What Should I Dress Up As For Halloween – Best Ideas Ever

What Should I Dress Up As For Halloween – Best Ideas Ever

If you are wondering what should I dress up as for Halloween then chances are you want a great costume. While the traditional Halloween costumes such as the witch, mummy, vampire, and Dracula are fun.  It is time to think outside of the box and be creative.  You want people to be impressed with your costume, not just look at you and say cute costume.  Thus, we need to explore the best Halloween costumes ever to give you some insight on how to dress for your upcoming costume party. With that said, you should also consider if you are going by yourself or with another person or with a group. If that is the case, you might want to coordinate your costumes.  If you are going as a group, one of the best Halloween costumes of all time I saw was a group that showed up as all the heroes of star wars.  When they walked in the door, every one stopped and took notice.  It was definitely jaw dropping and fun.

If you are a couple, you should also think about a theme.  One of the best costumes for Halloween I saw was a couple who dressed as little red riding hood and the wolf.  However, it was the spin they took on it that made it so fun.  Their costume incorporated a dog leash and the girl paraded the wolf around as if she had tamed it.  It got rave reviews and everyone loved that costume.  Thus, if you are wondering what should I dress as for Halloween, you might consider the above ideas. Also, I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about getting Halloween costumes.  I’m not the type that makes them, but I want a great costume.  Thus, if you are like me and don’t have the time, or the know how, you might want to visit different online resources that sell Halloween costumes.  One that I really like in particular is the www.spirithalloween.com page.  There you can not only find costumes to purchase, but you will also probably become inspired by costume ideas.  It is a lot of fun deciding who to dress up as this year.

If you are still pondering what should I dress up as for Halloween ideas, you should consider characters from literature.  These work well for individuals going in costume, as well as for couples going in costume.   If you your favorite character is Harry Potter, then you may want to dress up as him.  I have even seen girls dress as this character and the costumes were very cute.  Other best ideas ever for Halloween include every day items that you might not think about.   For example, one of my friends dress as a plate of food.  It was an easy costume to make and so much fun.  Other ordinary items that can make for a fun costume include products like candy.  One of my friend’s when as lollipop one time and it was absolutely adorable.  It not only got a lot of attention from the party goers, but it won Best Halloween Costume. 

Along those lines, if you are still asking what can I dress up as for Halloween, you might consider foods.  One of my all time favorite Halloween Costumes for couples was a hamburger and an order of french fries.  The costume looked so real that you got hungry looking at it.  What made it so much fun was that the burger had a bite out of it.   The fries costume then had ketchup dripping all over it.  If you would like to get more costume ideas for Halloween, I would encourage you to visit the spirithalloween.com site to become inspired.  Also, to make a statement in your Halloween costume think about famous Hollywood icon.  For example, who wouldn’t want to dress up for Halloween as Marilyn Monroe or James Dean.  What I like about famous Hollywood Icon costumes is that they are fairly easy to assemble on your own.  My husband and I went as that couple to a Halloween costume party and got all kinds of accolades.  It didn’t take me very long to come up with the costumes and my husband was very happy with the choice because I didn’t make him wear make up or clothes he felt uncomfortable in.  Thus, consider famous people as an option.  If you have little kids, some of the best fun and creative costumes you can create for them are animal costumes.  For example, I have dressed my little ones as cats and dogs.  I have also dressed them up as a frog and a bumble bee.  I hope you have a better answer to the question of what am I going to be for Halloween. 

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Can I Get Ebola From A Sneeze, Sweat, Food – Answers

Can I Get Ebola From A Sneeze, Sweat, Food – Answers

If you are asking can I get ebola from a sneeze, sweat, food, toilet seat, shaking hands, kissing, and from mosquitos, you are probably very concerned by all the recent reports of ebola cases.  There is good reason to be asking these questions because if an ebola outbreak hits epidemic proportions you will want to know in advance how to protect yourself.  Unfortunately, a lot of the answers to questions like can I get ebola from sweat might be disturbing to you.  Nevertheless, I have always adopted the attitude that you cannot and should not live in fear of ebola.  However, that does not mean that you shouldn’t educate yourself and take precautions when necessary.  In addition to educating yourself on how ebola spreads, make sure you spend time educating those around you in your family.  Simply put, I believe that the more informed we are in general, the more likely we can do our part to prevent transmission should we come down with this.  Let’s face it.  It would be terrible to get the ebola virus, but it would be even worse to then spread it to your family.  I talk to my little ones about being healthy and I think it is important to educate people on proper hygiene and prevention no matter what their age is.  After all, there is currently no ebola cure.

