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AT&T allows you to check your rebates and/or your rewards via  We all love the services that AT&T can provide, but I personally love the rebates and rewards that I might be eligible for.  If you acquired a cell phone or other items that entitle you to a rebate from ATT, you can check your rebate status online.  Another great feature of the site is the ability to use it to activate a card.  Keep in mind that AT&T has many services, so you need to decide which services you want to examine.  Simply stated, wireless has its own section on the site and U-verse has its own.  You can use that area to check rewards status for those particular services rendered.  According to what I’ve read, it doesn’t matter what inquiry you do first, but it appears you must do one at a time.  In other words, I don’t think you can check your rebate for a cell phone and for TV services at the same time.  You can also utilize the resources on the rewards and rebates site to shop for such things as bundles and wireless. There is even a support section that you can access as well.

After you have decided what service you want to check your rebate status for, the page will implement a security feature.  For me, I merely had to type two words.  After I did that, it provided me with a way by which to search.  According to the site, it seems that it will check your status of your mail in rebate instantly.  When every penny counts, it is good to know where your money is and when it can be expected. I especially love rebates because I feel that they empower me to get a good deal on a product I have been wanting to buy.  In fact, I usually won’t buy anything unless it goes on sale or comes with a great rebate.

I remember one time when I bought a cell phone, I got not only a sale price but a rebate on top of it from the store I bought it from.  It does take a little effort sometimes to fill out the paperwork and submit, but it was well worth it.  I don’t understand why people would not take advantage of a rebate.  However, to ensure you do get your rebate, I would offer up the following advice.  Always make copies of all your documents. I remember one time I had to submit my original receipt for some rebate.  I made a copy and sent that return receipt requested. As a result, I had proof that I mailed and had a copy of the pertinent documents if my claim was every questioned.  Unfortunately, that company didn’t have a great way to check rebate claims like AT&T does.  I love how transparent they are.  It makes me feel good knowing that I am dealing with such a reputable organization.  Furthermore, I know in my heart that ATT rewards and rebates are backed by an honorable corporation.

One thing I would encourage you to do if you are redeeming a rebate is to follow the rules and requirements exactly.  You don’t want to have your submission denied.  Also, if you are specifically filing an AT&T rebate, check its status on the site.  Let’s face it, none of us usually like to wait.  However, when you know how something is progressing it really doesn’t feel like a wait.  That’s why I absolutely love the open line of communication that they have established with their customers.

Another great feature about the att rebate search page is that it also includes a frequently asked questions section.  Knowing that you have a wealth of information at your disposal makes the process easier and more satisfying. In addition to that material, you can also peruse the terms and conditions section as well.   If your questions are not answered in that area, a contact tab is provided in which you can simply send them an email. This attention to detail makes me glad I have chosen AT&T for my cell phone and wireless needs. I especially think they are a trend setter in the industry too.  After all, if I remember correctly, they were the first carrier to offer iphones to the public.  The service I get in their stores is always courteous and efficient too.

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