How Do You Get A Good Deal On A Rental Car – Save Big

If you are wondering how do you get a good deal on a rental car, you will want to know these secrets to save big next time you need to rent a car.  You can try these tips alone or you may be able to try them together to maximize your savings.  The first tip to save money is to see if you can rent from a location other than the airport you fly into.  If you are local and renting a car, you definitely want to avoid these locations as they can often times come with other taxes and fees than other rental car locations.  Inquire in your city to see if extra taxes and fees apply to on-site airport rentals. 

The next way to answer the how do I get a good deal on a rental car is by booking early.  If you are in town for a convention or there are many major activities going on in the city, rental cars will be at a premium.  If you wait until the last minute to book, you can find yourself having to book a very pricy car you really can’t afford. Thus, make your plans early and let all the others fret.  Unfortunately, there are times where you don’t have lead time and you do need to book a rental car last minute.  If that is the case, I would recommend exploring the page and seeking out rental car options they have.  When I have used this is the past for rental cars, they offered me up options that were for different sized cars and different price points.  However, while I knew that it would be on site at the airport I was flying into, I didn’t know what rental car company it would be from. That was fine with me an if you are okay without knowing in advance, then this might get you a great deal like it got me. After I paid, I found from whom to pickup my car.  It worked beautifully and saved me a lot of money.  You can use this approach in advance of your trip too I believe. 

Another thing you need to explore when you are contemplating how do I save on a rental car is do you have any affiliation with any organization that entitles you to a discount with a rental car agency.  For example, many credit cards will offer such things, as well as many professional organizations.  Don’t forget being part of a retirement organization might even garner you savings as well.   In addition to your affiliation, actively look for coupons and specials online.  You never know when you might stumble across a discount or a promotion that entitles the user to an upgrade in vehicle type. 

Another tip I have is the easiest.  Call different agencies and inquire as to what are their specials and best rental car rates for the dates, times, and location in question.  You might be surprised that you can get stylish rental cars at great prices if they are out of season. For example, I was able to a convertible at a great price because it was the summer.  True, I was not riding with the top down, but I had a heater that worked just fine in the car so the fact that I had a convertible top didn’t matter to me.  I liked the fact that I saved big.  Another time when gas prices were high, they had a glut of SUV rental vehicles.  Thus, I was able to get a great rate on one of those.  Yes, I paid a little more in gas, but at the end of the day, I ended up saving big by doing so. 

Another sure fire way to save on a car rental is by getting a small vehicle.  Usually, the smaller the car, the less it rents for.  Thus, if you drive a midsize car at home, trying renting a smaller size while away and spend the savings on souvenirs.  You will be surprised how much you can potentially save by doing this.  Furthermore, if you are renting this car for a convention, maybe offer to share it with someone and split the cost.  Just keep in mind that there might be an extra fee to add an extra driver.  However, in the past when I have done this, I still came well ahead in the amount of money I saved. 

One final suggestion for how do you get a great deal on a rental car is to inquire with your own insurance policy to see if you are covered when renting a rental car.  So often times, people spend big bucks insuring their rental car.  But if your insurance covers it, you could potentially reduce the amount you were planning on spending.  With some of those packages costing about thirty five dollars a day, that could be a big savings. If you are not covered by your insurance, explore your credit card to see if that is a perk that is offered by them.  Some do have such benefits, but you should read all the fine print to see if you qualify and what it covers.  You definitely don’t want to get a surprise after the fact.  

In closing, I hope you have a better understanding of how to get a good deal on a rental car.  The aforementioned tips can work wonders at saving you money.  I especially like and encourage everyone to at least review the site to see if that might be of interest. It is one of my favorite ways to save on rental cars.  A final suggestion to saving is explore travel sites that allow you to bundle all your travel accommodations.  Simply put, I have found that I saved more when booking a hotel, airline, and rental car all at once in a package. This may save you money on your car rental too.  Explore all your options before booking to find the best rental car deal. 

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