Www.NCAA.com/Bracket – NCAA March Madness Bracket – Men’s Basketball

Www.NCAA.com/Bracket – NCAA March Madness Bracket – Men’s Basketball

You will be able to access the NCAA March Madness Bracket at the www.ncaa.com/bracket website. This will be the Division 1 Bracket. Right now you will be able to see the first four rounds. The first round will be in Dayton on March 13-14. Every year millions of people fill out the brackets for the NCAA tournaments. Many people have their own picks based on experience on watching these games throughout the year. Others who have no clue who will win, get ideas from others.

If you do not know where to start, wunderdogsportspicks provide you with some general ideas. According to them, the best way to do your picks is to start with the Final Four. You should make your picks for the Final Four from the Six Conferences. These Conferences are the ACC, Big East, Big 10, Big 12, Pack 10 and SEC. If you go back in time, you will find out that most of the Final Four teams come from these Six Conferences. It is easier to work backwards from the Final Four.

In addition to that the average seed that make up the Final Four is 11. So this means that if you add up the seeds of each Final Four participant, you should get to this sum or very close to it. Most of the time, a number 2 or number 3 seed will win about 40% of the time. So what do you do? There have been 64 teams since 1985. So this means that can be a lot of possible brackets.

These empty brackets are already created for you at this website. All you need to do is to start picking who you think will will in each matchup. Start with the First Round. Go down the left column and look at matchps #1 vs #16 and #2 vs #15.  Try putting the #2 seeds through. Then look at matchups #3 vs #14 and #4 vs #13. These are harder to predict. You can select the upsets if you want. Then look at the matchups #5 vs #12, #6 vs #11, #7 vs #10 and #8 vs #9. Oh boy. Now you are in upset land. These are the hardest to predict so just do your best. Look at previous years if you can to see what the upsets there have been and use that as your guide. Your guess is as good as mine here.

When you have completed your First Round picks, you will then need to get started on your Second Round picks. Also make sure you pick your Sweet 16 Round and the Elite 8 Round. All I can say is do your best. Everyone will have a different strategy in choosing but go with your gut. If you are not sure and are totally confused as to what to pick, there are some completed brackets on the web that you can see. This may help you out.

At the NCAA March Madness Bracket website at www.ncaa.com/bracket, you can be a part of the March Madness. You will be able to take part in the NCAA Bracket Challenge. Now how do you do this? It is pretty simple. All you need to do is create your first bracket entry. You will have to sign in in order to access the brackets and groups. If you have not registered yet and if you have not created a bracket entry yet, then all you need to do is enter the name of your first entry and then click on Create Entry to get started. You will then have to enter your email address and password in order to get registered. If you already have an account, then all you need to do is to sign in. The NCAA March Madness 2012 tournament field is ready for you. You can easily make your picks. You will have to complete your bracket by the first NCAA March Madness game which starts on Tuesday March 13. You will get game tips at 6:30 p.m. Eastern. So make sure that you have already made your picks by then.

Good luck in your picks!

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Watch Video of Danica Patrick Crash In Nationwide Race in Daytona

Watch Video of Danica Patrick Crash In Nationwide Race in Daytona

It is shocking to discover that Danica Patrick crashed in the Daytona Nationwide Race today. You will be able to watch the video of the Danica Patrick Nationwide Race crash on the MSN Fox Sports website here. Apparently she got hit by her teammate Cole Whitt on lap 49. The entire race consists of 120 laps. Danica Patrick was driving the No. 7 GoDaddy.com Chevrolet. This is sad because she was leading the first two laps.  The car had to be in garage for 30 minutes to repair the damage. The damage was mostly to the front end of the car.

After the car was repaired she was able to return to the race. However she only returned to the Nationwide Race when there were only 25 laps left. She finished in 38th place. This is a disappointing finish considering that she is among the top eight at the beginning. So after the crash she is no longer in the top position.

Her teammate who hit her car and sent it crashing was able to continue and finish the race in fourth place. She was very frustrated about this and was upset at her teammate for nudging her out of  the top place. There were no cars near her when he nudged her slightly. Since she was going so fast, the car spun out of control and hit the wall and came to a stop. You will be able to see her hit the steering wheel in sheer frustration as she is out of the race for a little while.

She said that she was doing well initially and going very fast and hanging in with the top racers. The frustrating part of this for her is that this is just the start of the championship and she is already way way behind. But hers was not the only crash. The Nationwide Race was riddled with many crashes. Several of these crashes involved multiple cars. In fact in one crash, one of the cars was on top of another.  It is fun to watch the race as the cars are going so fast but because the cars are going fast and are so close to each other that even a slight bump can turn into a huge crash involving several cars. Some had such badly damaged cars that they could not continue.

There are very few women drivers in the NASCAR races. She is actually the third woman to start the Daytona 500 race which is scheduled to take place tomorrow. So that will be another fun race to watch. Even though she is disappointed at her finish in the Nationwide Race, she has to put this behind her and concentrate on the race tomorrow. It also will be her first time in Daytona 500 so it will be a big day for her. She says that she will need to be focused and will hopefully not dwell on what happened today.

She is extremely disappointed about how the race turned out as she said that she had a very fast car today. She says there are days when her car is not fast but nothing happens on that day. She said today she was able to hang in even when the cars ahead of her were tandem racing. If you have not watched the video of her crash and all the other crashes that happened today at the race, then you should watch it here. It is fascinating to see how quickly these crashes can happen and how it can take out many cars at once. Many of the cars today hit the wall with disastrous effects. Luckily nobody was hurt. At least I think nobody was hurt. Hope that is the case as I have not heard otherwise.

