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How exciting is it to be a judge on Top Chef? That is right. Now you too have that chance. All you need to do is play live at the site. Top Chef is shown on Bravo every Wednesday night at 10 p.m. Eastern. This season 11 cast includes Padma Lakshmi of course as the host of the show. She is also one of the judges. The other judges include Tom Colicchio and Emeril Lagasse. Other judges include Gail Simmons and Hugh Acheson. I have always wondered what they tasted and how they made their final decisions. I am sure it must be hard because there are always so many talented chefs. There is nothing like tasting the food of course. However you can still take part in the votes. Yes the numbers that you see on the screen includes your vote. It is really fun being able to take part like this.

Usually when I watch the show, I am able to quickly pick out my favorites. I will root for them throughout the season as long as they are not eliminated. Once they are eliminated, I choose a different person to back. Sometimes my instincts are right and I back the right people. Other times I am way off. However I have always had favorites. This season’s cast of chefs is more difficult to predict. I am having a hard time choosing a favorite. If you want to know the chefs for this season, you can go to the site to find out.

If I absolutely have to pick one person that I thought could win, that person may be Shirley. She has won a few challenges and I think she is one to watch out for. My friend always laughs at me when I watch reality cooking shows. She says, “What is the point when you can’t taste the food. Anyway isn’t taste subjective?” I guess she has a point in that I cannot judge the quality of the food from my sofa. How would I know what it tastes like? Also how do I know what the judges like? I know they try to be fair but how can eat something that you dislike and be an impartial judge? If I ate something I did not like, it would show on my face. Yes, I do not have a poker face and hence will never be able to play poker.

I am also always amazed at how seasoned chefs can make a mess. If it was me, it would be no surprise because I rarely cook. However these are people who everyday for others to eat and pay for the food that they make. Now how could they screw up as this is their livelihood? Well they sure end up making a lot of mistakes. The biggest of it is not seasoning. To me, that would be considered a fatal flaw. I remember eating at a five start restaurant once and the food served to me was so bland. It was a chicken breast that had absolutely no seasoning. Of course I sent it back and told them exactly why. How difficult is it to season the chicken breast? I do not know if the chef forgot to do it or whether it was intentionally done that way.

I think Patricia is the weakest link. The reason is because she is the one with the least confidence in herself and in the food she makes. She is always apologetic when she is in the bottom three. And yes she has been there a number of times. I am amazed that the judges have kept her. She would be the first to go on my list. But that is just the problem. I am not tasting the food that the chefs are making. I am just judging by what the judges say about the food and also by what the chef themselves say about the food. If two chefs make one major mistakes, how do you pick between the two. Which mistake would be considered worse? Well now you can be the judge. Yes, that is write, you have a chance to vote for you favorite based on the descriptions of the food provided by the judges and the chefs.

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