– Bank of America Deals: Get Cash Back – Bank of America Deals: Get Cash Back

You could get cash back when you take advantage of Bank of America Deals.  With the promotion, it is easy to get cash back while shopping at places you love.  The best part is that you don’t really have to sign up for it.  It is currently available to Bank of America customers and is accessible through your online banking.  It is so easy to enjoy this program, that I have already done it. Simply look for the Cash Back Deals in your online banking section and go through all the wonderful offers that you might enjoy earning cash back on.  For example, I had the option to choose from such categories as food, retail, and entertainment.  If you are like me, you will have fun looking at all the options on which you can potentially get rewarded. I selected several and I am looking forward to getting rewarded.  From what I understand, now that I have selected special offers, if I buy qualifying items I will get the percentage stated for the specific offer when I use my bank of america card to buy them. That is what they refer to as I comprehend it as bankofamerideals.  I enjoy the quality of service bank of america provides me and now they are even rewarding me for using my card. 

If you haven’t watched the promotional video associated with this offer, you should.  It is a cute spot which can be viewed via the page.  In that clip, you will see the different types of savings you can earn appearing randomly through out it.  For example, there is a guy and girl in a shop trying on jerseys. The guy tries on one with the number seven and a decimal point.  Then, the girl tries one on with a ninety nine number on it.  They then turn around and their names respectively appear as cash back. It is not only fun to watch, but more importantly it clearly demonstrates how easy it is to utilize this new Bank of America Deals offer. I feel like I now have an added impetus to use my B of A card whenever I can.  I can’t wait to see all my savings rack up at the end of the year. 

Another great feature mentioned on the site is that you can sign up for text messages to let you know when deals are expiring.  For example, I signed up for one deal through my Bank of America online account and it said it expired in two weeks.  With a busy life and many activities, you might forget about the deal. If you sign up for a reminder text, they will let you know when the expiration date is nearing so you can make sure you rush over and take advantage of the special you noted you were interested in.  In addition to being reminded, you might also sign up to receive a notice that new deals are available.  Getting reminders either via email or text will help me save more money in the long run I believe. 

You might be surprised to learn that it isn’t just one deal at a time.  I got to choose from many Bank of America deals.  If you are not an online banking customer, there is a way to enroll through the site. So don’t let this great opportunity to go to waste.  I’m so excited about making good on these deals, because many of them are at my favorite food places and shops around town. My other half was even excited to see the entertainment opportunities that we could potential save on.  With this economic downturn going on, we always look for ways to save. This is, in my opinion, is one of the easiest ways to accomplish that.  Again, this is just another reason I choose to do business with Bank of America.

On the deals page, they even have a means by which you can go and see your potential deals.  I would encourage you to show all the deals to everyone in your family.  They might have planned on getting something at one of the places.  Now, if you go with them after selecting that deal and you use you card to check out, you could potentially save the promotional amount. It’s a win-win situation.  You buy your family member something they want and you get your cash back reward.  As with many offers and promos, there are special terms of use.  Make sure you understand the limitations and eligibility requirements in advance. The Bank of America deals offer has made shopping more fun.  I would have never thought that shopping could get more fun.

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