Mercedes Sprinter Van Class Action Lawsuit Settlement – Get More Information

This lawsuit is against Mercedes Benz. It is actually against the 2500 and 3500 Sprinters. These vehicles have rooftop air conditioning units. The lawsuit was filed was because it was believe that Mercedes Benz did not tell the customers about this problem when they bought the vehicles. Also, the air conditioning units were very defective in design. So much so that there were unfixable.

The plaintiff in this case is Elizabeth De Feria. She said that she and her friends had rented the Sprinter for a trip. The trip was from South Florida to Tennessee. She said that water leaked from the air conditioning unit in the roof of the vehicle. The water fell in the passenger area of the vehicle. The water fell on them and they were soaked. As a result they were not able to enjoy their trip. The font seat was wet. And the passengers had to hold a garbage can under the leak.

This was not the only complaint that came in. There were also other complaints from others online. There are even YouTube videos. One of them showed water falling into the cabin of the vehicle. The driver said that he had taken the car in for repairs 3 times. And the problem was not fixed at all. There was also another complaint from someone who also rented the vehicle. Selcuk Huryasar said that the two vehicles that he rented had the same problem. Both had problems but the second one he rented was worse and he had to return it as quickly as 6 hours later. Those who have vehicle rental companies say the entire Sprinter line of vehicles have issues with the rooftop air conditioning units. One owner of such a vehicle rental company is Sharky Laguana. He owns a rental company in San Francisco. He says that about 80% of his Sprinter vehicles have this problem. He says you can see the leak marks on the roof. These appear as black marks. He says that he has spent a lot of money to repair these vehicles. He has spent more than $100,000 in repair costs and also in discounts to customers who were angry and not happy with these vehicles. He actually said he paid the money to Mercedes to fix the problem. He is not happy that Mercedes knows of this issue and is not doing anything to fix this issue. He is also one of the people suing the company.

I am honestly surprised that a luxury vehicles manufacturer is actually playing these games. It is natural when you pay a lot of money to either buy or rent a luxury vehicles that you expect the vehicle to work well. That is why you are willing to pay more for the vehicle. One with the Mercedes Benz label especially. If I were to buy a Mercedes Benz, I would expect it to be better than any other car. I would not expect problems. Especially problems that cannot be fixed. If I had one of these vehicles, I would also be upset. And I would also most likely sue the company.

Nobody knows why there is water in the air conditioning unit. The company refuses to be interviewed. I would expect a company that makes luxury vehicle will either own to the problems and recall all of them to have them fixed. Since they cannot be fixed, then the company could maybe install new units. I know that these may take a lot of money on the company’s part but honestly, this is a company that sells luxury cars. They should fix these issues or their reputation could be tarnished forever. I know that I would want to fix the problem so that it does not affect the reputation of the company. Why would I not? So it is disturbing that Mercedes will not own up to this mistake.

I would definitely be checking the seal around the air conditioning unit. Also the drainage system may be a problem. So I do not know why the company will not even do that. Of course the company will not talk about the complaints that it has received so far. So I am glad to learn that the case has been settled. This will affect 8,000 drivers in California. With the settlement, the drivers will not have to pay for the repairs. The company will provide extended warranties. In addition, the company will inspect the seals as part of the maintenance schedule.

class action lawsuit

It is estimated that the repairs for these air conditioning units in the Sprinter vehicles can cost those who are class members in this case $500 – $1000. So you are considered a class member if you live in the United States and you either own or lease one of these 2010-2014 Mercedez Benz and also Freightliner Sprinter 2500 or 3500 vehicles. You must have bought your vehicles in the United States or leased them in the United States.

If you are a class member in this case, you will most likely have to file a Mercedes Sprinter Van Class Action Lawsuit Settlement claim form. However, currently there is not much information on this case which is known as Digby Adler Group LLC v. Mercedes-Benz USA LLC et al. The case number is 3:14-cv-02349. If you are a class member, you should be getting or may already have received a notice in the mail. If you did not or do not get the notice in the mail, you can get all the information about this case on the settlement website. Right now I have not found this website either.

