How Can I Get A Green Card – Become A Permanent Resident

How Can I Get A Green Card – Become A Permanent Resident

If you need to know how can I get a green card, you might appreciate these tips on how to become a permanent resident. There are many possibilities and, if one option for getting a green card is not an option, explore the other ones.  Becoming a permanent resident and potentially a citizen of the United States is an exciting process.  Having gone through the process, I can tell you that you must be patient and you must be systematic.  There will be lots of steps and it will not happen overnight.  Also, realize that not everyone will qualify.  With that noted, let’s explore some of the ways that address the topic of how can I get a green card in the USA.  The first option you might explore to getting a green card is through family.  For example, you might explore this option if you are an immediate relative of a U.S. citizen.  If this is not a viable solution for you, not to worry, as there are many other ways available.

Other ways for how to get a green card include getting one through a job.  I have a friend who was eligible for a green card based on this category.  If you would like to learn more about this option and other ways to get your green card, explore the site.  There you will find a plethora of information examining the means by which to pursue a green card spelled out in detail. Another way you might be eligible to get one is through asylee status or refugee status.  For example, it appears that if you were let in to the United States as a refugee, as I understand it, you can apply for permanent residence one year after entering.  If this approach applies to you, make sure you read all the details on the aforementioned resource.

Many people I know ask how can I get a green card fast.  The reality, in my opinion, is that it is not a fast process. So if you think you can just get it in one day, I feel you are sadly mistaken.  For example, I had to have biometrics done and that took some time. Thus, if you want a green card for the USA, begin the process now and be patient.  Also, make sure you follow all the steps and rules. Don’t miss important dates and keep all your materials well organized. After all, you don’t want to scramble to find needed materials every time you get an appointment.  It took me about a year to get my green card if I recall correctly, but I would imagine everybody’s circumstances are unique.  If the previously mentioned ways to get a green card are not viable for you, don’t worry.  There are potentially other ways to obtain permanent resident status. 

If you are contemplating how do I get a green card, then you might want to explore what is referred to as the diversity immigrant visa program.  I met a person going through the process the same time I did and he was using this approach.  He actually called it the green card lottery instead.   You might investigate this pathway to get your green card or other ways that are spelled out on the page. In addition to outlining how to apply for a green card, there is other pertinent information that can potentially help you.  For example, you will undoubtedly want to read over the green card procedures and processes material they make available.  When I was going through the process, I found that extremely beneficial. Another section I found very helpful was the section that featured green card forms. I always kept good copies of all materials completed and I encourage you to do the same.  If you have been thinking about getting your green card or know someone who wants to pursue theirs, explore all of your options on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services resource page. After I got my green card, I went ahead and applied to become a United States citizen.  That was the best day of my life.  It took a long time and if you are going through it, I encourage you to be persistent.  It is truly worth it.  You will always remember that special day and you will enjoy the benefits that come with that status.  Everyday I wake up, I tell myself that I am proud and thankful to be an American Citizen.  One of my friends told me she wasn’t going to do it because it would take to long in her opinion.  Now that I have completed the process, she tells me that she wishes she would have pursued her green card at the same time I did.

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how can I get a green card – Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Class Action Lawsuit Settlement – Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

If you participated in the state worker’s compensation fund, were not part of a group and paid your premiums on time, then you may be considered as a member in this case. Basically the rate you were paying were increased. This was because the gourp rating plan was applied. The amount of the settlement is $420 million. The only way that you can get any money from this fund is to file a claim form. You can download and view a sample copy of the claim form at the site. However you cannot download and print this claim form. You can also use the claim form that you got with your notice. This is because it is preprinted with your policy number. You must send this in by October 22, 2014. Your proof of claim form must be signed in front of a notary public. You must also include a W-9 form that has been filled.

