CenturyLink.com/5years – Century Link 5 Years – Internet Price Guarantee

CenturyLink.com/5years  – Century Link 5 Years  – Internet Price Guarantee

Get your internet at a guaranteed price for $19.95 each month from Centurylink.  That’s right you not only get great speeds, you can get your price locked in for five years.  Many feel taking advantage of when they sign up for a service, only to have it’s price increase after a short promotional offer.   You don’t have to worry about that with the latest centurylink offer.  Be sure to check out on the official site for www.centurylink.com/5years the speed section.   The speed is ideal for video chatting.  When you spend your money, it’s good to know you are getting what you have paid for.  Many don’t realize that CenturyLink advertises a 99.9% reliability rating for its data network.  See the details on how they make this determination about their network.

A network that is fast on a consistent basis is one that will allow you to get your work done faster.  It will also permit you to more readily enjoy your favorite chats and skype sessions with less hassle or interference.   Read why CenturLinks promotes their internet service as one that is reliably fast.  If you want the service and the guarantee, you should use www.centurylink.com home page to check the availability in your region.  You will be asked to submit some basic information to make a determination.   Simply put, you will be asked for your address and the type of dwelling you reside in.   Another think they will ask is what city and state do you live.  To further ensure you are provided with accurate information, you will be asked for your zip code.

To get the 5 year guarantee, there are special requirements to receive the offer.  One of the conditions is that you bundle it with their nationwide, unlimited calling plan.  The offer will also expire shortly, so sign up before it does.  And if you are a good friend, you will take advantage of social media to share it with your friends.  So use Twitter and Facebook icons on the site to spread the word of the great deal.  I have tried others and I have not liked their service.  I think I will check the availability of centurylink in my area to see if I can’t take advantage of this great price for internet and bundle it with calling too.  In this difficult economic time, it is important to budget.  knowing that the price of my internet won’t change for five years would provide a lot of peace of mind.

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