Why Did I Get Rejected From A Job – What They Said

If you are wondering why did I get rejected from a job, you probably want to know what they said about you and, more importantly, why they decided against you for the job. No one can be certain exactly what they said, but here is what is often said about candidates that they don’t give the job to.  Thus, let’s see if you made these mistakes.  Ideally, reviewing this list will help you learn and improve so that the next time you interview for a job you don’t get rejected. Let’s get started.

When faced with the frustrating question of why didn’t I get the job, think about first how you dressed.  Did you dress to impress or did you show up with t-shirts and jeans.  Even if it is a minimum wage paying job, you need to put your best foot forward and show that you respect the company and you would be a good representative of their brand. Thus, if you failed to dress up, do so for next time.  We fail to realize that we make an impression in the first few seconds we meet people. As a result, don’t just think about your clothes, but think about other non-verbal elements that shape our opinion of you.  For example, is you hair unkempt? What about your finger nails?  Furthermore, if you have facial hair is it well kept.  The little things about your appearance can speak volumes and makes all the difference when it comes to being fully considered for a job. 

When asking why was my job application rejected, you need to consider that you might not have gotten the job because your skills didn’t appear to match up with the needs of the employer.  That may not be true, but remember you may not have gotten the job because they didn’t see the connection. Thus, just don’t use one resume and one cover letter for all jobs you apply for.  As a result, tailor your correspondence to each position individually.  Talk about why your skill set applies to the job description at hand.  Also, realize that the job market is very competitive. In fact, there are about 93 million americans who are not in the work force. Given how difficult this time period is, there are many people competing for the same job.  Hence, it could be that there were so many applications that they didn’t wade through all the correspondence thoroughly.  You will most likely have to apply to lots of job.  Don’t just expect to get the first job that you apply for.  You may want to look for opportunities on the www.indeed.com page

Why did I get rejected for a job is a question that also requires additional introspection if the obvious factors weren’t in play.  You have to look at your actions.  You might have thought that the job interview went well, but maybe you were unaware of your actions. For example, were you looking at your phone and texting during your interview.  That type of behavior suggests that maybe you were not fully interested in the position.  Other non-verbals that could suggest a lack of interest in the position could be failure to make eye contact.  Did you shake the interviewer’s hand?  Furthermore, did you sit up straight in your chair or did you slouch?  The way you present yourself and behave could make all the difference between getting a yes versus a no. Another way that people sabotage their chances is by chewing gum or wanting to smoke during such an activity.  This is not the time or place for such behavior.  Applying for a job should maintain a certain level of decorum. 

I remember when I first asked how come I didn’t get the job I had interviewed for.  The answer might be discouraging because you might not be able to do anything about it.  For instance, I found out one time I didn’t get a job because they decided not to fill the position due to budget problems. I also thought I had a job, only to learn that a family friend of the owner of the company decided he wanted it after all. Furthermore, I also learned that I didn’t get a job because I was asking for too much money.  I was expecting more than minimum wage, but it turned out that the position did not pay as well as I thought. 

Finally, another reason you might find yourself pondering why didn’t I get the job is this possibility. Simply put, you might be over-qualified for the position.  In this tight job market, there are lots of people looking for work.  Thus, you might apply for jobs below the last responsibility you had in the industry.  At first, potential employers might like your experience.  But then when they interview you, your experience might actually intimidate them.  On top of that, they may feel they have to pay you more than they planned for that experience and it is not in the budget.  To add insult to injury, they might just view this as a temporary job for you.  Considering it costs a lot of money to hire and train someone, they have to be worried about new hire retention.  Finally, one reason people get overlooked is that they don’t show passion or interest for the company.  Hence, make an effort to show interest in the business and do your research on it in advance.  Furthermore, let them know you did your research and what you learned. Also, make sure you asked questions to show you want to learn more. Finally, leave a positive lasting impression by sending a thank you note to your interviewer.  Even if you do everything correct, you will still probably have to interview for lots of jobs before you land one.  Thus, increase your odds by finding lots of acceptable positions to apply for.  I personally like the opportunities found on the indeed.com site.  I hope these insights let you gain a better understanding as to why you possibly got rejected for a job. 

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why did I get rejected from a job

How Do I Start A Business On My Own – 5 Mistakes To Avoid


If you are wondering how do I start a business on my own, you will not only want to know these suggestions on setting the ground work you need, but, more importantly, you will want to make note of these 5 mistakes to avoid. When you start up your own business you will end up making mistakes. However, you don’t want to make the same mistakes everyone else has made that ruined their businesses. Thus, based on experience, I present these ideas to you. Many will have stories of how they did exactly what I advised against and succeeded, but I feel those are not the norm. Also, keep in mind, the true test of a successful endeavor is whether it has been in business for at least five years and has been making a profit. Let’s get started with the fundamentals.

The first thing that you need to be cautious of is going in to debt. Many companies feel that they need to borrow money to start a business. This is a very risky proposition. In fact, some people will get out loans to pay for their startup by using their car or home for collateral. That means if the business fails, you lose your home or vehicle potentially. That is very risky. Some will say that it is the impetus needed to ensure one doesn’t fail, but I feel it is too risky. You can’t always control the marketplace. Sometimes unexpected events like natural disasters can wipe you out before you even had a shot. Thus, when asking how can I start up a business on my own, begin by saving money. I also recommend you start networking at the same time to see what resources are available to you. For example, I would encourage you to visit the www.SBA.gov site to procure information that might be helpful in your quest.

