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If you are thinking I can’t pay my Chase mortgage what do I do now, you are not alone.  Visit to learn about potential ways to keep your home.  We all face many stressors in life and having to worry about paying for the roof over one’s head can be a big concern.  In fact, many hardworking people face this very concern daily.   Sometimes, these situations arise out of no fault of anybody.  For example, you may have been let go from your job and now have limited income.  You might not be able to sell your home because it is underwater and you owe too much to the bank.  No matter what your situation, explore the educational information that the Chase Homeownership Center provides. You might begin by locating a nearby homeownership center to visit. They even provide a phone number to get in touch with them.  One of the best resources I discovered on this website was the video that answered questions on how to go about applying for mortgage assistance. 

Another section that I would encourage people to explore is the one dedicated to home foreclosure alternatives.  This can be found on the site and it contains some viable options.  My friend found himself in this terrible situation.  He had worked so hard to buy the home of his dreams and he saved up money for the down payment.  He moved in and everything was going so well.  I remember going to some of the parties that he would throw at his new house.  He couldn’t have been prouder that he had achieved the American dream. Then, when the economy tanked,  his work hours got cut back and he found himself struggling to pay the mortgage.  He was lucky for a while because he had put together an emergency fund.  He continued to pay on his home making up for his monthly mortgage payment shortfall with his emergency savings.  It was his belief that the economy would come back and he would soon be working full time again.  Unfortunately, that did not happen and he eventually exhausted his cash reserves.  He talked to a number of people and finally found a solution that potentially worked for him.  He was permitted by his mortgage company / bank to do what is called a short sale.  You might read up and see if this is a potential option for you. 

Luckily he was able to get out from under a mortgage payment he couldn’t afford to pay anymore.  Now I don’t know who held his mortgage, but if yours is held by Chase, then you will want to read about the possibilities on the My Home site. I also like how they even have a section spelling out the steps to take. The information I found appeared to be very helpful.  If you are wondering what do I do if I can’t pay my mortgage and it is with Chase, then I would personally start with their website.  For what is worth, when I encounter difficult times, one thing I always try to do is to talk to people who have gone through the same exact thing.  That might be also another thing you might think about. Furthermore, if the situation is very stressful to me, I also pray. I find to do so calms me and relaxes me.  It also let’s me focus on the problem at hand and manage the situation better.  In addition, I also like to do breathing exercises to also center my thoughts and my mind.  If you are worried and the only thought running through your mind is I can’t make my mortgage payment, then you might try my approaches. They help me and they also might benefit you.

Another important item I found on the page was information about loan modification.  The information on mortgage modification could tremendously help an individual who is unable to pay.  Sometimes when people encounter difficult situations, they don’t act.  They can sometimes just go in to denial.  My friend I spoke of earlier experienced this.  When he ran out of money to pay the mortgage he asked me and some other friends for temporary help.  I think we all helped him at different times, but when we asked if everything was okay a few months later, he said yes.  He, as we would later learn, was not telling us the reality of his situation.  He just wishes that he would have acted sooner and not waited so long, even after he completely ran out of money. If you are in a similar situation, acknowledge the problem and take action.  With resources like the ones provided on the Chase My Home site, you have a good place to start in my opinion. 

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