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HRBlock.com/Grand – You Can Enter To Win $1,000

If you are looking to win $1,000, head over to HRBlock.com/grand for you your chance.  It is tax season and your chance to get potentially put some extra money in your pocket.  Thus, if you are looking around where to go to file your taxes this year, here is one incentive to go to H&R Block.  Simply put, they are offering an opportunity to win 1,000 daily.  That means, you could win a grand.  More importantly, they are not just giving away a grand, but they are giving away potentially $32,000.  Keep in mind though that you can’t win more than once in this contest it appears. 

With that said, there are two ways to enter to win.  The first is by filing an eligible return with an eligible entity and follow the terms and conditions listed, you will be entered. The secret here is to do this ASAP in my opinion.  Simply stated, if you do not win the first drawing you are entered into, you will be rolled over to the next and so forth.  Thus, since they are giving away $32,000, I want my best chance at winning some of that.  If you would like to learn more about such a qualifying entry, I would encourage you to start by heading over to the hrblock.com/grand page to get all the pertinent details.

There is also another way to enter this promotion so you can get your chance to win in the hrblock.com grand giveaway.  Simply put, from the promotion page you can access all the details and legalese on this opportunity.  In addition to the method noted above, you can also enter by mail it appears to conceivably win this sweepstakes.  Please make sure that you read all the rules and follow them carefully.  After all you don’t want to enter and win, only to find out your prize has to be rescinded due to a violation of the rules.  From what I understand, and this is important to know, it appears you can only enter once.  So make sure you get entered and make sure you tell your friends.  Who knows, if they win, they might decide to share some of it with you because you informed them of the H&R Block sweepstakes.  Be sure to enter to win before it is too late.

In addition for your chance to win, keep in mind there is another benefit of going to H and R Block.  They provide superb tax services in my opinion.  I have been a happy customer and can’t say enough great things about the work they do.  I was previously with another tax prepare who wasn’t affiliated with them.  That other person didn’t explain things clearly me and made me feel bad when I forgot to bring certain documents to my appointment.  I just thought all tax payers were the same until my friend told me to go to H&R Block.  I can’t tell you want a positive experience I had.  They were very friendly and went out of their way to help me. 

For example, the H & R Block I went to had evening and early morning appointments to help me get my taxes done.  I didn’t have to miss work to get my taxes done and that was a real blessing.  Had I known this, I would have started going to them on a regular basis many years ago.  In addition, the representative I worked with was very knowledgeable and seemed to get my taxes done faster than other people I had worked with in the past.  She was a joy and I plan on working with her again this year.  In fact, this is how I learned about the www.hrblock.com/grand site and sweepstakes.  I was getting ready to make my tax appointment when I saw this on their main page.  Now, I have to reasons to head over to their tax preparation locale.  I know that they will do a professional job and get me back my largest refund possible. 

Moreover, in addition to getting my taxes done by a pro, I will get entered into the H&R Block sweepstakes for my own chance to win a thousand.  That might come in real handy if I owe taxes too.  The other thing I neglected to mention is that in addition to providing super service and having stellar associates that I liked to work with, they had many locations nearby me.  In the past, I had to drive miles away to get to the person to prepare my taxes.  By staying close by, I avoid even more of the hassles I encountered in the past.

If your friends are looking for a tax preparation service, I would encourage you to tell them about HR Block and even about the sweepstakes too. Doing taxes on your own can be done, but I found it to be too stressful.  Thus, I have taken the stress out of it by going to H and R Block.  This is highly recommended especially if your tax preparation is involved.  For example, we sold our place, so was happy to have them figuring out what to do in regard to tax filings. 

If you are interested in their sweeps, spend some time reviewing their rules, terms, and conditions.  After all, I always want to know what is expected of me if I engage in such activities.  You will also find other interesting information there.  In addition to how to enter and eligibility, you will also find information on how to learn who the winners are.  I hope that when you check that list, you find my name there, as I definitely could use a thousand dollars this time of year.  With this sweepstakes, you now have a reason not to procrastinate your tax preparation and filing.  You can also use the handrblock.com/grand resource to learn about this promotion event, as this is where I went first to learn more.  Good luck and I hope you are one of the winners.  