Once the Mercedes Sprinter Van Class Action Lawsuit Settlement administrator has been decided, then the settlement administrator will set up a website that will have all the information that you need about this case. If you have to submit a claim form, that is where you will get information on how you can submit this and what the deadline for submission is going to be. That will be very important because if you miss the deadline, then your claim will not be considered valid. You will also be able to find out about the other legal actions that you can take in the case.

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Mercedes Sprinter Van Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Dr. Oz Weight Loss Supplement Class Action Lawsuit – Find Out What Happens

Well it is not surprising that Dr. Oz finally got sued. I love watching his TV show and like everyone else, I always want to believe the impossible when it comes to weight loss. I have been trying to lose weight for years without much success. I can keep the weight off for a month or two and then I end up putting it all back on. I have not yet found a diet that can keep my weight off permanently.

So like a fool, I watch shows like Dr. Oz’s in the hopes that there is a miracle supplement that can help me lose weight. And yes, I do not want to do any exercises. I do not mind walking but let’s keep that to a minimum too. Just give me something that I can take and have the fat melt away miraculously. And don’t make me give up my chocolates. I love them and have to have them everyday.

So when Dr. Oz introduced a product by Labrada Bodybuilding Nutrition Inc. that would melt the fat away without me having to do anything or give anything up, I jumped on it.  When I did not get the results that I expected, I continued to take it in the hopes that it would eventually kick in. What a surprise when I found out that it does not work.

Veda Woodward from California had the same hopes that I had about this supplement. When it did not work for her, she decided to sue Dr. Oz.  The lawsuit is the Dr. Oz Weight Loss Supplement Class Action Lawsuit. The products that she had bought were the Labrada Green Coffee Bean Extract Fat Loss Optimizer. Okay, all those who have bought Green Coffee Bean to lose weight as it is touted to be a fat burner, raise your hands. I was certainly fooled. I took that supplement for a long time. I also took the Raspberry Ketones product. Boy, you do not know how much of that product I took thinking that it was going to be good for me and that I was going to be losing weight. Not so fast. It does not work people. Stop taking them.  Woodward’s lawsuit also covers the Labrada Raspberry Ketones Metabolic Enhancer. I have bought the Raspberry Ketones from many companies including Labrada. Why do I always get fooled into thinking that these things will work? Why do so many other people?

I guess it is because weight loss is hard. I found out that as I got older, it was easier to gain weight than to lose it. I can put on 10 or 20 pounds without even thinking about it. But try losing that 10 or 20 pounds.  It is almost impossible. I remember when I was younger, I would just skip a meal or two and I would lose weight. Now I can skip every single meal for a week and I would end up gaining 10 pounds. Go figure. So of course everyone looks for a way out.

What I found out recently is even more shocking. You know how you think going to the gym everyday for an hour can help you lose weight. Well, think again. Apparently you cannot lose weight that way. The best way to lose weight is to keep moving throughout the day. Oh dear. How are we supposed to do that when we work at a desk all day long. Well one of the things that I have started to do is to get up and walk around the office once every hour. Also, I have found out that instead of sending emails, if you just get up and walk over to the person to chat about it, it not only makes your relationships with your colleagues better, but it also gets you up from behind that desk and moving. I like both the social aspect and the movement. I have found that I have lost a little bit of weight doing that.  And I have found out that my relationships with my colleagues have gotten better.  I found out that my emails always came off sounding terse even though I had not meant for it to sound that way.  My colleagues were surprised at how approachable I was. So now I have built great relationship and great friendships.

class action lawsuit

You know, it is not right that someone like Dr. Oz talk about a supplement that is supposed to work for you when it does not. When you see it on TV, a lot of people get fooled. Especially when the person talking about the great effects and benefits of the product is a doctor. Well, the only advise that I can give you is to think twice about all “miracle” supplements that are supposed to make you lose weight without you having to do anything. That is not true. There will never be such a product.

So you will have to do the things that you do not want to do to lose the weight. You will have to stop eating chocolates. That is going to be very hard for me. Well, let’s start by reducing the amount of chocolates that you eat. Now that I can do. Then eat lighter meals at night. And do not eat anything after  8 p.m. I have heard that that works. I have yet to try it because I am always looking for munchies at 9 or 10 p.m. at night. Do not do that. Stop eating please. Yeah, that is easier said than done.