The lawsuit is known as the San Allen, Inc. v. Stephen Buehrer, Admin, Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. The case number is CV-07-644950. If you have any questions about how to fill out this form, you can call the administrator. The phone number is provided on the claim form itself. After you have sent it in, you must make sure that it has been received. So if you do not hear back, make sure that you contact the administrator. The administrator will be able to tell you if the form has been received. He or She will also be able to tell you whether you have completed the form correctly. If anything is missing, you will also be notified. If you do not check and there is something that is not filled out correctly or if it is incomplete, then the form will be considered not valid and you will end up not getting anything. This actually happened to a friend of mine. She completed the form and thought that everything was okay. But the deadline to submit the form came and went and she did not hear anything. She waited for the payment but did not get anything. Finally she called the settlement administrator and found out that she had not filed a valid claim form. So she lost out on the payment. So make sure that this does not happen to you.

Go to the to get information that you need on what you need to do if you have any questions.If you have more than one policy, then you may be able to submit more than one claim form. So this means that you will most probably get more money. However, you cannot submit more than one form for the same policy. Each form will have a different BWC policy number that is already printed on it. This is how they will know if you have submitted multiple copies of the form for the same policy number. Also when you fill out the form, you will have to provide information that matches the records of the Ohio BWC.

You will have to wait until the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Class Action Lawsuit Settlement has received final approval before you get your payment. The court date for this is November 19, 2014. It is not necessary for you to go to the hearing if you do not want to. Your presence or non-presence will not affect what happens in the court. If the court has any questions, the class counsel will be representing your rights and will answer on your behalf. The only thing that you may want to do is to be there to speak. However, you will have to request permission to speak. You cannot just show up and expect to speak in court. If you do not know how to do this, you can go to the settlement website and get more information.. If you cannot find the information that you need, you can also call the administrator. Or you can call the class counsel. Remember that the class counsel have been appointed by the court to assist you for free. Free for you that is but of course they will be paid through the settlement funds. The amount that they will get is usually approved by the court during the final approval hearing.

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Can I Email A Resignation Letter – No, You Must Do This

Can I Email A Resignation Letter – No, You Must Do This

If you are asking can I email a resignation letter, the answer is clearly no.  More importantly, you need to do a number of things if you want to follow proper protocol and don’t burn bridges.  You might feel that you have been wronged by your company and they don’t deserve any special treatment.  That is where I feel you are wrong.  Simply stated, you might be the only one who knows the circumstances of how you have been wronged. Thus, if you just email a resignation letter to your boss, they could turn it around on you by pointing to how juvenile that was.  Then, people who are well schooled in the principles of how to resign properly might think you were not right for the company in the first place.  I believe that you must leave on a positive note.  Don’t let management or anyone else use what you do when you leave against you.  Thus, if you are asking can you email a resignation letter to your boss, you might take a few minutes to read over the tips I would use when leaving a job.

When faced with how do I deliver my resignation letter, a lot of thoughts are going through your mind.  If you are leaving to go to another job, it may be a mere formality in your eyes.  If you are leaving because you did not like your work place and you are angry, you may want to write an in appropriate letter on the walls of the building telling them what to do with their job.  We have all been there and those feelings are 100% understandable.  However, they are not appropriate for a professional adult. Thus, my first suggestion is just enjoy the moment of indulged revery of how you really want to resign and then, after those thoughts are over, do what is proper and correct.   However, before we get too far into the details on what is the correct way to resign, remember that it is a difficult job market out there.  From my experiences, it is always easier to find a job when you have one, then it is when you don’t.  Thus, I would strongly encourage you to make sure you have a job in place before you resign.  If you don’t, I would suggest you start looking.  One resource I like to utilize when searching for professional positions is the site.  There are many opportunities there and one may be right for you. 

With that caveat stated, let us now explore why one should not be contemplating can I email my resignation letter in and what they should be doing instead. First, when the company hired you, they invested a lot of time and money in you.  Although you may not see it that way, it does take a lot of money to hire and train an employee.  Furthermore, just think about the money they are paying you and the cost of the physical space you occupy.  Someone believed in you and gave you the job over someone else.  Thus, even though your job may or may not have worked out, you should be grateful for the fact that they gave you that job opportunity.   Thus, I feel you need to demonstrate that to them when you leave.  One way to surely give them the impression that you were not appreciative is to just to email it in. 