With the first mistake to avoid articulated, the second one is another challenge. Simply put, don’t go all in on a brick and mortar location if you don’t have to. For example, don’t just start looking to buy a building for your business. You don’t know if that location will be the best and you surely don’t want to be locked into for years if it is not. More importantly, when you start your own business, you are going to have enough to worry about. What I mean by that is that you don’t want to play landlord to your building. If you have a heating issue or a plumbing issue, you don’t want to spend your time and money repairing it when you could be servicing customers and making money for yourself. Instead, look for a modest place to rent. Don’t start big. You can always grow into more impressive digs if you are truly successful. Instead, I recommend that you set a budget and then try to rent a space that is less than that. Even smarter, try not to rent a space at all if possible. For example, if you are offering a service such as tutoring, maybe you could go to the person’s house instead. Another option if you are selling products is to make your business entirely online. That way you don’t have to worry about pay for costly overhead.

When confronted with the question of how do I start my business, research your ideas. It’s not just good enough to know you want to go into the doughnut industry. You want to know everything there is to know about it. In other words, what is the profit margin on them. How does that profit margin compare to other bakery items. What are the costs of a start up on your own versus a franchise? How many employees would you need? What are your fixed versus your variable costs? You need to know as much as you can. I would even encourage you to scout the competition. I sometimes find a friendly conversation with the counter help is beneficial. For example, I was just in an ice cream store the other day and asked them if they had been busy as I placed my order. The response was shocking. The lady clearly told me they hadn’t been. I was in disbelief because it was summer.   She saw that I looked perplexed and said that everyone wanted frozen yogurt now and were going to the competition. Little insights like that could save you a lot of money potentially and from failure conceivably.

Another thing one needs to avoid is not having a business plan. Sure it will take work, but you need to know the answers to the questions above and, more importantly, you need to know how you are going to make money. Come up with a working model and see if it is realistic. For example, if you say you are going to sell 365,000 wickets a year, then do the math. That means you are going to sell a thousand of those a day. Then ask yourself is that realistic. If it is, also look at how much you will make on that. Calculate your costs and overhead. You might be surprised to learn that selling that many still leaves you in the red.

Finally, when contemplating how do I start a business you need to acknowledge when something isn’t working and fix it or move on. Many people get stuck in the mindset that if they just hold on long enough, things will turn around. If your product or service isn’t selling, there might be something wrong with it or there is no market for it. Thus, don’t be afraid to acknowledge that and try to correct it or move on entirely. Sometimes, a smart business person is one who knows when to cut their losses. A valuable resource for the young entrepreneur is the sba.gov page in my opinion. I hope you have a better understanding of what mistakes to avoid when you tackle the how do I get my business started dilemma. There will be highs and lows and hopefully success. But remember that working for yourself will be difficult, as all the responsibility rests with you. Your hard work will pay off though.

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how do I start a business on my own

Www.Unemployment-Extension.org – Unemployment Extension Claim Form – File For Extended Benefits Claims

Www.Unemployment-Extension.org – Unemployment Extension Claim Form – File For Extended Benefits Claims

At the Unemployment Extension website at www.unemployment-extension.org, you will be able to file for the 2012 extended benefits claims online. You can begin filing immediately or you can select your state on the map of the US in order to learn more here. You will then be abel to find the support line information and whether this is available for you and when it is available for you. For most states, it is better and easier for you to file your unemployment documentation online rather than going to the local office. Make sure you select the Unemployment Extension Benefits if your unemployment payments have been depleted recently and you do not have anymore payments coming to you.

In some states you will be able to check the status of your existing unemployment claim at the Unemployment Extension website at www.unemployment-extension.org. You may also be able to find out about Unemployment Insurance. Some states allow you to file this by filling out the online claim form. There are a number of steps you have to go through as you fill it out online. Some states also let you file by phone if you prefer to do this. You will be able to file both unemployment claims and also unemployment extensions online.

You will also be able to find other information at the Unemployment Extension website for each state. You may be able to get access to other resources such as unemployment eligibility, the unemployment rate, the unemployment benefits. You will also be able to get information on local offices. So if you have run out of unemployment payments and have not been able to secure a job, you should consider filing for the 2012 extended benefits claims. You should file early if you need this. It is amazing that so many people still cannot find jobs.

Make sure that you find out if you are eligible for an extension. Many people panic when their unemployment runs out. I had a friend who literally freaked out. I advised him to fill out the form online but he did not think that he would be eligible. I encouraged him to at least call if he was not willing to start the online form. He did and he was surprised that he was eligible and could apply for extension. So if you are in the same boat, do not be discouraged. Fill out the form online or call to find out if you are eligible. Do not suffer. Get the help you need.

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Www.BankofBaroda.com/Recruitment.asp – Bank of Baroda Recruitment of Clerical Staff and Specialist Officers

Www.BankofBaroda.com/Recruitment.asp – Bank of Baroda Recruitment of Clerical Staff and Specialist Officers

At the Bank of Baroda Recruitment website at www.bankofbaroda.com/recruitment.asp, you will be able to find recruitment services for Specialist Officers for Project 2011. You will also be able to access the recruitment of  Clerical Staff positions for Project 2011. There are only 4 centers where you can take written exams for he Specialist Officers positions. These include Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai.  The applied center in online application are Chennai, Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow, Patna, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. You must download your call letters first from the bank website. You will not receive the call letters via mail.

You can also get information on the recruitment of the Probationary Officers for 2011 at the Bank of Baroda Recruitment website at www.bankofbaroda.com/recruitment.asp. You will be able to see the final results for the probationary officer test results. There are 1200 vacancies to be filled for the Probationary Officer position and there are 2000 vacancies to be filled for the clerical staff positions. So if you applied for either position, make sure that you check the bank website for the information on your results. With these many vacancies available, I hope you are one of the lucky ones who gets the position. Good Luck.

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