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I can’t tell you how many times I have been frustrated with cabs. I would call them and let them know that I need one immediately and the response is always that the cab is on its way. Thirty minutes later, there is no cab and when I call back, they tell me that there are no cabs available. Or I would call early and let them know that I need a cab in two hours and the cab shows up immediately. There have been many times that I have been late to work if my car breaks down because I could not get a cab to show up.

Also, how many of you have been frustrated with cab purposely going the long way so that they would get a larger fare. I have been taken in a number of times until I got smart and started my own navigation so that I could tell the cab driver where to go if I am in a new city. I would usually tell them that I would give them directions.

So when Uber started its service, I was initially afraid to try it out. My friends and colleagues at work used the service and let me know how fast the service was. Then one day, I could not get a cab so I decided to use Uber. I downloaded the app, added my credit card information and then asked for the service. I was shocked to see that it would get to me in 4 minutes. And I could see where the Uber car was on my app. I was surprised when it did show up in 4 minutes. I was very excited and got to work on time.

Ever since then, I have not used cabs at all. I always use Uber whenever I can and so far I have not had a single bad experience. It is also always fun to find out more about the driver. I have had some interesting conversations. Usually when I am in a cab, the cab driver is talking to someone else on the phone all the way or part of the way. So it is refreshing to have someone you can talk to. I am always curious about who the drivers are and why they are working part-time.

So I am surprised to find out that there is a class action lawsuit against Uber.  This is the Uber Background Check Class Action Lawsuit Settlement. Apparently the allegation is that Uber has misrepresented information. The information is about the fee charged to users. These is in regard to the background checks. These background checks are said to industry-leading. This is not the case. Uber’s background checks are not really adequate. The allegation is also that Uber does not provide the safest rides. In addition, the company does not really train the drivers.

class action lawsuit

The two parties decided to settle on January 20. The plaintiff in the Uber Background Check Class Action Lawsuit Settlement is Jacob Sabatino. So Sabatino and Uber sign an agreement to resolve the case. There was also a case against Raiser. Raiser was used to hire hire the drivers. This company shields Uber against any claims. It seems that it is very easy to pass the Uber background checks. Many people with criminal convictions have passed their tests. So some of the people who have convictions for identity theft have passed the checks. The same goes for those with burglary and also kidnapping convictions. This is scary as I do not want to be in a car with a kidnapper. Or someone who may rob me.

You know, come to think of it, when you order an Uber car, you are actually getting into a car with an absolute stranger. I have been comfortable getting in because I always thought that the background checks performed were good. Little did I know that they background checks were not adequate. I have heard of some people who have been robbed by their Uber drivers. So now it has become scary. I am glad that there is a class action lawsuit to resolve this.

Apparently the reason that the background checks are not secure is because there is no fingerprinting done. I guess that is correct as only with having fingerprints can you find out if some has a criminal background. Since these drivers are picking up passengers at their home, it becomes crucial that they are strictly checked so that they do not rob the homes of those who call them.

I do know also of Uber drivers who have been attacked by passengers. So I guess it goes both ways. The Uber drivers also have to be cautious. I feel bad when this happens especially when the Uber driver is only trying to make extra income. Many Uber drivers I have talked to say that this is their second job. They are trying hard to make ends meets and this is one way that they can do that.

What has surprised me recently is that there is so much demand for Uber cars that during peak times, they have decided to charged more. I was surprised when I was asked to accept a 1.5 % increase in price. Initially I was surprised and kept saying no and trying again. But I could not get past eh 1.5% increase. Since I had not planned for a cab, I had no choice but to accept. I was really not happy about it. But this has only happened to me once. I know that I do not have to accept but at the time when I needed the service, I had to get to the airport fast. If I waited for a cab then I would most likely miss my flight.

I know that there is another service that I could have tried. I could have tried Lyft. However, I would have had to download the app and attach my credit card to it. I just did not have the time to do that. So I went with Uber. Maybe the next time I get the information to increase the price, i will say no. And then call a Lyft ride instead.