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Www.StubHub.com/Super-Bowl-Tickets – Get Super Bowl Tickets on StubHub!

Www.StubHub.com/Super-Bowl-Tickets – Get Super Bowl XLVI Tickets on StubHub!

Super Bowl 2012 is just around the corner. It will be between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants. What an exciting game it was yesterday between the Giants and the 49ers. Either team could have won easily. If you have not bought the Super Bowl 2012 tickets yet, you can still purchase some at www.stubhub.com/super-bowl-tickets. Right now there are about 3, 058 tickets here. The price of these tickets range from $399 up.

Super Bowl 2012 will be played in Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. When you click on the See Tickets at the StubHub! website at www.stubhub.com/super-bowl-tickets, you will first get some important information at the site in the form of a pop up window. This information lets you know that the tickets are availabel by section and row or by zone. You can therefore buy by zone or section and row. If you decide to buy by zone, then you will get the seats in the zone in one of the sections and rows. The seats can be anywhere in the zone and the information will be on your tickets when you pick them up on Super Bowl Sunday. If you are buying more than one ticket, you do not have to worry about being separated from your friends or family. The seats you buy will be together. It is not as much fun if you cannot watch the game with your friends or your family.

If you decide to buy the tickets by section and row, you will definitely get the seats in the section and row that was specified. So there is no guesswork and you will know exactly where you will be seated. If you want to buy a suite, there is a phone number that you can call. It is a toll free number. The price range of the tickets was a little confusing to me. It said it started at $2,495 to $704,724. The prices are set by the sellers so that price range makes sense. If a seller thinks that he can sell his ticket for $704,724 then that is his right. Whether someone really buys it for that much is another question. I know it is great to watch the game live at the stadium but I do not know many people who have that kind of cash lying around.

Now if you still want to buy the Super Bowl 2012 tickets, you can select the section and row seats by clicking on the seating chart provided. If you place your cursor over the sections that you want to be in, a little pop up will tell you the price range of the tickets in the area that you have chosen. If you would rather look at a list, then you can view the price per ticket in the section and row that you want. You will also be able to see how many tickets are available there. There will also be information on the where the seat is. The one I clicked on said aisle. Once you decide on the tickets that you want to buy, just click on the button that says Go. You will then get more detailed information about where and how you can pick up your ticket. You can either pick up your tickets on the event day itself or you can pick them up  at designated StubHub service centers. You will get the location and the pick up time when you have ordered your tickets.

There is a warning on the site though that says that the tickets prices may be above value. At these prices of course they are. You will have to pay a fee. However you will get the FanProtect Guarantee so you are safer buying your Super Bowl 2012 tickets here than on some other sites. So be very careful where you purchase your tickets from.  Enjoy the game live!

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Www.SuperBowl.com – Watch SuperBowl 2012 Live Online Streaming

Www.SuperBowl.com – Watch SuperBowl 2012 Live Online Streaming

This is the first year that you will be able to Watch SuperBowl 2012 Live via Online Streaming. NBC and NFL are finally making the move to stream the biggest football game live online. The Pro Bowl will also be available online. This is really exciting for me because I have tried to watch it online before but had not been successful. This was when I was not near a TV set and only had my computer with me. This time, the Super Bowl will also be streamed live via the Verizon NFL Mobile app.

So far, the information that I have gleaned on the Internet tells me that there is no payment required to watch Super Bowl XLVI live online. There is also no information yet whether those with other service providers besides Verizon will be able to watch this live on their mobile devices. I hope that other providers will jump on board and stream it live too. I have AT&T and I am hoping that the company will provide the NFL mobile app so that I can catch it live on the go. Right now my schedule looks as if I will have to be on the road at kickoff. Which is a bummer. Last year, the match between the Packers and the Steelers had 111 million viewers in U.S. alone. This is a record. I do not how many fans watched outside of the U.S. The number must be staggering.

So this is definitely an exciting year for me as I will be able to finally catch the entire game instead of only portions of it. I hope this is not just a rumor as I would love to watch the Super Bowl 2012 live via online streaming. I think NFL is finally getting it that there are people who do not have TVs.  This is also great news for those living outside the United States who were not able to watch the game live before. What an exciting change of events this is. The countdown for the Super Bowl XLVI has already started. I can’t wait so that is why I am writing this now. I want to let you know that you will be able to watch it live online. I do not yet have information on the website but I would guess that if you go to the www.superbowl.com website or the www.nfl.com/superbowl/46, you will get some information on it when it gets closer to that date which is on February 5, 2012. Also check out the NBC Super Bowl site at www.nbc.com/super-bowl.

Right now if you go to the www.superbowl.com site you will be able to get information on the Halftime Show. You will also get information on how you can buy tickets to the show. It will be held in Indianapolis at the Lucas Oil Stadium. There are also Super Bowl Ticket Packages that you can get. Now you may be wondering who will be in the Super Bowl. There is only one week left in the regular season so nothing has been decided yet. You can get the AFC Standings and the NFC standings right now. Right now I think it will be Packers against Patriots. That is what I think. But you never know. Anything can happen and any one of the top teams can end up in the Super Bowl. Some people are still rooting for the Steelers to be in it. However, I do not think that will happen. 49ers and Ravens are still in it. So who do you think will be in it this year?

Whatever teams end up in the Super Bowl 2012 or 46, it will be an exciting game that will be made even more exciting this year since NFL and NBC will stream it live online for all those who do not have a TV set or who are out of the country and do not have access to the channel to watch it on TV. I can’t wait for kickoff. I will be rooting for the Packers this year. I am very sure that they will be one of the teams and I hope they beat whatever team they play against.

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