How Do I Get Unemployment in Mississippi – Get Your Benefits

How Do I Get Unemployment in Mississippi – Get Your Benefits

Are you wondering how do I get unemployment in Mississippi?  If so, you are going to want to utilize the to learn more about the process and initiate the application process.  A lot of people might be intimidated by the question of how do I file for Mississippi unemployment. However, with the resources provided by the Mississippi Department of Employment Security, I am confident you will find it easy and straight-forward.  They have a great section on the MDES page for those who just lost their job and are wondering what to do next.  That can be a very frightening time.  Also, if you are living paycheck to paycheck, you might not have the financial security to weather the storm on your own.  Thus, if you are eligible, you should definitely file to get the benefits you are entitled to.  My one friend lost her job and she had too much pride to file for assistance.  She regretted that decision as she thought she would get a new job and not need unemployment insurance benefits.   She was amazed at how quickly she went through her cash reserves and how difficult it was to survive day to day. 

She regretted not filing sooner and wish she had.  Thus, don’t be like her and file as soon as you possibly can.  If you are wondering how do I file unemployment in Mississippi, then turn to the page for help in regard to this matter.  I personally feel this is a superb resource because it is easy to navigate and they even have an ask a question section to help you.  I know the first time I filed for unemployment in a different state, I was overwhelmed.  I didn’t know where to begin and I was completely confused.  In fact, I learned from a friend that I was to go down to the unemployment office and fill out forms.  I didn’t have transportation back then and it turned in to an all day event.  What was even more frustrating is I got to the special location and I didn’t have the correct materials I needed to fill them out.  That was really frustrating for me.  

However, with computers today, the process of filing unemployment has changed dramatically.  In fact, in many states, you might be asking a different question.  Instead of just wondering how to file, you might be asking how do I file for unemployment online?  The ability to file unemployment online or to file unemployment claims online is a real game changer in my opinion.  Sure, you potentially need a computer and internet access, but I can easily get that by walking down to my local library.  One of things that I learned by reading the page that had information on unemployment benefits in MS was that you will want to register.  From what I understand, this will help you obtain a username and a PIN. Furthermore, the MDSE resources are not just for filing MS unemployment weekly claims, they are also for finding a job.  Use it to access job openings that you might be interested in. 

I would strongly recommend that people begin searching for a job as soon as they lose theirs.  You never know how long it will take.  So if you are asking people how can I get unemployment in MS, you should also ask them where can I get a job.  I mean this in all seriousness.  I just want to underscore the importance of seeking a job as soon as you need one.  The site will not only help you gain the information you need to file for Mississippi unemployment benefits, it will also, as I view it, help you find a job as well.  Looking over the job listings they had, I was excited to see lots of opportunities. Sometimes, in my opinion, the hardest part about getting a job is to know who is hiring and what positions they have available.  Although there are great government resources available to help you, I would also encourage you to talk to friends, old co-workers, neighbors, and business contacts to see what they know about available jobs.  I have found that people I have worked with outside of my employer tend to have good leads or at least know where to look for listings in their company.  Losing your job can be a stressful situation.  Don’t take pity on yourself and, instead, be proactive.  If in Mississippi and eligible, file as quickly as possible and start your job search immediately.  It could take one week or it might take several months or a year.  But I am of the belief that the sooner you start, the sooner you will find something.  Make the most of your MS unemployment benefits if you qualify and make sure you file weekly claims too.  

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 how do I get unemployment in Mississippi – How To File A Farmers Insurance Uninsured Motorist Class Action Lawsuit Settlement – How To File A Farmers Insurance Uninsured Motorist Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

If you have Farmers Insurance on your vehicle and  you are in New Mexico, you may be entitled to get some money from this case. The lawsuit that this was filed under is Stanforth v. Farmers Insurance Company of Arizona, et al. This is for the underinsured Motorist coverage or the Uninsured Motorist coverage. The time period covered is at any time from January 1, 1995 to November 1, 2013. Apparently the forms used for selection or rejection were not valid. This is because the amount of the coverage was less than liability coverage limits. Some claims were totally rejected. So if you are wondering how you can file a claim in the Farmers Insurance Uninsured Motorist Class Action Lawsuit Settlement, you can go to the site to view and download a copy of the claim form.