Anyway I am glad that there is this Dr. Oz Weight Loss Supplement Class Action Lawsuit. Hopefully people will stop making these kinds of claims on TV. And hopefully the rest of us will stop listening to idiotic things like miracle supplements that can help us lose weight just by taking them and doing nothing else. I will be following this lawsuit to see what happens. I hope that there will be a settlement and that people will get their money back.

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Dr. Oz Weight Loss Supplement Class Action Lawsuit – HSBC Overdraft Fee Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

This is yet another case of overdraft fees. This time it is against HSBC. The amount of this settlement is $30 million. The case is about how HSBC allegedly posted transactions made by the customer in order of highest first instead of by what transaction occurred first. HSBC has said that there was nothing wrong. If you have a HSBC checking account or a Business account, you may be able to get some money from this case. You may be a current account holder or a previous account holder. As long as you had an overdraft fee charged to your account at any time from December 17, 2004 to June 30, 2007, you are included in this case. You will have to send in a claim form by June 6, 2016 in order to be eligible to get money from this case. You can go to the site to start your claim process.

If you received a HSBC Overdraft Fee Class Action Lawsuit Settlement notice and claim form in the mail, and you want to submit your claim via regular mail, then you can use the claim form you got and fill it out. However, if you did not get the notice and claim form in the mail, then you will want to go to the website and download a copy of the claim form if you wish to mail your claim form. You can also upload your claim form online if you wish to submit online. When you click on the Submit a Claim link at teh website, you will get filing instructions that you can read before starting the claim. One of the instructions states that you should look at your bank statements during the time period mentioned above and see if you have been charged overdraft fees two times or more. In addition, you should not have received refunds for the overdraft fees that were charged to you. You should print out the statement if you are viewing it online because you will have to send in a copy of the statement with your claim form. If you have a paper statement, then you should make a copy and send the copy with your claim form. Do not send in the original statement. You will never get your original statement back if you send it in.

You can also file HSBC Overdraft Fee Class Action Lawsuit Settlement claim form online. If you are filing online, then you should have all the records that you need ready. When you start the online filing process, you will have to submit all relevant documents. You will not be ale to submit anything after your have filled out the form and completed the process. So make sure that you have scanned copies of the documents that you will need to upload with your claim form. If you are filing online, you will first have to select the claimant type. The choices given to you are Individual or Business. You will then have to enter your first name and your last name. If there is another person on your account, you will also have to provide that person’s first name and that person’s last name. Then select country. After that you will fill out your address. Also enter your city, state and zip code. If you want, you can also provide your day phone number and your evening phone number. Then you will have to provide your email address and your HSBC account number. If you sending in a paper version of the claim form, you will have to sign the form. Then you will have to date the form. If you have more than one account, then you should fill out a separate claim form for each account. You will only be able to file and take part if you had your transactions posted from this highest first to the lowest last.

class action lawsuit

If you fill out the claim form and submit it on time, then you will be able to get a payment from the fund of $30 million. However, that amount will be reduced by other payments that come out of it. One of them is payment to the settlement administrator. Another payment that will come out of it is payment to the class counsel for their fees and cost. Yet another payment is to the plaintiffs. What is left over after all these payments have been made is going to be what your payment will come out of. What you will get will depend on a number of factors and cannot be determined right now. If your account was closed because of a negative amount, then you will not get any money from this case.

You can get out of the case if you wish. You will have to send in a written letter in order to do so. You will have to provide your name and your address. You will also have to include your phone number. In addition, you will halso have to send in a statement that says that you want to be excluded form this case. You will also have to mention that you are a class member. Also include the name of the case which is In re: HSBC Bank USA, N.A., Checking Account Overdraft Litigation. The case number is 650562/11. You will also have to sign it. It is valid if your attorney signs it. If you have an attorney that is. You will then have to send it by March 7, 2016.

You do not need to hire an attorney if you do not want to. This is because you will be provided with attorneys who can help you. The lawyer that you have is Barry Himmelstein. He is from the Himmerlstein Law Network which is based in Emeryville, California. You will be able to use their services without having to pay the attorneys. The attorneys will work for free until this case is approved. When the case is approved, they may get the $7.5 million that they have requested. Yes, they will get a lot of money but they will have to wait to get paid. And if the case is not approved, then they do not get paid and neither will you. You can go to the site to find out the status of the case at any time.