An emailed resignation to a boss, as I view it, is very informal.  It could really catch him or her off guard.  They might even feel disrespected by the fact that you did not have the decency to come tell them in person.  Furthermore, it can create an awkward situation for you.  If you email your resignation to a person, you don’t know if they have read it or not.  Can you imagine then having your boss stop by your desk to talk later in the morning and you don’t know if the boss got it or not.  Then, if you inquire and the boss says, “no, tell me about it,” you have to explain in that awkward situation. Thus, schedule an appointment to meet with him or her in person and then tell them at that time.  I never let these meetings get contentious and I thank them for the opportunity.  Also, in my opinion, you must do this one other thing two.  You should always give them two weeks notice.  They might not want you to stay if your leaving, but you have to at least give them the courtesy of two weeks to take over your projects and find a replacement.  If you don’t, it could come as a backlash.  When asked why you are leaving, I always like to be able to say that I have been blessed with a great opportunity that I can’t pass up.  Hence, if you don’t have a job to go to yet, you might want to have one in hand so you can make that exit as seamless and easy as possible.  I personally look for jobs on the page when I am looking for work.  By being able to tell someone that you have a new job opportunity and you will be leaving in two weeks, the resignation is usually smooth and not that awkward.  Finally, after you tell your boss you are leaving and you have given your two weeks notice, you should then hand them the typed letter of resignation and thank them for your time there.  I hope you better understand why I always say no to the question of can I email a resignation letter.  Furthermore, I hope you are diplomatic and give two weeks notice.  Always be professional.

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can I email a resignation letter – Bass Pro Outdoor World Call Recording Class Action Lawsuit Settlement – Bass Pro Outdoor World Call Recording Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

You have four legal rights in this case. One of them is to obtain money. In order to do this, you will have to go to the site and file an online claim. You will also be able to send it via regular mail or email. The final date that this can be sent is October 24, 2014. You cannot submit it after this date. The claims administrator will verify if you quality for the money by checking to make sure that you are a member. This will be done by checking the Bass Pro records.

The second legal action that you can take is to object to the settlement. You can file a claim form and still object. This means that you are telling the court that there is something about the case that you do not like. You will send this in via regular mail. You must submit it to the court and send a copy to the class counsel and the counsel for Bass Pro. The complete physical address is provided online at the site. In addition, you must mention the name of the lawsuit. This is McDonald v. Bass Pro Outdoor World, LLC, et al. You must also mention that this is case number 13-cv-0889-BAS (DHB). You must also provide your full name, your address and your phone number. In addition, you must include a sentence that says that you were involved in at least one recorded phone call with the company at any time from March 14, 2012 to March 27, 2013.  Or you could have received one recorded call from the company at any time from March 14, 2012 to April 3, 2013. If you do not include all this information, then your objection will not be considered valid. If you do not submit it by October 24, 2014, it will also not be considered valid. You must also sign and date it. If you are not sure what to include or if you have included the correct information, you can call the settlement administrator.

The third legal action that you can take is to exclude yourself. You have to do this by October 24, 2014. As in the request to object to the case, you must mention the name of the lawsuit and you must also provide the case number. You must also include your full name and your address. Also include your phone number. In addition, you must provide a sentence that tells the court that you wish to be excluded. You must sign and date this. If you wish to exclude yourself, then you cannot send in a claim form. It will have to be one or the other.

The final legal action that you can take is to do nothing at all. When you do this, you will remain in the case but you will not get any money. You will also not be able to sue the company or even participate in other lawsuits about the same matter. The case is about the company recording certain phone conversations that were received or that originated in California. The call you made or the call made to you must be with a California area code. If you are not sure of the area codes that are included in the Bass Pro Outdoor World Call Recording Class Action Lawsuit Settlement, then you can go to the settlement website and look at the list that is provided under the Frequently Asked Questions link on the left.

The amount of the case is $6 million. You will be paid accordingly from this amount. The legals fees will be 30% of the amount of the funds. There may also be a deduction of $150,000 for other expenses. The plaintiffs will get $20,000. If you are not sure what to do, I would suggest that you file a claim online. You will have to enter the PIN that you got in the mail. If you did not get the PIN, you can still file a claim. It is really a short claim form and very easy to fill out. You will need to know that phone number that you used to call the company. This must have a California area code. If there are more phone numbers, you can click on the “Add telephone numbers” button to add more.

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