There are two subclass members. The first is Subclass A. All those who fall into this category must have been involved in an accident that was due to an uninsured or underinsured person. All those in subclass A are entitled to a payment. You will have to submit a claim form in order to get the payment. The subclass B is for all those who have not had an accident. As a consequence, those who fall into this category can only get policy reformation. If you are a part of subclass B, you will not have to do anything in order to get the benefits. You will automatically get the Equal Limits UM Coverage. For more detailed information, just check the Frequently Asked questions section or the commonly asked questions section which can be found on the site.

If you decide that you would like to opt out or ask to be excluded from being a class member, then you will not get any payments of course and you will also not be entitled to any policy reformation. The only way that you can exclude yourself is by requesting this in writing from the court. You will have to write some specific information in the written request in order for it to be valid. If you do not know what to write, then you can contact the settlement administrator. Also if you submit the request without all the required information, more likely than not, your request will be rejected. However sometimes you may get a request for more information from the settlement administrator. So make sure that your address is the current one or you may not receive the letters or the information. I know that some of my friends have a tendency to provide the wrong addresses because they do not want junk mail coming to them. I know it sounds a little bit odd and I thought so too but they told me that they would give incorrect addresses because they were afraid of identity theft. This is taking it to the extreme if you ask me. I also did not see the logic in it as I thought they would be even more prone to identity theft if their personal information landed at someone else’s doorstep. I have finally managed to talk them out of it.

If you got a notice in the mail, then you know that your address on file is correct and also that you are eligible to take part. If you did not get anything, and you think that you are a class member, then check with the settlement administrator. Make sure your address is correct and if it is not, request that it be corrected. There is also another legal action that you can take. That legal action is to object the case. Again you will need to let the court know in writing. You will not be able to object if you do not submit this by the deadline. You can get payment and object at the same time. So if there is something that you do not like about the Farmers Insurance Uninsured Motorist Class Action Lawsuit Settlement, you can tell the court what you think. This is the time to be heard. However, you can object without actually going to the court and speaking in person.

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Should I Get A Hair Transplant or Not – What You Must Know

Should I Get A Hair Transplant or Not – What You Must Know

If you are looking in the mirror asking should I get a hair transplant or not, you are not alone.  Thousands of people have asked that very question and many have been pleased and many disappointed with their results.  So how do you know if a hair transplant is right for me.  There is no 100 percent definitive way to know because there are risks involved.  However, you should be able to look over all the risks and decide if you are willing to take them.  But here are some things that you must know, in my opinion, to answer the age old question of is a hair transplant right for me.  First, could you live with the worst case scenario.  In other words, if the hair transplant looked terrible on top of your head would you be more or less self-concious about your look.  Sounds like an easy enough question with an easy enough answer, but it is not.  My friend answered that question by saying: Hey, what do I have to lose.  I’m already losing my hair anyway.  If I don’t like it, I’ll just shave it off.  Those were the words he shared with me and the words he regretted.  Simply put, his hair transplant did not go as he would like.  Simply put, he did not feel he got the total coverage he was hoping for.  He said that it still looked like he was thinning after three hair transplant treatments. 

As a result, he decided that he would shave his head.  He said he felt really good having his head shaved and was glad he tried it so he wouldn’t have any doubts about his decision.  Then, something curious happened.  A lot of people started reacting negatively to the back of his head.  They kept saying oh my what happened and are you okay.  He had a procedure that left him with several large strip scars.  He had forgotten they were there and actually assumed that they had in essence disappeared to minimal visibility.  But that was not the case.  Thus, when he shaved his head, people thought he looked scary or menacing.  He felt really sad that people constantly reacted that way. In fact, he was upset that he couldn’t shave his head and not have people react that way.  Thus, the decision just to shave it off if you don’t like it was not all that simple in his case.  To hear another perspective on hair transplantation, you might appreciate this resource on the subject matter.  It was insightful and also made me feel sad for the person they were describing. I would also encourage you to seek out hair transplant pictures before and after including procedures, both the good and the bad. 

If you are wondering should I get a hair transplant or wait for a cure, you will definitely want to do your research.  You will want to explore all the different types of hair transplant procedures available.  In addition to the strip graft approach my friend described, he also mentioned that there is another approach that is called FUE.  I believe that stands for follicular unit extraction that is not suppose to create a strip scar.  From what I understand, my friend also had that procedure done to kind of fill in some of his scars and make his thinning look less noticeable.  He did tell me that he thought his FUE procedure did create some small scars in the donor area, but he can’t get a good look at it since it is in the back of his head. He told me that if he only had the FUE procedure he wasn’t sure if he would like his head shaved completely after the fact if he didn’t like his results.  