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AT&T Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuit Settlement – Get Money From $8 Million Settlement Fund

There is an $8 million settlement to resolve claims about wage and hour allegations against AT&T Mobility Services LLC. Apparently the company did not pay for overtime when the employees worked during their lunch break and also during their rest breaks. Many other companies have also settled for cases of failure to pay overtime. It is amazing to me how organizations think they can get away with not paying overtime.

So if you worked for AT&T as a sales staff or as store managers at any time from April 30, 2010 to the date of the preliminary approval of the case. If you decide to take part, you will get to get some money from the settlement fund of $8 million. Some of the money will go to the attorneys and also to the settlement administrator. Some money will also go to the class representative. In fact the attorneys will get the most as usual. The class counsel have asked for $2,265,000. This will be for their fees and costs. The settlement administrator will get $60,000 to cover the costs of administering the case. This includes sending all those who are eligible to take part in this case notices and claim forms. The class representative will most probably get $15,000. $42,000 will also go to the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency. The money that is left over is known as the settlement net. This is the amount from which you will get your money.

The lead plaintiff in this case is Tran K. Ly. Tran filed the lawsuit in 2014. The plaintiff alleged that AT&T Mobility Services LLC violated the California Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act of 2004. The plaintiff says that the company made the workers work during their rest periods. This is because of staff schedules which were not really adequate. And to add insult to injury, those who worked during the lunch break and rest periods did not get paid.

I know of many people who work through lunch and do not get paid. But those people are those who work on a fixed salary. So it is up to them to take breaks and if they decide to work during their lunch break, then that is totally up to them. They do not get extra pay for doing that. I know that I have worked over my lunch break many days. Sometimes I do not get a chance to eat at all. At other times, I eat in front of my computer. You should see some of the crumbs around my desk. And nobody is going to pay me extra for doing that.

What is even more atrocious is that some of the workers said that they were not paid when they had to wait for devices for work. This means that when they were waiting to get their iPads for work purposes, they will not get paid. The wait could be either waiting to get one or waiting to return one. Also these employees were not paid for required business after office hours. This could be time spent locking up the place. It could also be time spent setting the building alarm.

Because of this settlement, the company will create new policies. These policies are for the workplace to make sure that nonexempt employees take their breaks. This can be their lunch break or your rest breaks. These employees are in sales and are also assistant managers. Okay, maybe I did not say that right. I meant these employees are sales employees. And these employees are assistant managers.

There is not much information about the AT&T Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuit Settlement right now. When there is more information, there will be a website where you will be able to get more information. If they defendants have accurate contact information for you, you may have received a class notice. The class notice is very important because it has all the information that you will need in this case. The most important information that most people want to find out is if they have to file a claim form. I do not know if you have to file a claim form for this case. From what I have read so far, I do not think you would have to but I may be wrong. So make sure that you read the notice that you got in the mail. If you did not get a notice in the mail but believe that you are a class member, then you should keep a look out for the latest information. Keep checking the Internet for the website and other relevant information.

Another piece of information that you need to be aware of is how to get out of the AT&T Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuit Settlement. You would want to do this if you plan to sue the company on your own or take part in other lawsuits about this same matter. You would also want to get out of this case if you have already filed a lawsuit against the company. If you wish to exclude yourself, you will have to know the name of the case which is Tran K. Ly v. AT&T Mobility Services Inc. The case number is 3:14-cv-01686. You will also need to provide this case number when you are asking to be excluded. Also, there will some specific information that you will need to include such as a statement that says that you want to be excluded. You should also provide your contact information and your telephone number.

If you do not do anything, you will continue to be a class member if you are eligible to take part. If you do nothing, then you may either get the money or you get nothing at all. This of course depends on whether you have to file a claim form to get the money. If you do not have to file, then if you do nothing, you will get the money. If you do have to file, if you do nothing, then you get nothing. So make sure that you find out. If you wish to object, you can do so but you have to remain in the case as a class member.

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AT&T Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

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