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If you are pondering: How do I get Health Insurance in New Mexico, then is the resource for you.  Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act, referred to as Obamacare by some, has begun.  As a result, you are going to want to explore available New Mexico health insurance plans and rates to find what is best for you or for your family.  One thing that might help you with that is a tool on there to help you estimate cost.  That is important to many people, because lots of individuals will be required to buy their own insurance in full.  Yes, despite what you may have thought or heard, many will have to buy their own health insurance.  However, based on financial circumstances, some may be eligible for a subsidy.  This calculator tool will just give you an idea and asks you to input such pertinent information as income, number of folks in the family, and other basic questions.   The other thing that people should be aware of is that most people will be required to have health insurance or they will get fined if they don’t have an exemption.  As a result, I would strongly encourage everyone to explore their options and sign up for New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange plans if needed. 

One thing you can take solace in is the fact that they have a section on the site dedicated to help.  The Be Well NM resource lists many possible ways to get assistance.  For example, they provide a number that you could potentially call and they provide a means by which to search for a health care guide by providing some requested information. When I sought to learn more about the New Mexico health care exchange, that is when I first discovered the Be Well New Mexico site.  Prior to finding that resource, I did not know much about it. Hence, if you know people who are looking to have their questions answered or if they just want to explore available plans and rates for NM health insurance, tell them about this healthcare exchange page. 

Although it might sound like a daunting task to find healthcare, it really is not.  I feel they have made the process simple with online technology. Prior to all this online technology many years ago, I remember trying to buy health insurance for myself. I was totally lost and confused.  I didn’t even know where to turn.  In fact, the first thing I did was contact my local hospital and told them that I would like to buy a policy.  As you could imagine, there was a lot of confusion.  They thought I had been a patient and was checking up to see how much my health insurance coverage had paid for my care.  I talked to several people before some nice person told me that I had to contact a health insurance company directly.  And even then, without having the use of a computer, that seemed like a big task for me because I didn’t know any of the health insurance companies in my state to buy a policy from.  As a result, I did what many people did back in those days.  I went ahead and got a phone book and finally found a number of companies that I could contact.  

Eventually, I was able to get all my questions answered and I was able to purchase a health policy.  The good news, as I see it, is that you don’t necessarily have to go through what all I endured.  Instead, if looking for New Mexico healthcare insurance, turn to the page to explore your options.  Also, if other friends and neighbors are asking how do I get Obamacare in New Mexico, be kind and share your knowledge.  One of the things that I really appreciate about the Affordable Care Act is that people cannot be denied the opportunity to buy a health insurance policy because of a preexisting condition.  That was always a big concern of mine because I have had a number of health issues throughout my life and that worried me. In fact, it also concerned my good friends.  Their child was born with a serious illness that would last throughout his life.  As a result, they worried they would never be able to buy health insurance for him on their own if they had to.  So share the Be Well NM site with others and explore the NM health insurance options that are offered.   For me, the opportunity to sign up for health insurance via a healthcare exchange represents an exciting opportunity.   Finally, don’t forget to get required health insurance.  For example, many people get it through their work.  I just don’t want anyone to potentially face a fine for not having it in the future.  Get the word out about NMHIX.

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