Thus, let’s delve into important questions pertaining to how does ebola spread. One question that initially intrigued me was can I get ebola from food.  There appears many warnings surrounding bushmeat in Africa, so this appears to be a potential threat if you are coming in contact with ebola infected bushmeat.  However, because we don’t consume that here, I am not personally alarmed by any such thing. On the contrary, when I asked my doctor friend can i get ebola from a sneeze, I was surprised to learn it is potentially possible with the right circumstances.  First, as I understand it, that person would have to be infected with ebola.  Then, because it is still not believed to be an airborne virus, a person would have to sneeze infected ebola secretions onto your susceptible parts.  For example, if someone sneezed infected mucus into your eyes; yes you could potentially get ebola from a sneeze.  We are learning more each day and, as a result, you should consult a variety of sources to stay abreast of developments and not just rely on my inquisitive questioning of friends who are in the medical field.  One resource that I would highly recommend for timely ebola information is the www.cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/transmission/qas.html site.  I hope ebola does not continue to spread, but I will be checking constantly to see if there are new official CDC ebola updates issued.

Another source of transmission that I explored was can I get ebola from a toilet seat.  The sad reality is that, from what I understand, you technically could potentially contract it from toilet seats.  Simply, if someone was vomiting on that toilet seat and left ebola infected particles on it and then you sat down on it with an open wound and you had direct contact with it, you could conceivably get ebola in that situation.  What is interesting is that some of the people I talked to about ebola transmission said that direct contact is needed.  As the ebola virus epidemic plays out around the world, I am sure we will learn more.  Thus, with the above answer, it is also fair to say that you can technically get ebola through infected, contagious sweat.  I could see how this could easily happen.  When my other half made me exercise with him, he sweat all over me when he insisted I do bench press.  At one point I got his sweat in my eye and it stung.  My understanding is that if that sweat was infected with ebola and went into my eye like it did, I could have gotten it.

As you can imagine, the list of all the ways one can get ebola started to pile up in my head.  I started then wondering can I get ebola from shaking hands.  Another thing I wondered was can I get ebola from mosquitoes.  In my quest to gain answers, I must admit that I did not get all my questions answered, but did learn enough important information to share some of the basics of what is currently known with you.  If you do want to know if you can get ebola from mosquitoes information, you will appreciate the cdc.gov/vhf/ebola/transmission/qas.html page that does address that question.  It is great that you are researching ebola transmission online, but if you are truly concerned and want to get the most up to date, accurate information on ebola virus transmission, talk to your doctor.  One question you might ask him is can you get ebola from kissing.  I personally found a lot of information on that topic to be confusing.

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Www.NCAA-EA-Likeness-Settlement.com – NCAA and EA Video Game Likeness Class Action Settlement

Www.NCAA-EA-Likeness-Settlement.com – NCAA and EA Video Game Likeness Class Action Settlement

There are actually two settlements here that you may be eligible to get payment for. The first is the EA Videogame Settlement. This is against the EA and CLC (Collegiate Licensing Company LLC)  for using the names of the student athletes. They may also have licensed or sold their names and also their images for the NCAA branded videogames. The amount of this settlement is $40 million. The second case is the NCAA Videogame Settlement. This one is against NCAA for taking part in the use of the student athlete’s names, or images. The amount of this case is $20 million. You may be eligible to take part in one of these cases or in both. Since the two cases are slightly different, there may be two separate rulings. You will be able to get further information on this at the  www.NCAA-EA-Likeness-Settlement.com site

The deadline to file the claims is April 30, 2015. The deadline to get out of the case is March 2, 2015. The deadline to object to the case is March 2, 2015. You will find out if the cases have been approved or not during the final approval hearing. The hearing will be on May 14, 2015.  You are eligible to take part if you were on the NCAA Division I Men’s Football Team. You are also eligible if you were on the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Team. The time period covered is from May 4, 2003 to September 3, 2014. If you are eligible and you submit a claim form or two claim forms, you may be able to get some cash. The claims process has not started yet. So this means that you are not able to provide anything else besides contact information right now. This is so that you will get a claim form. You can provide your information online at the www.NCAA-EA-Likeness-Settlement.com site

To provide your contact information, you will have to enter your full name and your last name in the form. You will also have to provide your email address and your mailing address. That is all the information that is required on the form. There are some optional things that you may or may not fill out. All the fields that have a red asterisk are required. If I were you, I would enter all the information regardless of whether they were required or not.

Right now there is not much information on the website except for court documents. You can click on and read all the court documents. These documents can be difficult to read. Some people find it easy to read documents online. As for me, I find that I prefer to print them out and then read them. This way I can write notes in the margins or highlight the important parts. If you find that you are not able to get through them but would like to know what they say, you can hire a lawyer to go through it with you. However, I would suggest that you wait before you do this. This is because the court will appoint class counsel to help you. This legal service is provided to you for free.

The lawyers will be paid from the settlement. So you should not be afraid to use their services. If you wait till then, you will be able to get answers to your questions by calling the class counsel. Even though they may be representing thousands and even millions of people, they have to cater to your needs as well because you are one of the thousands or millions who are the class members.

This is still at the very early stages of the case. You will have to keep checking the website for more information. Some of the information that you will eventually get is how much you will get from each case if you file one or both claim forms. You will also be able to find out what to do if you want to exclude yourself or even object to the case. In fact, there will be a lot of the information that you need in order to make an informed decision in the class notice. When you get it in the mail, you should read it thoroughly.

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