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If you are wondering can I lose love handles by running, you appreciate the fact that this can be a key part of getting the body you want.  However, running alone will not get you that great body you want most likely.  Thus, here are other things you should consider when wanting to get rid of the love handles.  But let’s start off with running. One key to losing the love handles is cardio exercise.  Thus, if you like to run, incorporate that into your workout routine.  But you have to do it consistently.  Many of my friends feel they can run once a week or twice and that is sufficient.  But I have found results by doing it at least three to four times a week and duration is important.  Many go for a quick run, but I strive for 20 to 30 minutes to make sure my heart rate is in the target heart rate it needs to be in for maximum benefit. 

But running alone won’t get you the results you want most likely.  Many people who ask the question can you lose love handles by running want a quick fix.  The reality is running is just part of getting in shape.  One of the most important aspects of weight loss is how you eat.  A lot of the time, people will exercise, like engaging in routine running, but they then return home where they enjoy unhealthy food that goes straight to the waistline.  Thus, you need to watch your calories.  If you are consistently taking in more calories than you are burning, you are not going to get rid of those love handles or back fat.  If you are exercising and you are not seeing results, look at your eating habits.  Also, look for a program that can potentially help you.  For example, you might explore the page to see if this might assist you in meeting your goal. 

Another thing you might consider is that your running routine is not engaging enough to burn sufficient calories.  In fact, my friend who is an avid runner shared this exact story with me.  He was asking can I lose my love handles by running.  He tried and tried but was beginning to think that running wasn’t doing enough.  Then, he started to do other exercises and running with a weighted backpack.  He found that he was expending more calories that way and started to see results.  His wrestler friend even told him that he uses a plastic like suit that made him sweat more.  He tried that and lost even more fat.  However, before trying any of the things discussed here, always have a physical examination with your doctor first.  Then, share with him all approaches you are interested in taking.  

On the other hand, when my friend contemplated can you get rid of love handles by running, I told him to try.  He did try.  He not only tried, but he tried consistently with lots of different approaches.  He ran longer distances and even with a weighted backpack. While he got into better shape and felt energized, he did not get rid of his flab.  In fact, he was frustrated because he had love handles that really weren’t shrinking much.  He felt like these pockets of fat were impenetrable. For him, running did not get rid of his love handles and running alone might not get rid of yours.  As a result, he sought other treatments to get rid of his love handles.  One approach was liposuction.  He said that he wanted to have his fat sucked out as he described the procedure.  However, such invasive procedures were too expensive for him. 

He then explored other options.  One he found was described as freezing the fat away in a cool manner.  I had heard of such approaches and my dermatologist performs such a procedure.  It was not as expensive as liposuction and many who have tried professed they loved the results.  He decided to keep to his running routine. Running helped when he started eating better and started doing this one thing.  He started sleeping more.  He was only sleeping a few hours a night.  When he started sleeping over 8 hours a day, combined with running and eating right, he was surprised how his love handles started to melt.  

Another factor we discovered is age and the state of your love handles.  Will running get rid of your love handles? For some of my friends yes and others no.  The key factor it seemed was how old they were and how extreme their love handles were.  The younger twenty somethings who said they had love handles might not be considered having love handles by others.  However, they cited running and proper diet as getting them in shape.  But my other friends and I who were older saw some improvement in overall weight loss, but the love handles didn’t go away completely. For example, mine seemed to shrink a little bit, but they were still there with just running.  In fact, mine are probably more like saddle bags instead of handles.  Thus, be realistic when assessing your shape.  If you have just a little tiny amount of excess flab, you might be able to consistently run, eat right, and sleep properly to reduce it.  However, if you are really overweight, you probably need a more sensible approach to weight loss. If you are struggling with your weight like I do, continue to run if your doctor says it is okay for you to do so.  But also watch your diet.  If you struggled like I did to eat properly, see if the meals discussed on the site are of interest.  Keep in mind that love handles did not form over night.  Thus, they are not going to disappear overnight.  I feel running can help, but I don’t believe it is a cure all for a great body.  Many factors impact our health and our body.  Thus, be cognizant of each and address them all. 

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Just dieting without exercising does not work. Here is where I fail miserably. The easiest thing for me is to walk. I can talk a walk for half an hour during my lunch hour. I cannot stomach any other exercise besides this. When I stopped walking, I gained a lot of weight. So it does help to maintain your weight. So whatever diet you are on or if you are thinking of starting the South Beach Diet, make sure that you walk or do some other form of exercise that you enjoy. Some people like yoga or pilates. Anything that you enjoy should work.

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