Apple Announcement – The New iPad 3 – Pre-Order, Features, Release Date

Apple Announcement – The New iPad 3 – Pre-Order, Features, Release Date

Apple CEO, Tim Cook  unveiled the new iPad 3 today. On the CNN website, you will be able to watch a video clip of the Apple Announcement today. You see Tim Cook pacing across the big stage saying that people have been wondering about a product that is more amazing than the iPad 2. He said for us to stop wondering because Apple has created the iPad 3. This is amazing. He says that Apple is redefining the category. There are amazing improvements. Yet it still has everything that people love.

Phil Schiller the Apple Senior VP explains the new features of the iPad3. He talks about the Retina Display. This first appeared in the iPhone 4. He says this has not been duplicated in any other device. Everything will have such a high resolution and everything will look crisp and sharp.  The display is 2048 x 1536. This equates to more than 3.1 million pixels. This is better than watching HD TV because it has more pixels. It displays about a million more pixels. This is truly amazing. That is all the clip on the CNN website shows. To get the rest of the video of today’s announcement you can go to the Apple website itself at

Some of the other features of the iPad 3 that you can find there include the fact that now you will get iPhoto app in addition to the GarageBand app and the iMovie App. You can get all these apps at the iTunes store. The iPhoto App is $4.99. The iMovie App is also $4.99. And the Garage Band App is $4.99. I can afford that. You can also get the Pages app. This is the word processing app but it is a little more expensive. This will cost you $9.99. Keynote is also $9.99.  In addition to that Numbers is $9.99. These are more expensive but still doable. There are lots more that you can get at the Apple App Store.

I have been waiting so long for the iPad 3 to come out. I have the first iPad and resisted switching to iPad 2. Now that the iPad 3 is here, I cannot resist anymore. I can’t wait to get it but I do have to wait because the release date is March 16. The cost is the same as the previous version. So it will be anywhere between $499 to $829. I am amazed that the price did not go up. So how do you get one?

You can pre-order it at the Apple website. You will be able to select either the AT&T version or the Verizon version. All you need to do is click on the Pre-order icon on the top right. You can order now and have it delivered by March 16. You can also get it at the Apple Stores on March 16. However you will most probably have to wait in long lines.

So if I were you, I would pre-order. You can get the device with iPad 3 with the 5MP iSight camera, 4G LTE in either black or white. Both look absolutely stunning and I am torn between which to choose. My first iPad is black so I might just the white this time. It is so pristine and clean. And the display looks amazing. I am sure that I will be blown away by the beauty when I get it home.  If you wish to pre-order, the 16GB is $499, the 32GB is $599 and the 64GB is $699. The prices go up dramatically if you wish to select the Wi-Fi and  4G.  The 16GB version is $629.  The 32GB version is $729 and the 64GB version is $829. All of them will be delivered on March 16.

At the Apple site you will also be able to view the different data rate plans for AT&T and also Verizon. To get the full rate plans, you will need to go to the individual carrier site. Oh my. I cannot wait to get my new iPad 3. I have pre-ordered mine in white. I do not fancy waiting in long lines so I had mine delivered. If you would rather go to the store, you can do that too. However there is no guarantee there that you will get one. So be prepared to be disappointed. I do not intend to. I do not think my heart could take it. I will be at home on March 16 waiting for my package to arrive.

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With the original iPad, there were many cases that you could buy for it. You could just stick with the original case or get better ones in leather. Many of my friends had cases that had a stand built in so that they could tilt the iPad. With iPad 2, the case that comes with it is a little strange as it only covers the front and not the back of it. If you do not like that case then you can search for different iPad 2 cases at One case that you will find here is similar to the original case but slimmer. It also has the sleep and wake functions that the original case had. So if you like the original case but think it is too thick, this one is the same except thinner. So you might like this one better.

However, if you are like me, you would prefer a case that encases the entire device and not just the front. You will lose the sleep and wake functions the original case had but I think that is fine. I would rather protect the entire device rather than just the front. Some people just like a sleeve that they can fit their iPad 2 in. If you like that you will be able to find one at The prices are very reasonable too. I of course like the leather kickstand case. I think this is very classy and does what you want it to do. This one is a little more expensive and will cost you $59.99 at the website. there are also hard shell cases if you like that.

I think the best case is the one that is padded so that it offers protection if you drop it. I am rather clumsy myself and have dropped my iPhone and iPad many times. I am glad that neither have broken. That is entirely due to the case and nothing that I did. So make sure that you look for great protection when you get the iPad 2 case. I think protection for your device is more important than the price. Of course you should compare the different cases out there before you buy. The website I mentioned is only one of many. So make sure that you do your due diligence and find out about the return policy before you buy online. As you may well be aware, it is difficult to tell the quality of the case by looking at a picture or reading a description of it. So if you buy it online and you do not like it, make sure you can return it.

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If you are one of the thousands of people trying to buy the Apple iPhone 4S,  you need to know that you can now buy this amazing iPhone either at the Apple store or online at website . If you go the online route, the phone will arrive in 1 – 2 weeks. If you decide to get it at the Apple Store, then you can get it the next day. However you have to reserve your phone though. This can be frustrating for many as most of the phones are not available if you decide to reserve the phone way after 9 p.m. The Apple Store wants you to reserve your phone online before you go to the store. This is a very daunting and frustrating process as thousands of people are trying to access the site at the same time.

If you decide to buy online at the website, the iPhone 4S will be shipped to your house for free. All you need to do is choose a carrier.  There used to be only one carrier for the iPhone. It used to be only AT&T. However now, you can choose from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon.  Once you have selected your carrier, the iPhone that you have selected will be shipped to you. However you need to know that you will have to wait to get your iPhone.

If you want to get your phone quickly, just walk into any Apple store and find out if they have one available for you. You will most likely not get one as you have to reserve the phone the night before at 9 p.m. at the website. I have  not been successful in doing that. I keep trying all the different stores but they never seem to be available. Maybe I am not fast enough. Or my computer is not fast enough.  Whatever the case may be, good luck in your quest to reserve and pick up your iPhone 4S at the nearest iPhone store.

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You can find out about the new Nexus S Android Phone from Google at You will be able to explore the features. One of the feaures is that Gingerbread will come on your phone. Basically it is pre-installed. So this means that you will get the multitasking feature. You will also get the built in Wi-Fi hotspot. The keyboard is also better. You will get a more refined look and feel. There is also be VoIP callling. And you will not believe it but the new Nexus S Android phone just got faster with the 1 GHz Hummingbird processor. Internal memory is 16GB. This basically means that the phone will respond faster to whatever it is you want to do.

When you go to the Gallery on the Nexus S Android Phone at, you will be able to see great pictures of the new phone. You can get to see it from all angles. If you go to Tech Specs, you will get to view all the specs. You will get connectivity information. You will also get processor and memory information, display information, size and weight, hardware, battery life and lots more. When you think you are ready to buy, you will be able ot buy it from Best Buy. This will then take you to the Best Buy website.

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