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Uber Background Check Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

I Can’t Find My Purse What Should I Do – Help For You

Losing your purse is stressful and you might not know what to do. As a result, here’s what you should do when you find yourself asking I can’t find my purse what should I do. There are several things you need to do for safety purposes. But let’s get started with the basics first. Immediately retrace your steps. At the same time, put the word out to your friends via social media. For example, your friend Margaret might have thought you purposely left your purse on her desk cause you needed to use the bathroom. However, stopping at that locale to talk to her might not be something you remember doing. Thus, a note sent out to your network might result in a quick response with its whereabouts. Thus, that is the first step.  (more…)

How Do I Buy Investment Property – What You Need To Know

If you are wondering how do I buy investment property, you are not alone as everyone has to start somewhere.  Just be very cautious as there are people out there looking to take advantage of you or to dispose of their underperforming properties on to you.  And remember you will make some mistakes as you learn how to buy investment properties, but ideally you can learn some important information here.  Also, be leery of get rich schemes held in conference rooms.  With that said, let’s begin with what you need to know to get started off on the right foot.  First, you need to amass cash to get started.  There are a number of ways to do this. 

For example, when faced with the question of how can I buy investment property, you might be surprised to learn that it is going to cost you more to finance it.  As I understand it, banks and other financial institutions will view investment properties as more of a liability.  Simply put, they will feel that if you were to run into financial difficultly, you would work harder or try to save your place first before you worried about an investment place.  There is probably some truth to that and that is probably why when you go to buy an investment property, people will pay a higher interest rate.  My one friend bought his first investment property and he was shocked to learn that the best interest rate he could get was a half of point higher than the rate he got for his home mortgage.  Thus, be prepared.  However, if you can pay all cash, then you might not have that concern.  Unfortunately, not everyone is in that position. 

Thus, one way to address the how to buy investment property is to use your retirement savings for that purpose.  Some people might argue that that is risky.  But most investment vehicles will involve risk.  I personally like real estate as an investment because it is a tangible entity.  With that said, you need to make sure that it is protected.  In other words, make sure that your payments are up to date and that you have insurance to protect it.  If you have a good portion of your savings into such a parcel, make sure you review your insurance policy carefully.  In other words, find out what is not covered.  You might be surprised to learn that you are not covered for flood insurance or you might not be covered for earthquakes.  Some people might not worry about that.  However, if I just paid cash for a home, I would want to make sure my investment has some protection. One might not get a hundred percent back through such coverage.  However, at least some is better than none.  If you don’t know where to start to look for investment opportunities, I would encourage you to visit and sign up on the www.loopnet.com page.  There you can find many opportunities.  

One thing that you should look at if you don’t have a lot of money and you want to invest in real estate is at multifamily homes.  The secret here is that you want to get a property that you can live in on one side and rent out on the other.  Ideally, you would like the other side’s rent to cover the mortgage for the entire property.  Unfortunately, that is often times hard to pull off.  Nevertheless, you definitely want a property that, if both sides of the duplex were rentals, it would more than cover all expenses.  Don’t forget that when you do this calculation, you don’t need to just cover the mortgage.  You also want to cover the taxes and the insurance as well.  Furthermore, you want to make sure that you get a positive cash flow to cover such things as repairs and lawn care.  Many people who rent places make tenants responsible for that.  However, I would tell you to include that in the rent for two reasons.  First, if you don’t, you might lose a lot of possible tenants.  For example, many women and men don’t like mowing grass.  Furthermore, if they are forced to, they might also not do a good job with it.  In addition, you get yet another write off on your overall expenses and your place always looks good which is important.

Another thing to consider is this investment property help insight. When calculating how much a place will cost, you can’t just stop at the mortgage, taxes, insurance, and maintenance.  Instead, also consider times when the place might be vacant and also include advertising costs.  Thus, don’t assume each year that it will be rented for twelve months a year.  Instead, consider a vacancy rate and include that in your calculations.  Ideally, if you are buying investment property, you should not be using all your money and should have an emergency fund in place for each property.  

A final thing to consider when contemplating how do I go about buying investment property is the following reality.  Banks will require you to usually put twenty percent down when buying such investments. You might even be asked in some cases to put down twenty five percent. Thus, save your money.  If you are short, you might ask parents to gift you the difference.  There are rules on just how much they can give you, thus keep that in mind.  You may just want to buy an investment property and live in it as on site management so that you can forgo some of the more stringent requirements of buying an investment property you are not claiming as your primary residence.  If you are wondering where to turn to find such investments, check out the loopnet.com site to start looking.  It is fun to shop, but don’t get emotional.  Make sure you truly understand what the rents will go for in the area before getting in over your head.  Also, find out the term of the leases, so you don’t automatically inherit an empty building without income.  