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Can I Lose Love Handles By Running – Lose The Flab Secrets

If you are wondering can I lose love handles by running, you appreciate the fact that this can be a key part of getting the body you want.  However, running alone will not get you that great body you want most likely.  Thus, here are other things you should consider when wanting to get rid of the love handles.  But let’s start off with running. One key to losing the love handles is cardio exercise.  Thus, if you like to run, incorporate that into your workout routine.  But you have to do it consistently.  Many of my friends feel they can run once a week or twice and that is sufficient.  But I have found results by doing it at least three to four times a week and duration is important.  Many go for a quick run, but I strive for 20 to 30 minutes to make sure my heart rate is in the target heart rate it needs to be in for maximum benefit. 

But running alone won’t get you the results you want most likely.  Many people who ask the question can you lose love handles by running want a quick fix.  The reality is running is just part of getting in shape.  One of the most important aspects of weight loss is how you eat.  A lot of the time, people will exercise, like engaging in routine running, but they then return home where they enjoy unhealthy food that goes straight to the waistline.  Thus, you need to watch your calories.  If you are consistently taking in more calories than you are burning, you are not going to get rid of those love handles or back fat.  If you are exercising and you are not seeing results, look at your eating habits.  Also, look for a program that can potentially help you.  For example, you might explore the www.nutrisystem.com page to see if this might assist you in meeting your goal. 

Another thing you might consider is that your running routine is not engaging enough to burn sufficient calories.  In fact, my friend who is an avid runner shared this exact story with me.  He was asking can I lose my love handles by running.  He tried and tried but was beginning to think that running wasn’t doing enough.  Then, he started to do other exercises and running with a weighted backpack.  He found that he was expending more calories that way and started to see results.  His wrestler friend even told him that he uses a plastic like suit that made him sweat more.  He tried that and lost even more fat.  However, before trying any of the things discussed here, always have a physical examination with your doctor first.  Then, share with him all approaches you are interested in taking.  

On the other hand, when my friend contemplated can you get rid of love handles by running, I told him to try.  He did try.  He not only tried, but he tried consistently with lots of different approaches.  He ran longer distances and even with a weighted backpack. While he got into better shape and felt energized, he did not get rid of his flab.  In fact, he was frustrated because he had love handles that really weren’t shrinking much.  He felt like these pockets of fat were impenetrable. For him, running did not get rid of his love handles and running alone might not get rid of yours.  As a result, he sought other treatments to get rid of his love handles.  One approach was liposuction.  He said that he wanted to have his fat sucked out as he described the procedure.  However, such invasive procedures were too expensive for him. 

He then explored other options.  One he found was described as freezing the fat away in a cool manner.  I had heard of such approaches and my dermatologist performs such a procedure.  It was not as expensive as liposuction and many who have tried professed they loved the results.  He decided to keep to his running routine. Running helped when he started eating better and started doing this one thing.  He started sleeping more.  He was only sleeping a few hours a night.  When he started sleeping over 8 hours a day, combined with running and eating right, he was surprised how his love handles started to melt.  

Another factor we discovered is age and the state of your love handles.  Will running get rid of your love handles? For some of my friends yes and others no.  The key factor it seemed was how old they were and how extreme their love handles were.  The younger twenty somethings who said they had love handles might not be considered having love handles by others.  However, they cited running and proper diet as getting them in shape.  But my other friends and I who were older saw some improvement in overall weight loss, but the love handles didn’t go away completely. For example, mine seemed to shrink a little bit, but they were still there with just running.  In fact, mine are probably more like saddle bags instead of handles.  Thus, be realistic when assessing your shape.  If you have just a little tiny amount of excess flab, you might be able to consistently run, eat right, and sleep properly to reduce it.  However, if you are really overweight, you probably need a more sensible approach to weight loss. If you are struggling with your weight like I do, continue to run if your doctor says it is okay for you to do so.  But also watch your diet.  If you struggled like I did to eat properly, see if the meals discussed on the nutrisystem.com site are of interest.  Keep in mind that love handles did not form over night.  Thus, they are not going to disappear overnight.  I feel running can help, but I don’t believe it is a cure all for a great body.  Many factors impact our health and our body.  Thus, be cognizant of each and address them all. 