Thus, if you are wondering should I get hair transplant for my own scalp, do your research.  I would ask to meet with the patients that had the procedure by the very doctor you are going to potentially utilize.  I would ask them for pictures of what they looked like before and after.  In other words, you might like their end result, but they might have only had a little hair recession and you might be completely bald.  Also, think about the cost and the pain.  Furthermore, you must realize this is surgery and even with the best surgeons, things can happen.  Don’t be naive about potential complications and don’t rush in to the situation. Also, you might meet with a dermatologist to see if there are any other treatments that could help your hair loss.  Who knows, those available products might be all you need.  If you are young, be very careful in the decision you make.  I would encourage you to read this if you are a young man looking to get hair grafts.  Also, this will most likely be an expensive endeavor for your budget, thus fully explore the hair transplant costs to see if this is even feasible for you.  I would just personally shave my head if I lost my hair because I believe bald is beautiful.  However, I’m not waking up in the morning looking at thinning hair each day.  Know the risks, do you research on hair transplantation, and make the choice that you can live with no matter what the outcome is.  

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should I get a hair transplant – How To Get JPMorgan Chase Mortgage Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Benefits –  How To Get JPMorgan Chase Mortgage Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Benefits

JPMorgan Chase has been hit with a lawsuit which has now become a settlement. This case is about the bank not providing permanent loan modifications in a timely manner to those who had mortgages with the bank. In order to be eligible, you must have taken part in TPP or what is known as the Trial Period Plan. This should have been issued to you before June 1, 2010. Furthermore, this was provided for the Home Affordable Modification program. This is also known as HAMP. Another condition is that you must have paid the TPP every month. As a result there was no foreclosure on your home. In addition, you must also not have gotten a permanent loan modification. You should have received a decision that denied that modification. You should also not have any bankruptcy proceedings. If you satisfy all the criteria, your question may be how you could file a JPMorgan Chase Mortgage Class Action Lawsuit Settlement Claim. Well, the answer is very simple. If you are eligible, all you need to do is go to the site where you can either find out what you need to do. Usually you have to file a claim form. However in this case you do not. All you have to do is wait for the settlement to be approved.

When that happens, you will then be sent an invitation letter from the bank. This letter will tell you how to apply. This is not an claim application but application in order to get mortgage modification. You will get an 800 number to call. By calling, you will get some information on how to send in the required documents. You can also get information on how you can get counseling services. This will be a free service.

So your next question may be what benefits would you get if you stayed in the settlement and applied? Well if you did not file a request to opt out, you will get a loan modification. This will be based on your present case. You will also get counseling help. This should be from non-profit organizations. You will be eligible to get free counseling from them. The amount of hours that will be covered is 50 hours. Some may even get more. How much you get depends on your case. You will get the information that you need in the invitation letter that you get.

Also you will get foreclosure stays. So this means that you will not be foreclosed upon while you are applying. Some fees that you had to pay before will be waived. Your legal fees will also be paid. What you will not get is any money. If you do not want your house to be foreclosed upon before you can apply, you should get in touch with the settlement administrator to get help. The contact information can be found at the site. There are also quite a few attorneys who will be representing you as a class member. You can contact any of them via mail or email. Their contact information is also provided online.

What is also unique about the JPMorgan Chase Mortgage Class Action Lawsuit Settlement is that you can still take part in other settlements even though you are taking part in this one. So you are not limited only to this case. The Fairness Hearing will take place on May 7, 2014. This will happen at 10 a.m. in Boston, Massachusetts. You can go to the hearing alone or with an attorney. However if you wish to bring your own attorney, you will have to be responsible for payment for the attorney’s fees. The court will not pay these fees. The settlement also will not cover these fees. Going to the hearing is optional. You will still get the benefits even if you do not go. You will not get any cash benefits in this case. However, what you will get is very good and you should take it. You can no longer take any other legal action except remaining in the case. This is because all the deadlines to either opt out or object to the case has passed and you can no longer do so. If you need more information, just go to the official site.

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