also, if you have friends who are big football fans, tell them about the sweepstakes and get them to enter.  If they win the grand prize, they might even take you as their guest.  Also, I read the description on the big prize and it’s not just a trip, there are also extras too.  For example, it looks like you get a gift bag and a surprise too.  Just a trip to New York would be thrilling for me.  However, add in all those extras and I want to win it even more.  They even provide you with a way to view the winners list. I hope you see my name on there, as I think this is the best sweepstakes grand prize ever.

Other great prizes that are detailed on the Degree Football page include a grill, cooler, and TV.  That to me is what is needed for a great tailgate party. If you have never tailgated before, maybe you will win the above items and get a chance to do it in style.  It is always fun to get there early before the game and eat and talk with fellow fans.  The excitement is always electric and it is even fun to throw the football around a little bit as a workout.  Even more fun is to have some friendly rivalry talk with people who are there to cheer for the other team.  If you don’t win that, maybe you will win the 46 inch television.  That would be a great way to watch football on TV with all of your friends. That is one of my favorite things to do.  On big game days, I like to invite my friends over for dinner and a game.  Some days we watch three games in a row late in to the night. 

Be sure to enter on the page for your chance to win. If I win, I would take my little one with me as this would be a special moment for her. She has never been to a football game and your first one is always forever memorable.  I remember my first football game.  Specifically, I recall getting up really early in the morning to go to it cause it was a long ways away.  I remember thinking about all the pageantry that was on display.  There was a band for each team, as it was a college football game.  Then, I remember the mascots and everyone in their team’s colors.  My parents bought me a pom-pom that my dad took away from me because it was blocking the view of people behind us.  I didn’t know what was going on, but I remember my dad trying to explain the game to me.  He would say things like, now when our team has the football we are on offense.  The other team is on defense.  That latter concept was really difficult for me because I couldn’t see a fence at all.  I would like to make those same memories with my little one and I hope I win by entering on the specific Degree Football sweepstakes entry page noted previously for this promotion.  Just the opportunity to go to New York would be special.  You might want to read up on the other ways to earn points to.  Someone is going to win an ultimate football trip to NY and it could be you.  Enter to win online. 

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