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can I lose love handles by running

Why Did I Get Rejected From A Job – What They Said

If you are wondering why did I get rejected from a job, you probably want to know what they said about you and, more importantly, why they decided against you for the job. No one can be certain exactly what they said, but here is what is often said about candidates that they don’t give the job to.  Thus, let’s see if you made these mistakes.  Ideally, reviewing this list will help you learn and improve so that the next time you interview for a job you don’t get rejected. Let’s get started.

When faced with the frustrating question of why didn’t I get the job, think about first how you dressed.  Did you dress to impress or did you show up with t-shirts and jeans.  Even if it is a minimum wage paying job, you need to put your best foot forward and show that you respect the company and you would be a good representative of their brand. Thus, if you failed to dress up, do so for next time.  We fail to realize that we make an impression in the first few seconds we meet people. As a result, don’t just think about your clothes, but think about other non-verbal elements that shape our opinion of you.  For example, is you hair unkempt? What about your finger nails?  Furthermore, if you have facial hair is it well kept.  The little things about your appearance can speak volumes and makes all the difference when it comes to being fully considered for a job. 

When asking why was my job application rejected, you need to consider that you might not have gotten the job because your skills didn’t appear to match up with the needs of the employer.  That may not be true, but remember you may not have gotten the job because they didn’t see the connection. Thus, just don’t use one resume and one cover letter for all jobs you apply for.  As a result, tailor your correspondence to each position individually.  Talk about why your skill set applies to the job description at hand.  Also, realize that the job market is very competitive. In fact, there are about 93 million americans who are not in the work force. Given how difficult this time period is, there are many people competing for the same job.  Hence, it could be that there were so many applications that they didn’t wade through all the correspondence thoroughly.  You will most likely have to apply to lots of job.  Don’t just expect to get the first job that you apply for.  You may want to look for opportunities on the www.indeed.com page

Why did I get rejected for a job is a question that also requires additional introspection if the obvious factors weren’t in play.  You have to look at your actions.  You might have thought that the job interview went well, but maybe you were unaware of your actions. For example, were you looking at your phone and texting during your interview.  That type of behavior suggests that maybe you were not fully interested in the position.  Other non-verbals that could suggest a lack of interest in the position could be failure to make eye contact.  Did you shake the interviewer’s hand?  Furthermore, did you sit up straight in your chair or did you slouch?  The way you present yourself and behave could make all the difference between getting a yes versus a no. Another way that people sabotage their chances is by chewing gum or wanting to smoke during such an activity.  This is not the time or place for such behavior.  Applying for a job should maintain a certain level of decorum. 

I remember when I first asked how come I didn’t get the job I had interviewed for.  The answer might be discouraging because you might not be able to do anything about it.  For instance, I found out one time I didn’t get a job because they decided not to fill the position due to budget problems. I also thought I had a job, only to learn that a family friend of the owner of the company decided he wanted it after all. Furthermore, I also learned that I didn’t get a job because I was asking for too much money.  I was expecting more than minimum wage, but it turned out that the position did not pay as well as I thought. 

Finally, another reason you might find yourself pondering why didn’t I get the job is this possibility. Simply put, you might be over-qualified for the position.  In this tight job market, there are lots of people looking for work.  Thus, you might apply for jobs below the last responsibility you had in the industry.  At first, potential employers might like your experience.  But then when they interview you, your experience might actually intimidate them.  On top of that, they may feel they have to pay you more than they planned for that experience and it is not in the budget.  To add insult to injury, they might just view this as a temporary job for you.  Considering it costs a lot of money to hire and train someone, they have to be worried about new hire retention.  Finally, one reason people get overlooked is that they don’t show passion or interest for the company.  Hence, make an effort to show interest in the business and do your research on it in advance.  Furthermore, let them know you did your research and what you learned. Also, make sure you asked questions to show you want to learn more. Finally, leave a positive lasting impression by sending a thank you note to your interviewer.  Even if you do everything correct, you will still probably have to interview for lots of jobs before you land one.  Thus, increase your odds by finding lots of acceptable positions to apply for.  I personally like the opportunities found on the indeed.com site.  I hope these insights let you gain a better understanding as to why you possibly got rejected for a job. 