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how do I buy investment property

Www.OregonScreenSettlement.com – Oregon LCD Flat Panel Screen Antitrust Lawsuit Settlement

You can be a part of this case if you bought a TV or a monitor or even a notebook computer that has an LCD flat panel screen.You should have bought this product at any time from 2002 to 2006. You are also eligible if you bought a Cathode Ray Tube Screen at any time from 2002 to 2007. You can get money if you live in the state of Oregon and bought the product in Oregon. In addition you must have bought the product for your own personal use and not for resale. The amount of the settlement was $21,505,000.The reason that the lawsuit was filed was that the defendants were accused of conspiring together to raise the price, to fix the price or to maintain the price or to stabilize the prices of the LCD flat panels or the cathode ray tubes. Hence this meant that the customers were overcharged when they bought the TVs or the Monitors or even the notebook computers. The defendants have denied that they did anything wrong.

In order to get the money you must file a Oregon LCD Flat Panel Screen Antitrust Lawsuit Settlement claim. If you are a business entity, you will not be able to file a claim. Only individuals can file claims. You can either file online or download a claim form from the www.OregonScreenSettlement.com site. If you got a claim form in the mail, you can also use that. You must answer three eligibility questions before you start the process. If you fill in the form and you are eligible to get payment.

One of the three eligibility questions is if you bought a television that has an LCD flat panel or a monitor or even a notebook computer that had an LCD flat panel at any time from January 1, 2002 to December 31, 2006. The second question is if you lived in Oregon when you bought it. In addition you must have bought the product not directly from certain companies. One of them is AU Optronics. You should also not have bought from Chimei. Another company that you should not have bought from is Chunghwa. Yet another company you should not have bought from is Epson. You should also not have bought from HannStar or Hitachi. You should also not have bought from LG or Samsung. Finally you also should not have bought from Sharp or Toshiba. It is okay if you bought the product from major retail stores like Best Buy. You could also have bought it from a computer manufacturer like Dell. So if your answer is Yes to all three questions, then you are eligible.

Then you will have to fill out the information on the product or products that you bought. You should list the number of televisions or monitors or notebooks that you bought. You have to make sure that you enter accurate information here. All claims may be audited. Also if you have a very large claim, then it also require verification. You will then fill out your information if you are the claimant. This means that you will enter your last name, your first name, your telephone number and your email address. You will then enter the last four numbers of your social security number. You should also provide the SID number if you have one. Then you will have to enter a current address. If your address when you bought the products was different from your current address, then you should also provide that address. Both your current address and the address when you bought the product should have city, state and zip code information. You can also provide the name and phone number of person that can be contacted if there are any questions about this claim. You should enter this information only if it is different from the information that you have provided above.

You will then sign and date the claim form. You will also have to print your name. Since there is a great chance that you claim form will be audited, you should keep a copy of your claim form. You should also keep a copy of proof of documentation. You do not have to provide proof of purchase now, but you may be asked later. So it is good to have this at hand. If you have questions regarding this claim form, you should get in touch with the settlement administrator. You can find that information at the www.OregonScreenSettlement.com site. You may also find this information on the claim form itself.

How much you will get from the Oregon LCD Flat Panel Screen Antitrust Lawsuit Settlement will depend on the type of flat panel products that you bought. It will also depend on the number of the flat panels that you bought. You may be able to get $102.90 per product that you bought. However, there is a minimum payment. This amount is $50.42. So this means that you will not get less than $50.42.  All you have to do is submit a valid claim form. There is no deadline for filing your claim form yet. However, this does not mean that you can file your form whenever. My suggestion is that you file as soon as possible. This is because when you do this, you will not forget. Also this will ensure that you have filed your form in a timely manner. When there is a deadline, it will be posted on the settlement website. You should check periodically for this information.

You have the right to exclude yourself from this case if you would rather take your own legal actions against the defendants or if you would rather take part in other lawsuits about the same matter. You will have to write a letter and you have to mention that you want to be excluded. The name of the case is State of Oregon, ex rel Ellen F. Rosenblum v. AU Optronics Corp. et al. The case number is CV 10-933 MO. You must also provide your name and your mailing address. In addition, you can provide your phone. You must not forget to sign the document though. If you do not sign, then it will not be considered valid.

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