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If you are looking to win $1,000, head over to for you your chance.  It is tax season and your chance to get potentially put some extra money in your pocket.  Thus, if you are looking around where to go to file your taxes this year, here is one incentive to go to H&R Block.  Simply put, they are offering an opportunity to win 1,000 daily.  That means, you could win a grand.  More importantly, they are not just giving away a grand, but they are giving away potentially $32,000.  Keep in mind though that you can’t win more than once in this contest it appears. 

With that said, there are two ways to enter to win.  The first is by filing an eligible return with an eligible entity and follow the terms and conditions listed, you will be entered. The secret here is to do this ASAP in my opinion.  Simply stated, if you do not win the first drawing you are entered into, you will be rolled over to the next and so forth.  Thus, since they are giving away $32,000, I want my best chance at winning some of that.  If you would like to learn more about such a qualifying entry, I would encourage you to start by heading over to the page to get all the pertinent details.

There is also another way to enter this promotion so you can get your chance to win in the grand giveaway.  Simply put, from the promotion page you can access all the details and legalese on this opportunity.  In addition to the method noted above, you can also enter by mail it appears to conceivably win this sweepstakes.  Please make sure that you read all the rules and follow them carefully.  After all you don’t want to enter and win, only to find out your prize has to be rescinded due to a violation of the rules.  From what I understand, and this is important to know, it appears you can only enter once.  So make sure you get entered and make sure you tell your friends.  Who knows, if they win, they might decide to share some of it with you because you informed them of the H&R Block sweepstakes.  Be sure to enter to win before it is too late.

In addition for your chance to win, keep in mind there is another benefit of going to H and R Block.  They provide superb tax services in my opinion.  I have been a happy customer and can’t say enough great things about the work they do.  I was previously with another tax prepare who wasn’t affiliated with them.  That other person didn’t explain things clearly me and made me feel bad when I forgot to bring certain documents to my appointment.  I just thought all tax payers were the same until my friend told me to go to H&R Block.  I can’t tell you want a positive experience I had.  They were very friendly and went out of their way to help me. 

For example, the H & R Block I went to had evening and early morning appointments to help me get my taxes done.  I didn’t have to miss work to get my taxes done and that was a real blessing.  Had I known this, I would have started going to them on a regular basis many years ago.  In addition, the representative I worked with was very knowledgeable and seemed to get my taxes done faster than other people I had worked with in the past.  She was a joy and I plan on working with her again this year.  In fact, this is how I learned about the site and sweepstakes.  I was getting ready to make my tax appointment when I saw this on their main page.  Now, I have to reasons to head over to their tax preparation locale.  I know that they will do a professional job and get me back my largest refund possible. 

Moreover, in addition to getting my taxes done by a pro, I will get entered into the H&R Block sweepstakes for my own chance to win a thousand.  That might come in real handy if I owe taxes too.  The other thing I neglected to mention is that in addition to providing super service and having stellar associates that I liked to work with, they had many locations nearby me.  In the past, I had to drive miles away to get to the person to prepare my taxes.  By staying close by, I avoid even more of the hassles I encountered in the past.

If your friends are looking for a tax preparation service, I would encourage you to tell them about HR Block and even about the sweepstakes too. Doing taxes on your own can be done, but I found it to be too stressful.  Thus, I have taken the stress out of it by going to H and R Block.  This is highly recommended especially if your tax preparation is involved.  For example, we sold our place, so was happy to have them figuring out what to do in regard to tax filings. 

If you are interested in their sweeps, spend some time reviewing their rules, terms, and conditions.  After all, I always want to know what is expected of me if I engage in such activities.  You will also find other interesting information there.  In addition to how to enter and eligibility, you will also find information on how to learn who the winners are.  I hope that when you check that list, you find my name there, as I definitely could use a thousand dollars this time of year.  With this sweepstakes, you now have a reason not to procrastinate your tax preparation and filing.  You can also use the resource to learn about this promotion event, as this is where I went first to learn more.  Good luck and I hope you are one of the winners.  

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Facebook IPO – FB Stock Symbol Will Go Public

Facebook IPO – FB Stock Symbol Will Go Public

You have to look out for the Facebook IPO or the Facebook Initial Public Offering. This is set to be one of the largest market debuts every. In filing for the IPO, Facebook had to disclose its business performance, its spending, its hiring and also its executive pay. There are rumors that the filing will be made this week. Specifically on Wednesday.

If you want to invest the get the Facebook IPO, there are some things that you will have to consider. According to MarketWatch one of them is the revenue growth of the company. The revenue has been touted to be about $1.2 billion for the first 9 month period in 2010. This is actually a 180% growth from the year before.  You will also have to think about Sales mix. Most of the revenue made by Facebook is via online advertising. The company also gets income from the games offered at the site. This includes Zynga’s CityVille and FarmVille. Zynga’s revenue was $828.9 million for first 9 months in 2010.  The cut received by Facebook for the games is $350 million.

Another factor that you have to look at is the bottom line. You have to consider the fact that it is not all profit. You have to consider the amount spent by Facebook on things like new technology, network infrastructure, new talent. So how much is being spent on that compared to how much the company gets in revenue? That is a very important question. Also think about Float and Market Cap. Again there are a lot of rumors of what Facebook will go public at. The number bandied around is $100 billion valuation. However, the company may not want to offer that many shares. It may decide to provide a small number of shares in the IPO. A valuation of $100 billion will rank the company at just under McDonald’s.

The ticket symbol that Facebook will file under is FB. It has not revealed what market it will trade in. The company has also revealed that it has 845 million active user on a monthly basis. This an increase of 39% from the previous year. Wow! That’s a lot of users. Many are hooked on the games that they play on Facebook. One of my friends does just that. She has to take care of her plants and livestock and lots of other things. She is constantly checking the time to make sure that she does not miss out on the things that she needs to do. That is how addictive that game can be.

According to Market Watch website, another factor to look out for is the risk factors. Basically you have to look into how Facebook itself views its position compared to its competitors. Google for example now has its own social network. What are other threats to Facebook? These are questions that you will have to ask yourself before you decide to invest in the company.

Some other facts that you may want to know is that the company gets 2.7 billion likes/comments a day and users post 250 million photos a day. This tells you how popular the company is and how many people are actively doing something on it. How about the advertisers though? Facebook does depend on the advertising for the major part of its revenue. But advertisers can go to other places to place their ads. If this happens, the company’s revenue can take a big hit. Most of the advertisers do not have long term commitments.

Another major thing that you have to consider is the mobile market. Facebook says that a lot of the users use mobile devices to access it. There are at present no advertisements on the mobile version. So this means that the company is losing revenue. If you do decide to invest in the Facebook IPO, I hope you will consider some of the points brought up here and there are many more that I have not even touched upon.

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