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why did I get rejected from a job

BlueApron.com/Cook – You Can Get 2 Free Meals

You can get 2 free meals from blueapron.com/cook to make dinner time extra special. We all are in that same boat every night.  We get the same question over and over.  Mom, what’s for dinner? You not only have to be a cook, you have to be a chef to come up with a nightly menu that your family will like.  Yes, you have a few favorite, simple standbys, but most of the time it’s a challenge.  Well the good news is that it does not have to be anymore.  There is a great solution to make your life as parent and a cook easier; than become a blue apron cook.

If you are like me, you are tired of grocery shopping for dinner.  I go there to do my weekly shopping, but when it comes to dinner time, I think I have everything on my list, but I don’t.  Then, when I have the dinner started, I soon realize that I don’t have all the ingredients.  Moreover, I’m not sure how exactly my mother made the same dish.  She says a dash of this and a cup of that, but, unfortunately, that does not help me.  I struggle to figure things out and soon everything is on hold until I go back to the grocery store to get a vegetable or protein I forgot.

What if you didn’t have to deal with this stress?  Well, there is a way.  Explore the offerings on the www.blueapron.com/cook site and consider signing up. The concept is so novel and well executed.  They create all these great recipes that, like me, you will probably enjoy.  Then, you get to look over options and select preferences.  I like having choices, as my family is picky.  My little one is going through a phase where he can’t eat green stuff. Thus, as you can imagine, meal time can be difficult.  Thus, if you have to deal with things like this or maybe you have certain dietary considerations, you will like the ability to pick what you want to eat. 

Then, this is where it gets good.  The dinner fixings are sent to you.  That means I won’t be running to the grocery store with recipe card in hand going up and down the aisle looking for specific ingredients I don’t have in my pantry.  That stress is taken away.  Moreover, it gives me time back.  This is the secret of the blueapron.com cook site. How many times have you gone to the grocery store to get all the preparations for the meal and by the time you found them, checked out, went home, and then unpacked, you found you were too tired or too hungry to cook.  This happens all the time and, before you know it, you have a cranky, hungry family.  The next thing you do is order a pizza and call it a day.  But when a box comes to the door with all the things you need to prepare the meal, then it’s like your saving all that time and energy.

Another thing I like about the blue apron approach is that they give you the things you need in the box.  I hate it when I find recipes I like and then I realize that I need to buy two spices for the meal that I don’t have.  I then locate them in the grocery store and realize that I have to buy this huge container just for a small pinch of each.  Not only are these expensive, but I also don’t have places to store them.  Eventually, they sit there a long time and get discarded.  The blue apron approach does away with this nonsense in my opinion. 

The other benefits and yet another reason to explore the www.blueapron.com/cook page is that the recipes are easy to follow compared to my mother’s cook book.  I know exactly what I am supposed to do.  It’s easy to comprehend and you don’t have to be a master chef to figure it out.  Thus, if you haven’t ever really cooked, this might be a good way to get yourself in the kitchen on a regular basis.

I must confess, this is a perfect way to cook for others.  I am often asked to host others and I don’t consider myself a great chef.  But when you have a tried and true recipe and you get everything you need sent to you, you can truly come across as a hero.  More importantly, you may not worry like I used to about how it was going to turn out. 

Another thing I like is that it is relatively fast to cook.  I think its about an average of thirty five minutes to prepare the meals.  This is really important to me.  If I come home from work and it is going to take longer to cook, I immediately start binge eating on the junk food.  The other family members do the same and the meal time gets delayed.  But with short preparation times, dinner can be on the table quickly.  That is a big stress reliever for me.  More over, I like the calorie content associated with the dishes they offer. 

Let’s face it, is important to count calories and they help me do it.  I first learned about the blue apron approach from a friend when I commented how stressed out I got every night when it came to fixing dinner.  He shared his secret and now I am sharing it with you.  You will want to explore the two meal offer being provided.  As with any offer, make sure that you fully explore all of the terms and conditions before proceeding. That is always a good practice to follow.  If you are not sure, I feel the offer is a good way to give it a try.  This could also make a great gift for a couple that is recently married.  Or, even better, you might get a box for a date night.  Make sure that you both agree on what you are cooking in advance.  It could be fun to cook something together one night.

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