Csws.chfs.ky.gov/csws – Kentucky Child Support – Apply / My Account / Payments

Csws.chfs.ky.gov/csws – Kentucky Child Support – Apply / My Account / Payments

Kentucky Child Support empowers you to apply, login to your account, and to make and receive payments. Case info can also be accessed via the my account feature on www.csws.chfs.ky.gov/csws. In order to know how the Kentucky Child Support Website functions, you should be familiar with some basic terms.  Specifically, you should know the difference between a custodial parent, referred as CP.  You should also know what a Non Custodial Parent (NCP) is when reading the materials that apply to their case.  The child support terminology is explained on the this child support website for kentucky and you should read it.  After all, providing for your child is paramount.  With your account, you can edit your specifics.  Before you can access your child support account, the state of Kentucky requires you to set one up.   There appears to be different accounts for citizens and for CHFS contractors. Choose the one that is appropriate for your circumstances. By utilizing the contact feature you can find an office or phone that will best address your need or concern.  You can access the office or division by either calling them on a toll free number or by email.

To apply for Kentucky child support, you will want to either start a new application or continue an existing child support application.  To start your new application, you will need to submit an email address on the official page Csws.chfs.ky.gov/csws. They even have resources for parent / guardians and for employers.  It appears that some employers might be called upon to withhold child support from a payment if court ordered. As a result, employers might have lots of questions they need to have answered.  The Kentucky child support online page might be a great place to get those questions answered in a timely manner.

If you need to make a payment for KY Child Support, this official government website empowers you to make that happen.  You should feel good about making a payment online because you know you are helping to provide the best for your child or your children.  When kids have the right food, care, shelter, and clothing, they will be more likely to thrive and be successful in my years of experience.  Although you might not be the custodial parent, this is your way to be involved and take responsibility for the upbringing of your kid.  Chfs.ky.gov/dis/cse is also chalk full of resources that might also help you deal with other needs or questions you might have.

There is also contact information for child support enforcement.  That can be frustrating.  When you are trying to provide for your child and the other parent doesn’t want to pay to help.  Explore resources available to help you deal with this difficult situation.  You can even find an office near by using the resources listed on the chfs.ky.gov/dis/cse site.  Locate the Kentucky Child Support office near you and pay them a visit during their next business day.  One of things you will need or want to do at some point in time is know how much money you are getting from the other parent.  This process is referred to as estimating child support payments.  With the child support payment estimator, you will have a better idea of what to expect to receive.  Keep in mind, that does not mean you will get that amount.  Hopefully, this will not happen, but I have heard terrible stories about dead beat Dads who don’t pay.

There is also general KY Child Support information available.  For instances, you might want to explore the many programs that might help you. For example, read up on IVR, KCHIP, and FIDM.  That might be of benefit to you and your child.  You might also want to read about laws and legislation that pertains to this topic.  Knowledge is power and when you are fighting to get the money your children deserve, you need to be well prepared and educated on the subject matter.  The terms section, the child support acronyms section, and the child support forms will help you be successful in your quest for child support payments.  Apply for child support online with the Kentucky government website.

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