Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Early Or Invest – The Answer

Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Early Or Invest – The Answer

If you are wondering should I pay off my mortgage early or invest, the answer can be very clear.  However, you need to know what to look at when you make that decision.  Simply put, as you can imagine, a simple yes or no will not suffice in general as everyone’s circumstances are different.  The first thing you need to consider is how much of a deduction are you getting for your home on your taxes each year and is that important to you.  In the case of my parents, they get a very minor deduction, thus keeping their mortgage in place for that tax deduction is not really a deciding factor.  However, for some people, that can potentially be a large incentive to invest instead.  Another thing to consider when asking should I pay off my house early or invest is how much do you owe on it.  Also, how does that amount compare to your overall money on hand.  To analyze this, let’s begin with the issue of an emergency fund.  Simply put, do you have one?  If you don’t, then you should keep a portion of some of the money you have on hand for an emergency fund.  The general rule of the thumb I heard growing up was about six months reserve for all your monthly expenses.  I personally am more cautious and prefer to have an eight to twelve month emergency fund.  The reality is that I just sleep better knowing I am protected in case something happens.

Now, of course, if you do have a solid emergency fund and you are wondering should I pay off my mortgage or save, you are going to need to look at other factors.  For example, you will want to see how much you save by paying off your home mortgage sooner than waiting.  In other words, how much would you save in terms of interest paid.  From my experience, if you have owned for a long time, more of your payment appears to go to principal and less to interest.  Thus, as I discovered when I looked into it, there wasn’t much to gain by paying it off early in terms of savings.  In other words, I could get a better rate of return on a treasury note backed by the federal government than I could “make” by paying off my mortgage early.  However, because rates of return change all the time, you will want to explore your options.  Also, keep in mind that there is risk involved in investing.  Some are more secure options than others. If you are considering investing, I would encourage you to explore a favorite of mine, the site.  I am a person who doesn’t like much risk when I invest, so I like savings accounts and certificates of deposit to be in the mix. 

Nevertheless, at the end of the day, you are going to have to become your very own should I pay off my mortgage calculator to determine what is in your best interest.  Also, if you have money saved, you should compare your debt to see what makes the most sense.  In other words, is it smarter to pay of your mortgage or student loans?  Each case is unique, but one that should have a relatively straightforward answer.  Also, you may have credit card debt at an astronomical rate.  If you are carrying a balance from month to month at such high levels, paying off those cards first might be the best move you could make.

Another consideration when asking should I pay off my mortgage or invest can be dictated by the contract you signed.  Simply put, some mortgage notes may have a prepayment penalty.  Thus, you will want to know if yours has such a thing.  It also might have a service charge to pay it off early.  That is another cost consideration for you to consider.  While mine does not have a pre-payment penalty, it does have a nominal fee for processing the early pay off.  Thus, you need to know all the costs associated with paying your mortgage off early.  Furthermore, you need to know more about what you might specifically do with your money.  Thus, you may want to read over resources like the page to learn more.  Once you have an idea of the type of investment vehicles you might pursue, I feel you can make a better decision.  With that said, keep in mind that some investments can be risky and you could lose your principal amount.  At the end of the day, the decision you make regarding should I pay off my mortgage early or invest might come down to how you feel about owning your own home outright.  I know my father never liked owing anyone money.  Thus, for people like him, it might be the best decision to pay it off early, despite potential upsides in investments.

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should I pay off my mortgage early or invest – eBay Good Til Cancelled Class Action Lawsuit Settlement – eBay Good Til Cancelled Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

This is for all those who sold items on eBay and used the Good Til Cancelled listing. Apparently those who signed up for this were not informed of the recurring fees. There were two recurring fees namely the Insertion Fees and also the Optional Feature Fees. Apparently these fees recur every 30 days. In addition, there is also allegation that these two fees should not have been charged by eBay as recurring fees. They should only be charged as a one time fee during the setup process.

The name of the lawsuit is Richard Noll and Rhythm Motor Sports, LLC v. eBay Inc. The case number is 5:11-CV-045685. You can go to the site to get all the information that you need about this case. The period that is covered by this case is between March 30,2010 until June 19, 2012. This time period is for those who set up the store listings. For those who set up core listings and also motors listing, then the time period is between September 16, 2008 until June 19, 2012. Usually if you are a class member, you should get a notice about the case. This will come to you either in email or even via the post office.

However, do not worry if you did not get it. This is because your information may not have been updated and so you may not have received the email or the notice in the mail. In order to get the benefits from this case, you must update your eBay account with the correct information. This case has not yet received final approval. That will happen on June 11, 2015. The amount of the settlement is $6.4 million. The money from the fund will be used to reimburse you and also to pay for all the administrative costs. In addition, the money will also be used to pay class counsel and also to pay the plaintiffs. If you go to the site, you will find that you will be paid either by check or credit to your eBay account if you still have one. That is why you have to make sure that all the information for your account is accurate.

It is not possible to tell you exactly how much you will get. It may different for different people depending on how many listings was placed during that time period that was mentioned above. As to class counsel fees, they have asked for 25% of the gross settlement fund. This comes up to $1.6 million. You will be able to view what the class counsel application is for the fees at the settlement website. This information will be posted there by March 13, 2015. The plaintiffs who have been named will get up to $15,000 for each person. Again, this has not been approved yet and the amount will be settled during the final approval hearing.

In this case, if you do not do anything, then you will get the payment. So this means that you do not have to file a claim form which is very good indeed. It sometimes can be bothersome to file a claim form to get payment. So if you do not do anything and you are eligible to receive payment, you will either get a check in the mail or you will get a credit in your eBay account. So you will need to look out for that. You will not get any payments until after the eBay Good Til Cancelled Class Action Lawsuit Settlement has been approved. Even then, it may take a while before the payment gets to you. Sometimes it may take as long as a year or even longer.

Please do update your eBay account. A link is provided on the settlement website for you to update your account. If your eBay account has been closed, you will of course get a check in the mail. However, to get the check, you must give your must current address. So, even if your account has been closed, you can still use the link to update your account so that you can receive the check in the mail. And if you do have an active eBay account but you would rather get a check in the mail than a credit in your account, you will have to let the Claims Administrator know. You will have to do this by April 20, 2015.

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I Have A Book Report Due – If You Haven’t Read The Book

I Have A Book Report Due – If You Haven’t Read The Book

If you find yourself saying I have a book report due and I haven’t read the book, here are some tips to help you write your book report fast.  We have all been in that situation.  Maybe there is a book that you totally forgot to read and suddenly realize it is due tomorrow.  Or, in my case, maybe there is a book you can’t get through.  As I see it, life is too short to suffer through a bad, long book.  As a result, there are ways to get around this.  The first tip for writing a book report last minute when you haven’t read the book is to ask a friend to tell you what the story is about.  Ask several of your friends, as a result, you get the story told to you multiple times and you might know enough to generate a paper.  The secret I have learned is to not focus so much on the plot, but on some ancillary aspect of the book.  For example, I remember that I did not have time to read the Great Gatsby and I had to write a report on it.  Instead of focusing on the characters and the story, I focused on the colors.  Specifically, I f0und lots of different sections where Fitzgerald used color.  Simply put, my paper focused on the authors use of green to illustrate greed.  I didn’t have a lot of the details, but I got a solid grade on my paper.  If I recall correctly, I think I even talked about two of the cars being yellow and blue.  I underscored the significance of that by saying the two colors would make green if combined. 

As you can see, you can write a book report at the last minute.  Thus, if you find yourself asking how do I write a book report if I haven’t read the book, you might like these other ideas.  Simply put, go see if you can’t rent the movie version of the book.  However, you have got to be careful.  Sometimes, the movie version of the book is not the same as the text itself.  As a result, ask someone who read the book to watch it with you and have them explain the differences.  For example, the ending of the book the Firm was very different than the ending in the movie.  Unfortunately, not all books have been made into movies.  Thus, another great resource you might want to explore is the page to see if there are resources available that might be able to help you with your current book report.  Thus, if you find yourself saying I have a book report due in a week, this will hopefully help.

If you do find literature notes that are available for your book that you haven’t read, take a few minutes to read over them and get caught up on the story. Then, if you find yourself lamenting I have a book report due tomorrow, do what I do when given the choice.  Do a book report that compares and contrasts it to another great work.  Simply put, it places half of the weight on the book you already know, so that you can complete the assignment.  The professor might not agree with the parallels you are making, but you are demonstrating critical reasoning skills.  If you do go down this path, you might want to choose two books by the same author or two authors who wrote similar materials during the same time period.  In other words, establish a rational for the comparison or the contrast.

Finally, if you are freaking out because you are crying I have a book report due today, you might try the old illness routine.  If late work is accepted, this might give you extra time.  Unfortunately, that rarely worked with my teachers. As a result, here is one final strategy you might implement for writing a book report when you haven’t read the book.  Your first stop in my opinion would to see if you could get any literature notes to help you understand the plot.  One resource for literature notes that I like is the site.  Once you found some materials that explain the plot, my suggestion for how to write a book report when you haven’t read the book is to pick a section of the book and argue why that passage or section is representative of the struggles of the protagonist.  You might also make the case for it being a parable in the the larger story.  By focusing on the significance of one or two passages, you can potentially write a cohesive thought piece without having to have read the book.  It may not secure you the grade you covet, but it might get your book report done on time.

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I have a book report due

How To Get Rid Of Rings Around Neck – Some Great Ideas

How To Get Rid Of Rings Around Neck – Some Great Ideas

Some people go through life with a gorgeous unlined neck. Others just have these deep rings around their neck and they seem to have been there forever. For some people it is just hereditary. I think I have the deepest lines around my neck. I just thought that I would just have to accept it because I did not think that anything could be done.

Well did you know that there are neck exercises that you can do? You have to tone the skin around your neck. One thing you can do is to stretch your neck. You can do this by sitting down on the sofa or a favorite chair. Then stretch your head back as far as it can go. You are actually stretching your neck. But before you do this exercises or any other exercises, make sure that you check with your doctor. You do not want to do anything to hurt your neck. That can be very, very bad. So be very, very careful.

I have also seen a device that you can put in your mouth that will exercise your neck. I do not know what it is called but I have seen it. The funny thing is that I have not been able to find it. Apparently you put it in your mouth and it stretches your lips and you then compress it. The action of compressing the piece in your mouth exercises your neck muscles. Wish I could remember what it was called. I think I saw it on one of the home shopping networks on TV.

Well I am rather afraid of all the neck exercises that you can do. This is because you can so easily hurt your neck. That is why I did not do anything for a long time. But if you are just as afraid to exercise your neck as I am, then you can think about cosmetics. What can you do to make those rings disappear. So I started trying out different lotions and creams. And you know what, some of them have worked. My lines around my neck are not as deep. My only problem is that I do not know which one worked. So I am going to tell you all the creams that I used.

One of them is StriVectin-TL which is the tightening neck cream. You have to wait patiently though. I know that I want quick results and I think that is my downfall. But you have to be diligent about applying the cream to your neck and you also have to make sure that you follow the instructions. Most of the time you have to apply the cream on a freshly cleansed neck area.

I also used Cold Plasma Sub-D which is rather expensive. It is by Dr. Perricone and I think that cream is also a very powerful one. This cream tightens the skin around your neck. And your lines and wrinkles will disappear. Again, you will have to be patient becuase you will not see the results overnight. You will have to wait at least 45 days to see any results.

I have also tried Dr. Brandt’s firming neck cream. All of these creams use some kind of peptide. This one is supposed to have an advanced  delivery system. It does not have paragons, sulfates and phthalates. You will get a more lifted neck area if you use this for the time period recommended. Again you will not get instant results but you have to wait.

The one that I just received in the mail recently is the Estee Lauder Resilience Lift. This is a firming and sculpting cream for the face an deck. This is supposed to have 24 hour lift. I am not sure what that means but I am thinking that it works 24 hours? Over time the skin around your neck is supposed to become firmer and with less wrinkles and rings around your neck.

Maybe what has worked for me is that I have tried so many different creams. Maybe I shocked my neck into accepting the different treatments. Of course some of the treatments are pretty expensive. So you will have to look at your budget and decide what is best for you. I would suggest that you go for the creams if you have the money.

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How To Get Rid Of Rings Around Neck

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